A stash of found grimm books unlocks a new mystery

By Lindi Smith
February 20, 2016 at 12:09 AM EST
Scott Green/NBC
S5 E10
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Grimm serves up another amazing episode with “Map of the Seven Knights.” The show choosing to have one overarching story that connects each episode this season is really paying off. Every episode so far in season 5 has been incredibly engaging and memorable.

This week, we’re dealing with a set of old school grimm books that have a wealth of wesen secrets, ancient history, and information on every grimm around the world. It would be a great way to restock the gang’s resources after Juliette went on a Hexenbiest rampage last season and burned the trailer to the ground.

Monroe’s uncle Felix, an antique book dealer who lives in Germany, gets a call from an appraiser who wants him to check out the grimm books. She’s in Prague going through items from a deceased man named Joseph Nebojsa and finds them among his belongings. Felix flies right over and ends up taking the books back home with him after realizing their great value.

Felix decides to call up Monroe and tell him that his “grimm friend” (Nick) may be interested in them. Hilariously enough, Monroe is less interested at first in what his uncle is offering than he is in the fact his mother told people about his Nick. So, I guess Monroe is a part of one of those families that don’t understand what keeping a secret is. How very human. But Monroe’s attitude quickly changes once he and Rosalee see the contents of the books.

Someone else is after the books, too, though: Black Claw. We should know by now not to expect a story line this season that doesn’t involve the wesen hate group. Two Black Claw members kill Andrea in their search for the books and ransack Felix’s shop. Lucky for him, Felix was already on his way to Portland, knowing that others were after the rare collection. Felix shows up at Monroe and Rosalee’s door and asks Nick to come over immediately. They have to move fast!

Felix only brought one book as an example, but just that one book alone is enough to convince Nick and the gang that they need to get them all in their possession. The only problem is, Felix wants $100,000 for the set of 20 … and he wants it in 24 hours. Who could seriously come up with 100k in that short of time? What would Felix do with those books anyway if they couldn’t pay since he knows dangerous people are after him for them?

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We don’t ever get the answer to that question because Felix is killed by the same two Black Claw members in his hotel room. Nick is brought down to the scene, and once he realizes it’s Monroe’s uncle, he has Monroe come down also. We don’t always get to see a lot of emotion from Monroe, but he was visibly shaken by the murder of his uncle. This is a great episode for Silas Weir Mitchell, who plays Monroe, as he goes from hilarious one-liners (like when he described Nick and Adalind’s place as homey in a “post-apocalyptic, neo-industrialist, steampunk-chic kind of way”), to grieving, and then ultimately to rage.

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With a little help from Hadrian’s Wall and their immense database of Black Claw members, the gang finds out the two murderers are named Christian and Oscar. It takes Meisner, Trubel, and Eve all of two seconds to find this information. Hank even makes a comment that he wishes they had Hadrian’s Wall’s database. Is this a clue that the Scooby gang are going to choose to join forces with them in the wesen war? Hadrian’s Wall has helped them every time they’ve asked, and the knowledge they possess is invaluable.

They track down more information about Christian and Oscar and realize they are still in Portland and have rented a car. With the help of Wu going through Felix’s phone (I don’t think they’d ever solve a case without his genius), they figure out that Felix called a cargo company right before he was killed. They now know that he had the rest of the book collection shipped to Portland, hence his 24-hour deadline. On the downside, Christian and Oscar also know about the cargo, so it’s a race to get to the books first.

Monroe and Nick team up and head to the shipping yard. It’s not long before they’re face-to-face with the two Black Claw members who are just about to grab the trunk of books. Monroe and Nick take out Christian and Oscar fairly easily, but in his rage, Monroe woges and tears into one of them with his teeth. So much for that vegan diet.

The book collection is in a trunk, which they bring back to the Spice Shop so the whole gang can take a look together. Inside they find all 20 books — and another little surprise. Hidden at the bottom of the trunk are dozens of antique weapons and other artifacts that Felix has stashed in there. As they are going through some of the books, they find that one details the lineage of every grimm who has ever lived, including Nick.

The surprises don’t end there. Monroe finds a secret compartment in the trunk’s locking mechanism and inside it are three keys — the Seven Keys that belonged to seven knights who were also ancestors of grimms. The keys, which have pieces of a map on them, lead to a buried artifact with great power.

Rosalee grabs the other two keys hidden under a floorboard upstairs in the shop, and when they put them all together, the map starts to make sense. They are still missing two keys, but it doesn’t matter. Monroe figures out that the terrain the map on the keys form matches that of the Black Forest in Germany. Guess where Nick’s going next?  

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