While Nick and Monroe go on a treasure hunt abroad, Hadrian's Wall and the Portland police deal with a Black Claw threat at home
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Thanks to Uncle Felix’s chest of grimm goodies, the gang has enough keys to start their search for the treasure that was hidden by the seven grimm knights during the Crusades. Nick and Co. have the general location (the Black Forest in Germany), but they need more than just that to go on since the area is expansive. While wandering around Germany treasure hunting, sightseeing, and throwing back boots sounds great, they don’t really have time since Black Claw is trying to take over the world. After staring at Monroe’s map of the area, they zone in on a possible location – an old Catholic church with the classic “X” marked beside it.

Monroe and Nick decide the two of them will travel there alone, and when Nick tells Adalind, she expresses concern that this will just lead to death and evil. Always the optimist, Nick brushes it off and reassures her he’ll be fine. In the event that those two missing keys are leaving out a crucial part of the map and the guys will therefore be led into grave danger, Adalind doesn’t want to miss her opportunity to share her feelings. She tells Nick she loves him, they kiss, and then they do the horizontal mambo, which has honestly been a long time coming. It’s all a little weird, though. Apparently Nick thinks so too, because as he’s lying in bed with her, he starts remembering all the crappy stuff she did to him when she was in evil Hexenbiest mode. Maybe this is his subconscious telling him to run for the hills.

While Monroe and Nick are getting fake passports and traveling overseas, Hadrian’s Wall and the Portland police are dealing with a major Black Claw issue at home. Remember that mystery guy that HW said was in town — the one that committed multiple acts of terror in cities abroad? Well, he’s officially in Portland and he’s planning something big. HW gives the Portland police his photo so that they can keep an eye out as well. Teamwork!

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Thanks to HW’s super fancy technology, we know that the mystery man’s name is Marwan Hanano (Joshua Satwell). Marwan pays a visit to local Black Claw leader Lucien Petrovich to pick up a sniper rifle and silencer. I’m guessing he’s not planning on hitting the shooting range with this thing. His motives become clearer when he’s seen wandering around a stage being set up for a rally for Andrew Dixon (Michael Sheets). Yes, the mayoral candidate that Renard has been publicly supporting.

While Marwan is scouting out the location, two Portland officers spot him and recognize him from his photo. They call for backup, but one of the officers decides that following Marwan is a wonderful idea. He goes so far as to walk into a dark building alone to pursue him and ends up getting attacked. How did this guy even make it through the police academy?

NEXT: Marwan takes aim at Andrew Dixon next

Marwan escapes, but now HW and the police are able to link him to the rally. When the event takes place, Wu and Hank wander around the crowd looking for anyone suspicious, like someone with a backpack who could be carrying a bomb. Sidenote: Are you meaning to tell me that Hank and Wu are rolling solo when they suspect that someone could have a bomb in the crowd, and even though the threat is imminent they don’t immediately evacuate the place? Come on, guys!

They’re a little too late anyway, because Marwan has already set up shop in a building nearby and he uses the rifle to shoot Andrew Dixon in the chest. Renard, who was standing close by, rushes to his side. Did Andrew die, or was he just injured? Was Marwan meaning to kill him or merely sending a warning because he could have very easily shot him in the head? And what does Black Claw have to do with Dixon?

Meanwhile, Nick and Monroe have safely make it to their destination in Germany to start their search. After a little bonding session in the car where Nick tells Monroe that he slept with Adalind but isn’t sure he loves her, they reach their first stop. It’s the church on the map that they believe could help lead them to the treasure. The church would need to have been originally built in the 13th century or before for the treasure to be buried there. They head inside and talk with the priest, who you can tell is up to no good the second we meet him. Or maybe it’s just because Grimm teaches us not to trust anyone. The priest dashes their dreams when he tells them the church was built in 1594 and that there’s no church in the area that predates the 14th century.

On to the next spot! Nick and Monroe decide to find the exact spot marked with an “X” on the map. It leads them out into the woods (in the middle of the night, mind you). They start digging and hit what seems to be old foundation. They aren’t alone, though. The priest (who we know is also wesen) and a group of guys pull up beside Nick and Monroe’s car, seemingly there to stop them. Unfortunately, they’re just a hair too late. Nick and Monroe feel something shift under their feet as the ground suddenly gives way and they fall below.

What is so important that this group of wesen would want to protect it? It’s obviously not something that they can utilize — but rather something they don’t want anyone else getting their hands on, especially a grimm. Could it be something used by a grimm to eradicate wesen, or maybe something that could make grimms stronger than ever? What if the missing keys were really important and would have warned Nick about a potential Aladdin situation where touching the forbidden treasure would fill the underground cave with molten lava? We’ll have to wait until next week for the very special 100th episode of Grimm to find out!

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