Hank and Nick take on a bone-chilling case and Wu's side effects land him in danger
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S5 E18
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Yet another episode with a killer case and major plot progression. Keep it up, Grimm!

In “Good to the Bone,” the guys deal with a horrifying case. Seriously, this was one of the hardest episodes of Grimm to watch because of how gruesome it was. When a drunk driver hits a tree and is ejected through the windshield, he starts stumbling around and asking for help in a nearby park. Bleeding and wasted, he collapses when a strange man approaches him and starts dragging him away. The next thing we know, the man is apologizing to the drunkard before taking his van and running him over a few times. Did I cover my eyes a little bit? Maybe.

Then, the murderer gets out of his van, walks over to the man who’s gasping for air (how is he still alive?), woges into a bird wesen, and sticks out a long proboscis like tongue. The wesen plunges it down the man’s throat, killing him and taking all of his bones. Where does he deliver the goods to? His elderly parents. And the award for the most dysfunctional family goes to …

When Hank, Nick, and Wu are called to the scene, they find the man’s body, devoid of any bones. He looks like a deflated balloon, and I couldn’t tell if I should find this funny or completely disturbing. As the boys try to figure out what the hell happened, they talk to a local named Pinky who saw the victim staggering around after the accident. Pinky takes them to the place in the park where he last saw him, leading the guys to find the victim’s wallet and phone.

I should have known something was going to happen to Pinky. He had way too much screen time to be safe. That night, Pinky gets shot in the park, and sure enough, the wesen is lurking and ready to take his next victim. He smells Pinky’s blood and drags him off, just like he did the drunk man the night before. Pinky gets the same treatment — run over and sucked bone dry.

The wesen apologizes to Pinky, as he did the other man. Apparently, he doesn’t want to do this, but he feels that he has to. His parents are hungry, and he must feed them because they’re helpless and can’t do it themselves! Much to my dismay, we get the extreme displeasure of seeing the wesen go to his parents’ trailer and use his proboscis tongue to regurgitate crushed bones into his parent’s mouths (who are also wesen). Why, Grimm? Why?

Thanks to the genius that is Rosalee, they learn the details of the wesen. It’s a vulture-like creature that travels in packs and is lured to the scent of imminent death. Luckily for them, Rosalee knows how to mix up an imminent death perfume, and it looks like Monroe gets to do the honors of being the bait.

After spraying Monroe with the fake-death-juice, they have him lay down in the park. It works at first, and the wesen starts approaching Monroe as Hank, Nick, and Wu look on from behind trees. Then, things go terribly awry. You see, Wu has been suffering worse symptoms in the last couple of days. He’s pulled part of a dead animal out of his throat (yum!), watched his hand change into a wolfy paw, and collapsed in the station. When he’s on the lookout in the park with the guys, he sees a dog and the two stare each other down before Wu completely woges and starts chasing after the dog.

NEXT: The case is closed, in the most ironic way

Wu ends up hitting his head pretty hard, is knocked unconscious, and starts bleeding. The vulture wesen decides to ditch Monroe and take Wu instead. By the time Hank and Nick make their way to the area, they find his badge on the ground, but no Wu. It’s a race to keep Wu from getting his bones crunched by the wesen’s crappy van!

The guy is yet again apologizing and complaining about how annoying it is to have to fulfill his parents’ needs. Seriously, nobody likes a whiner, dude! Of course, Nick and Hank show up in time to stop Wu from getting killed, but the whining vulture takes off running. As karma would have it, he ends up getting blind-sided by a truck and killed from the impact.

After figuring out where the parents’ trailer is, Hank and Nick tell them about their son’s death and bring them to the morgue to ID the body. When they leave the couple alone to say goodbye, they hear some weird slurping noises going on in there, but decide it’s best not to stop it. Case closed. Umm … what? So, we’re just going to let these two wesen who have been knowingly subsisting off dead people’s insides and will probably just go kill other people go free? Okay, cool. As for Wu, he’s going to be alright, but he’s going to have some major explaining to do.

Our other big story this week comes with Adalind and Renard. He contacts Adalind and tells her to meet him alone in a parking garage. She drops Kelly off with Rosalee, and this scene felt way longer than necessary, leading me to think that it is foreshadowing in some way.

When Adalind meets up with Renard, a group of men pop up out of nowhere and sedate her with a syringe to the neck. She comes to in what looks like an abandoned building, and there’s Diana. Their happy reunion is heartwarming, but her grateful glance to Renard is concerning. Are Renard, Diana, and Adalind about to become a happy little family? Could Black Claw use Diana in order to make Adalind play the part of Renard’s loving wife? Most importantly, is Renard seriously going to stand by and let Black Claw keep running the show?

Other notables:

  • Eve may be 99% trained, brainwashed assassin, but she’s still 1% Juliette. Rosalee can sense that as well. Remember how she threatened Adalind about hurting Nick last week? I bet it’s not long before we see another Juliette-esque moment from her.
  • Nick and Adalind are still keeping secrets from one another, and with all of the other drama going on, I feel like their relationship is doomed. Can Nick just let her know that he’s aware of her returning Hexenbiest powers already, please? How is he letting her take care of Kelly all day without knowing how far her powers have progressed and what state of mind she’s in?
  • Hank has reunited with ex-flame Zuri after a chance encounter at a grocery store. They have dinner together at her place, and Hank seems happy to see her again. I’m wondering if she was brought back into the story for more reasons than to just give Hank a love interest. Could she have ulterior motives or be in bed with Black Claw? Or will they use her as a way to divide the group even further (ex: Wu woging and killing her perhaps)? Only time will tell.

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