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The gang's latest case ends in heartbreak and puts Wu in major jeopardy


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March 25, 2016 at 04:26 PM EDT

This week’s case gives us a look into the legend of the lycanthrope. In true Grimm fashion, they put their own spin on the history of the werewolf.

We kick things off with the wealthy Doyle Baske (Matt Angel) driving down an empty, wooded road to his mother’s home. When he’s just a few miles away, a tire blows and he slams into a tree. Bleeding but conscious, Doyle starts running down the road, visibly worried about not making it to his mother’s for some reason. Before he can get there, the full moon rises and we see a werewolf-esque creature with glowing eyes appear before hearing the sound of it eating people in the distance. It sure seems as if Doyle is the lycanthrope, but that would be pretty obvious and that’s just not how Grimm rolls.

The next morning, Doyle is found lying in the road by a trucker passing by. He’s covered in blood but alive and seems perfectly fine. Wu, Hank, and Nick arrive and realize that the case must be wesen right off the bat. Doyle claims that he was attacked by a man and his dog, fell down a hill, and then woke up in the road. The only thing is, the bites on Doyle look more human than dog, and the only serious laceration is on his head, meaning the massive amounts of blood on his shirt cannot be his own.

Knowing that Doyle is covering something up, Hank and Nick insist that they drop him off at his mother’s house. (Sidenote: Doyle’s mother is played by Ann Cusack, which is an awesome cameo!) At the mother’s incredibly beautiful stone mansion, Hank and Nick sense that Doyle is acting fishy. Before heading off, Nick and Hank get Doyle’s shirt from him to test the blood on it. What exactly is Doyle trying to cover up here?

Just as the gang suspected, the blood on the shirt is from two people other than Doyle. Thank goodness for Monroe’s Blutbad snout, because they call him out to sniff the bloody shirt and follow the scent in the woods where Doyle was found. It leads them to two dead hikers who have been viciously mauled to death. Monroe and Rosalee realize right away that this is the case of a lycanthrope.

The Grimm legend of the lycanthrope is that they are Blutbad’s who suffer from a disease — a genetic mutation that makes them go crazy on the three full moons of the month. As Hank describes it, it’s “a Blutbad on steroids.” This means that there are two full moons left this month, and they need to find the lycanthrope before it kills any other innocent people.

First things first, they need to bring Doyle in and lock him up to make sure that if he’s the lycanthrope, he isn’t on the loose. After having to chase him down at his mother’s house, Hank and Nick bring him in, but it’s not long before he gets bailed out and released. He doesn’t make it out of the station, though, and when Doyle figures out that they know what a lycanthrope is, he spills the beans. Ann Cusack is a werewolf! His mother doesn’t know what she’s doing, she can’t control herself, and he needs to get to her immediately before she hurts anyone else. The race is on!

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