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October 27, 2012 at 02:00 AM EDT

In last week’s recap, I put forth the question of whether Grimm’s monsters/cases-of-the-week hold your interest. I also supplied the theory that any disinterest for these cases may stem from the fact that they’re not linked to the starring characters by theme, that Nick never sees himself and his own experiences in the criminals or victims. And you guys supplied a bunch of great responses to this theory in the comments.

Well, lo and behold, Grimm delivered a compelling case-of-the-week in tonight’s episode, though it may have not been compelling for the reasons we were hoping for (more on that later).

This week, Hank and Nick found themselves on the trail of a kid-killer – a woman with an M.O. of kidnapping three kids and drowning them every Halloween or, depending on whether or not you believe in ghosts, a ghost eerily similar to the Mexican tale of La Llorona.

Whaaaaaat? Grimm has ghosts now?! I’m sure plenty of you had the same reaction to this I did and are eager to talk about the ghostness, but I promise I’ll get to that later too.

Before Nick starts ghostbusting, he grabs a flail (for those not well-versed in medieval weaponry, that’s a spiked ball on a chain) from the weapons closet in Aunt Marie’s trailer. Is he on an important Wesen-hunting mission? Is he going to go crush someone’s skull in? No! His pal Monroe just needs the weapon to be the final touch on his outlandish Halloween decorations. Monroe is even more giddy about the holiday than he was about Christmas last season. His yard and house are full of fake skeletons, tombstones, fog machines, cotton spread into spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, and orange and purple lights. “Whoa. Intense” is about all the response Nick has to these all-out (and I mean all-all-all-out) decorations. That and what any good cop would say: “Now promise me no one’s gonna get hurt.”

Once on the case of the kidnapped children, Nick and Hank recruit the help of Juliette to translate for Spanish-speaking father of missing 8-year-old Rafael. Also flying into Portland to help with the case is Albuquerque cop Valentina Espinosa (guest star Kate del Castillo), who has been tracking this kid-snatching woman for years. Well, Espinosa turns out to indeed be an expert on this weeping woman in white, but what she doesn’t turn out to be is a) a cop and b) human. She was fired from her job as a police officer when she became too obsessed with this case, and she’s a Balam, a purplish, yellow-eyed, big cat-like Wesen, though the fact that she’s a Wesen doesn’t end up being all that integral to the plot of the episode.

Late on Halloween night, there’s a showdown at the river, right at the spot where Espinosa predicted the weeping woman would drown the three kids. The woman in white hums her creepy song to the kids. Nick, Hank and Espinosa make a mad dash to the riverbank. The woman begs her children to come back to her. (Come here dead kiddies! I’ve got three live ones to take your place!) Nick pins down the woman and wrestles with her in the water. Hank and Espinosa grab the kids (the live ones). Nick gets wet. The woman flashes her decaying dead face at Nick. Nick gets scarewud and swims back to the surface. The woman in white disappears. The ghostie is gone.

NEXT: Monroe’s antics, Juliette’s stubbornness

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