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October 06, 2012 at 02:26 AM EDT

It’s date night in Portland. Sharing a romantic evening are Monroe and Rosalee, Nick and Juliette, Renard and a woman from his past, Angelina and – well, her night didn’t turn out to be all that romantic.

And even for the Portlanders whose nights were filled with more zitherists and wine than creepy would-be rapists, the course of love never does run smooth. Not smooth at all. In fact, by the end of tonight’s hour of Grimm, ‘smooth’ is just about the last word you could use to describe any of what went down in this episode.

OK, where to start with all these star-crossed lovers? Well, royalty probably don’t like to be kept waiting, so let’s start with Renard, the prince so far away from home. He seems to have a lot of history with this blonde, statuesque lady friend of his, Mia. And he seems to have some real feelings for her – he’s comfortable around her, he’s relaxed, not quite as on guard, and he seems genuine when he tells her he too wonders if she has a place in his future.

A future that might be… in Vienna?! Mia refers to the Austrian capital as Renard’s “rightful place.”

Now, there’s a lot that we still don’t know about how the seven Royal families work. Do they rule over areas with the same boundaries as Kehrseite (yes, that means you, Hank) countries? Renard and his brother Eric speak French, but Eric seems to have a British accent. I thought that castle of his was in France or Belgium, but maybe that’s an incorrect assumption. And now we find out that Vienna is Renard’s Pride Rock, but he’s only going back there “on [his] own terms,” no matter how much this cunning Nala tries to lure him back. So confusing. As for how things end up for these two at the end of the episode, I’ll get back to that later.

Things are starting to warm up for Nick and his memory-challenged girlfriend. No amnesia-waning yet, though Juliette did say one thing that sounded promising: She remembers talking two a police officer who she “thought was very good-looking,” on the night of a hit-and-run when they first met. Could only be Nick, right? Unless a certain kiss has rewired her to tag the word “good-looking” to a tall, stern, tie-wearing police captain type…

The sweetest but also the most heart-breaking thing Juliette says to Nick in this episode is “I may not remember who you were, but I’d like to get to know who you are.” Welcome words to Nick, I’m sure, but also tough to hear. He and Peter Bishop should get together and compare notes on the woes of losing a shared history with someone you love.

Too-cute-together Monroe and Rosalee are at casa de Monroe sharing a classy evening (seriously, it was really classy, like wine and flowers and candlesticks and bow ties and classical music classy – I know, how often do you use that word unironically?), but it’s interrupted by a murder threat courtesy of Angelina, Monroe’s ex who apparently doesn’t understand the risks involved in leaving one’s fingerprints on a dead man’s wallet. But I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. R.I.P. Angelina. You’ve cleared the way for Rosalee, but you and your sassy, badass ways will be missed.

NEXT: Why, oh why would someone want Monroe dead?

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