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March 18, 2016 at 04:56 AM EDT

This week’s case involves wesen-made luchador masks that bestow their wesen powers onto the fighters who wear them. So basically just a normal day in Portland.

Luchador wrestler Goyo (Joseph Julian Soria) is down in the dumps because he’s being paid to lose to his luchador opponent, El Mayordomo (Sal Guerrero), even though he knows he can win. He asks his mask-making pal Benito, of Benito’s Masks, for a special mask that will help him win. Benito agrees, but first Goyo must agree to give Benito half of his earnings for every lucha libre match he wins and he must return the mask when he’s done with it. Oh, and Goyo has to sign a contract… in blood. If this isn’t a giant red flag, I don’t know what is. But Goyo goes through with it anyway because he craves lucha libre fame. If Goyo truly thought he was better than his opponent, shouldn’t he have just tried not losing before he signed a contract in blood and gave away half his earnings? Just a thought.

If Goyo knew how Benito made the masks, I bet he would have been a little more wary of wearing one. Later that night, we see Benito confront a man in the act of mugging someone in an alley, and he tells the mugger he wants his face. The two both woge and Benito bites the mugger, paralyzing him so that he can cut his face off. I really could have done without seeing the result of that.

Goyo comes by the shop the next day to pick up his brand new mask. It’s beautiful and looks like a tiger (the type of wesen that the victim was). Benito warns Goyo not to wear the mask outside of the ring, but do you think Goyo listens? Nope. Goyo wins the fight against El Mayordomo, and his wrestling manager is incredibly pleased with his performance. On a high from his first big win, Goyo decides not to heed Benito’s warning. When he comes face-to-face with El Mayordomo in an alley, the two exchange fighting words and Goyo puts on the mask. Needless to say, Goyo’s inner-tiger comes out, and El Mayordomo ends up dead. After committing a murder, Goyo heads home and makes even more terrible life decisions. He puts the mask back on and actually becomes the wesen. Unable to remove the mask, he’s thrown into a fit of rage and starts smashing everything in his house.

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Nick and Hank are on the case! After finding El Mayordomo dead, all signs point to the place where all the luchadors buy their masks: Benito’s. When they arrive at the shop, though, Goyo is already there and beating up on Benito. He ends up killing him before Hank and Nick can stop him. Fortunately, they’re able to subdue Goyo before he can run off into the night and harm anyone else. They have to call in the big guns for this one.

Rosalee and Monroe go to Benito’s to perform a ceremony to remove the mask. After pouring boiling water on Goyo’s face and chanting, the mask is able to be taken off and Goyo realizes what he has done. Another solved case in the books … and another Portland native who will need lifelong therapy.

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