Nick and Hank’s latest case brings them to a Wesen church, while the Nuckelavee continues to stalk one or Portland’s finest

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Let it be known that Grimm has a thing or two to teach us about herd mentality, how con men talk when pretending to be religious men and just how many bake sales you need to replace stolen funds.

In this episode – titled the double-, maybe-triple-meaning packed “The Good Shepherd” – Nick and Hank investigate a case of money stolen from a church that turns out to be a Wesen church. A Blutbad reverend leads a congregation of Seelengut (adorable sheep-like Wesen). The slimy reverend, thank God, turns out to be the culprit. I was relieved Rev. Calvin’s megachurch vibe turned out to be an act because it just felt so fake. I know there are real fire-and-brimstone guys out there, but no men of the cloth I know talk like that.

Before Rev. Calvin’s devious ways are confirmed – and before herd mentality gets the best of him – he has a tense sit-down with Hank and Nick, who he’s recognized as a Grimm. It is then that the reverend says something curious about his surprise to see a Grimm: “When I realized, well, I was sure the apocalypse had arrived.” Do God-fearing Wesen have a version of Revelation that includes an Eighth Trumpet of the Grimms?

And Hank’s face when Rev. Calvin calls him a Kierseida (or however the hell that’s spelled): Priceless.

We got another opportunity to debate when Wesen can tell that Nick is a Grimm: Rev. Calvin sees it the first time he morphs in Nick’s presence. (And they are making eye contact at that point, in case that’s an important key to how this works.) But apparently not all of the Seelengut could see too, because Megan is in for a shock when she sees that Nick is a Grimm while she’s being questioned at the precinct. Hmm.

Another moment at the precinct features Nick finding a newspaper story that hints at Rev. Calvin’s devious beginnings in Arkansas. “Coincidence?” Nick says. “I doubt it,” says Hank. You better doubt it, Hank. You’re a detective. A wise man with kind eyes named Commissioner Jim Gordon once said to a young man with cute ears an architect-wannabe The Point Man Rob- – we’ll just call him Blake – “You’re a detective now. You’re not allowed to believe in coincidence.”

We get to see how Monroe and recently-brought-into-the-loop Hank interact and boy, is it entertaining. “You’re doing it again,” Monroe tells Hank, who can’t take his eyes off the Blutbad, trying to figure out if he’s morphed or not. But as built-for-comedy this dynamic is, I hope the writers let their relationship evolve a bit as the show goes on.

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That silent Nuckelavee (did he ever have a single line?) is still skulking around Portland (whenever he’s not busy getting pretty in a makeup trailer), and we finally learn what he, under the orders of the Royals, is after: Nick’s key/map that leads to the treasure in Europe – the treasure that, according to Mama Burkhardt, contains an artifact that could give the seven Royal families the power to rule the world. (Mwahahahaha!)

But, alas, he fails in his mission when met with the badass Nick Burkhardt. Even with hooves that I sure wouldn’t want to get punched with, the Nuckelavee is no match for Nick. The Grimm’s weapon of choice when met with a horse-like Wesen? A hammer. (Ooookay, Thor.) Body dumping locale of choice? A river, the Columbia presumably. Hope the detective did some good work destroying any trace on that body of the killer’s identity.

Juliette is no closer to remembering Nick – nor is Nick any closer to realizing the opinion of a certain Rosalee might be helpful for his Wesen spell-induced problem – but the pair of star-crossed lovers did have a little talk about their awkward situation. Juliette asks Nick if he’d be happier if she moved out. Nick, of course says, no then asks the same of her. (No, don’t move out of that beautiful house! I mean, no, don’t leave your memory-challenged girlfriend!) Sounds like Juliette’s not itching to kick him out either. She says, “I don’t really think either of us should be going anywhere right now.”

What did you think of this episode, Grimm fans? Was it worth waiting for through a rando mini-hiatus? Who feels bad for Bud with his sad attempts to achieve friendship status with the cool Grimm stud in town? Now that the Nuckelavee is dead, what creature do you think the Royals will send across the pond next to track down Nick’s key/map that leads to buried treasure? (Speaking of buried treasure, there must have been pirate Wesen. Flashback, please?)

Aaaand some quotables for you:

Nick: “With all due respect, Reverend, your position strikes me as a little convenient.”

Rev. Calvin: “The same could be said of you, detective.”

“That’s like a recipe for lunch” —Monroe, after hearing a Blutbad is reverend for a flock of Seelengut

“I am so sick of you mindless, glassy-eyed kowtowing stooges.” – Rev. Calvin

“Pfft, digital.” —undercover Monroe, eying a big digital clock

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