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Before we dive in, let’s congratulate Grimm on its 100th episode! The show has thrived in the Friday night slot since the beginning, and now, in an impressive fifth season, the show is better than ever. Hats off to the actors, producers, writers, and all of the crew for an admirable TV milestone.

“Into the Schwarzwald” was hands down the best episode this season, which is saying a lot since every episode this season has been solid. From Nick and Monroe dodging danger and finding a less-than-expected treasure, to Adalind’s startling discovery, this episode was action-packed.

Over in Germany, Nick and Monroe have landed in a catacomb after falling through the ground at the end of “Key Move.” Surrounded by skeletal remains, they walk the tunnels and realize that this was in fact the original church from the map, so they must be in the right place. Unsure of where the treasure is hidden, they try to get into the mindset of the knights. Nick comes up with a brilliant idea: Turn the lights off. People searching for the treasure would have been terrified of the spirits down there and would never poke around without ample lighting. So, what if the knights had left a clue that could only be discovered in pure darkness?

The guys turn off their lanterns and see a wall with seven glowing skulls in the shape of a “G.” Behind that wall is the treasure chest they’d been looking for. Of course it’s locked, so they need to take it back home in order to open it. Let’s not forget that the wesen priest and his cronies are above ground looking for Nick and Monroe. Toting the treasure, they try to escape from the men in the woods, but end up having to fight. Monroe gets bitten in the arm, but the guys still end up escaping. Back to Portland they go!

Speaking of Portland, the manhunt is on for Marwan, who shot mayoral candidate Andrew Dixon. Sadly, Dixon has died, which I’m sure we’re all thinking sets Renard up perfectly to run for mayor. If you were wondering if Rachel’s (Renard’s girlfriend on the low) conveniently timed phone call last episode was suspicious, you’d be right. Renard notices after looking at footage from the rally that she answers her phone and then looks up toward where the shooter was posted up. Uh oh, trouble in secret lover paradise.

Renard and Hadrian’s Wall have two different plans for taking care of Marwan. HW wants to use him. On the streets of Portland, Eve uses her powers to have a bicyclist knock Marwan over. She uses this as an opportunity to swipe his phone. Utilizing her Hexenbiest powers, she renders Manwar unconscious while HW bugs his phone. Then, when he’s laid up in the hospital, she sneaks in to return his phone to his bag and wakes him up. This could lead them to key contacts inside of Black Claw.

Renard has other plans, though, and he completely ruins everything. Renard, Wu, and Hank go after Marwan. It leads to an altercation between a woged out Renard and Marwan… which then leads to Marwan’s death. Meisner confronts Renard and is understandably pissed. These two are really going to have to start working together if they want to have any hope of taking down Black Claw.

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Rachel shows up at Renard’s house later that night and he confronts her by pushing her up against the wall. These two are so sweet. She lets him in on her grand plan, which is exactly what we all thought — she proposes he run for mayor. As if things couldn’t get any more awkward, in walks Lucien. Lucien and Rachel tell Renard that they believe he can win and then show him a candidate poster with his face on it. In fact, Renard thinks his face looks so great on it that he doesn’t immediately shoot them down. In his defense, it is a really nice poster. What the Hell does Lucien have planned for Renard, and would Renard seriously get in bed with Black Claw for power?

While Nick and Monroe are making their way back stateside, Adalind and Rosalee are trying to keep their worries at bay over at the Spice Shop. They have bigger problems to deal with, though, because Rosalee’s creepy stalker, Tony, shows up. He demands $5,000 from Rosalee and then starts smashing everything in the shop! This guy is obviously not that smart — if he ruins all of her stock, how does he expect her to make money and pay him?

This isn’t the craziest part of the altercation, though. When Adalind tries to step in, Tony grabs her and is about to smack her when all of sudden we see his fingers start bending backward. Oh, yes – Adalind did that with her mind. It freaks Tony out enough that he flees. And it freaks Rosalee and Adalind out, too. Worried that Nick will turn against Adalind if he finds out, she begs Rosalee to keep it a secret. If you’re wondering how this happened, the answer should be quite clear — Nick and Adalind’s horizontal mambo from last episode must have done the trick. Surprisingly, this makes Adalind an even more likable character because it’s obvious she’s terrified of going back to her old self. This is not going to end well.

When Monroe and Nick get back in town, everyone meets at the Spice Shop. After opening the chest (which required Nick’s blood), they pull out something wrapped in cloth. Nick delicately unwraps it to reveal … a stick! It looks like just a piece of wood, but these guys should know better by now.

All of a sudden Monroe starts to collapse from his wound, and it appears he has blood poisoning. Even though he looks about two seconds away from death, out of nowhere, his wound heals up and Monroe comes to again. Nick realizes that it’s because of the magical stick. Did it save Monroe because it has healing powers, or is it that in the hands of a grimm it can grant desires? What exactly is this thing anyway? I’m going with Bellatrix’s wand or a dragon toenail, but I could be wrong.

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How long will it be before Black Claw tries to snatch the mystical stick? Surely, if they’re aware of it, it’s something that they can’t use but want to keep out of the hands of a grimm. Otherwise, they would be using it themselves, not trying to prevent it from being found. Most likely it only works in the hands of a grimm since the blood of a grimm is the only thing that opened the chest. Whatever it is, it will probably be a major factor in this war against Black Claw.

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