A preacher uses his wesen face to gain followers, but he's not the one we should worry about
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This week’s episode of Grimm plays on the dangers of religious fanaticism in a brilliant way. And bonus: We’re gifted with stellar guest star William Mapother (Ethan from Lost) playing the role of a traveling evangelical preacher, Dwight Eleazar, who utilizes his wesen face to gain followers and dole out peace.

While Dwight is in Portland, he holds a tent revival where he tells the attendants that he will take their sins into his own body and then expel them, freeing them all from suffering. He invites Satan into his body to cleanse his followers, and then woges into a red, horned, demon looking wesen. Somehow, no one runs screaming out of the church — they all just sit aghast. Dwight dramatically orders the devil to leave his body and then returns to human form. Cue the gospel music and cheering!

One man in the audience is caught recording Dwight’s “possession,” and when he heads out into the parking lot, he’s confronted by Dwight’s guards (yes, he has a personal security detail that travels with him). One of the guards, Luke, gets into an altercation with the man who was recording (Benjamin), and it tragically ends with Luke hitting his head on a rock and dying. Benjamin flees before the other security guards can grab him.

Enter Hank, Nick, and Wu. One of the other guards was able to ID Benjamin’s car, so we know it’s only a matter of time before our boys track him down. They question Dwight about why he, a) needs a security team, and b) doesn’t allow photos in the tent. Apparently, Dwight is worried about people getting violent toward him when he gets possessed by the devil, and he doesn’t want anything being leaked onto the internet because people would think it’s all a show and not real (read: takes the allure away for potential new followers and hurts cash flow).

The guys vow to find out who is responsible for Luke’s death and head back to the station to investigate. Meanwhile, we see Benjamin at his own church (which gives off major cult vibes) showing the other members the video proof of Dwight literally turning into “Satan.” The church’s leader, Joan Vark (very witty, team Grimm), tell the followers that Dwight needs to “make the contact” now and gives him a bag of gold coins. What is this… 7th-century Europe? Joan tells the church that they must save Dwight now that they know he truly has Satan inside of him. This is not going to end well.

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As Benjamin leaves the church, he’s confronted by Hank and Nick and placed under arrest. At the station, they learn that Benjamin was acting in self-defense and didn’t even know that Luke died. Thankfully, Benjamin has his phone on him and shows them the video of Dwight turning into the devil. Nick and Co. realize right away that he’s wesen. Knowing they aren’t going to get anything more out of Benjamin, they decide to release him so they can follow him and his bag of coins… worth over $12,000. Can you say, blood money?

Thanks to Rosalee and Monroe, the boys are able to identify Dwight as an old-school wesen, and they decide to attend one of Dwight’s tent revivals that night before he rolls out of the city. After witnessing Dwight’s miraculous possession, the gang asks to speak with him alone in his trailer. They confront him about being a wesen, to which Dwight tells them he’s not doing anything wrong, unless dealing hope is illegal. It seems like he truly believes that he’s using his wesen abilities for good.

NEXT: Dwight isn’t who they need to worry about, though…

Come to find out, Joan was once married to Dwight, and she believes their marriage ended because he was possessed by Satan. She wants to cast the devil from him, but to do it, she needs to get one of Dwight’s body guards, Mark, on her side. Her church pays him the gold coins for his assistance in kidnapping Dwight. But after the abduction, Mark becomes so racked with guilt that he hangs himself. (This seems extreme.)

Joan and the others have Dwight strapped to the floor. Apparently, they think they need to spear him with hot pokers in order to drive the devil out of him. Where in God’s name did they come up with this idea?

Nick, Hank, and Renard have been following Benjamin, and he leads them straight to Joan’s church where Dwight is being skewered for salvation. When the boys arrive, Dwight has broken free from his restraints and woged in self-defense. They’re able to subdue him and help him return to human form, but since he was gored with hot pokers, he doesn’t live. Joan sits over his body babbling about saving his soul and freeing him from Satan. That’s swell, Joan, but you’re under arrest for murder. Case closed.

If you’re wondering why the heck Renard is with Hank and Nick, it’s because Eve asked them to keep him busy. She pulled Adalind’s old hat trick again and turned into Renard to do some investigating. While wearing Renard’s body, Eve meets up with Rachel. Renard/Eve starts asking questions about what comes next if he becomes mayor and who’s pulling all the strings, but things take an awkward turn when Rachel starts getting quite intimate. Let’s just say Renard isn’t able to perform, and an understanding Rachel agrees to answer his burning questions instead. It looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what information she revealed, though.

Can we just talk about how badass Eve is for a second? She just decides what she’s going to do, tells everyone what’s happening, and then executes it. Say what you will about her character, but she’s amazing, and she’s also the only one making progress on gaining intel on Black Claw. Everyone else is seriously slacking.

We have new revelations about the mystery stick as well. Monroe knows a guy who can use some super fancy thermal technology to help reveal the text on the cloth that the treasure was wrapped in. The text seems to be a mix of archaic Latin and Aramaic. Rosalee translates it because she’s a genius and she knows everything. She makes out two words, which read: “Miraculum, Periculum” or “Miracle, Danger.” Fantastic. Does this mean that there are consequences to performing miracles with the mystery stick? Is Monroe in danger since he was accidentally healed with it?

Questions we need answered:

  • What is Wu about to change into, and why did he just shrug off the scratch in the first place? He should know better than that. During the episode, Wu has a neck pain and some blurred vision but obviously isn’t thinking too much about it. Is he going to turn into a blutbad or a full-on lycanthrope? Episode 19 is titled, “Taming of the Wu,” so we may have to wait until then to find out.
  • Adalind and Nick are still keeping secrets from each other. He has no idea that her hexenbiest powers are returning and that Renard approached her about Diana, and she is totally out of the loop about the grimm treasure. Something tells me things are going to hit the fan when Nick finds out about her lie by omission, especially since Rosalee also knows and hasn’t told him.
  • Nick and the gang are already suspicious about Renard’s involvement with Rachel and Black Claw. Are we being set up to see Renard get taken down, or even killed, by Nick and Hadrian’s Wall? It still seems out of character that Renard would go along with all of this shady business. Could he be planning on double-crossing Rachel? Let’s hope so.

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