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October 13, 2012 at 03:14 AM EDT

Oh, Grimm, how cruel you are!

Or maybe I should be saying the sandman is a very, very cruel creature. In any case, Nick’s dream of Juliette remembering him and giving him a big smooch is just about the last kind of dream Nick would want to be tricked into believing is real.

So fess up, Grimm fans, who fell for it? The show actually had me believing Juliette’s amnesia was finally starting to subside until she said, “It’s all coming back to me.” Now that’s too easy. And when she was totally cool with Nick’s Grimmness, I knew this had to be a dream.

And I’m rather relieved it was a dream (sorry, Nick!). I’m enjoying this memory loss storyline because it was really time for Grimm to shake things up in Nick and Juliette’s relationship. But I still find myself rooting for things to work out between them. Sort of. Maybe. I’m so conflicted! When you see how dejected Nick is upon realizing his dream come true was really just a dream, you can’t help but feel for the guy! But ooo the intrigue of Renard/Juliette!

The fact that we’ve seen this dream scene probably tells us that when (if?) Juliette gets her memories of Nick back, it’s going to be nothing like this. No chance that the real thing will be this easy and happy and rainbows and puppies for Nick.

Okay, now that we’re through that mini emotional roller coaster of a scene (maybe it was an emotional carousel – ups and downs were somehow involved), let’s get onto the rest of this very packed episode. Monroe struggling in the spice shop! Hank finally goes to Aunt Marie’s trailer! There’s definitely something going on between Renard and Juliette! And Adalind’s back!

NEXT: The case of the abducted Wesen child and the discovery of a truth-revealing weapon

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