Nick gets stuck investigating himself as Grimm duties clash with cop ones, while Renard has a change of heart
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If anyone thought having his mom around was going to make Nick’s Grimm life any easier, now’s the time to think again. The second episode of Grimm’s sophomore season has only proved that for Nick, having a maternal influence in his life is only going to make things more complicated – and messier.

In this episode, called “The Kiss,” Nick is assigned to not just one, but two cases that he and his mother are behind. Good thing Nick has some decent acting skills and quick thinking vis-à-vis gun retrieving and chucking – otherwise the FBI might have suspected him for lumbermill and Schade residence crimes! Oh, wait, they do suspect him. Still, Nick manages to brush aside any accusations related to the deaths of a Mauvais Dentes and a Hexenbiest at the hands of a couple Burkhardts. Forgive this longtime Supernatural fan for yet again comparing Grimm to the other monster-hunting show also (previously) relegated to Friday nights – I can’t help but think about what happened when Sam and Dean Winchester got on the bad side of the FBI: nothing good. Tread carefully, Nick Burkhardt, tread carefully.

I’ll be mourning the death of Catherine Schade. I can’t complain about getting to see some hand-to-hand combat between her and Kelly, but I’m going to miss her sly ways and that grotesque Hexenbiest face of hers.

As for Mr. Mauvais Dentes, I can’t say I’ll be missing him too much, but I have him to thank for a classic Kelly Burkhardt moment (can she have classic moments yet when she’s only been in three episodes?). How great was her face when she saw the body and severed arm hanging in the lumbermill? Mildly irritated, only slightly puzzled, no signs of shock or being grossed out at all. This woman has seen a lot of blood and guts in her day.

But enough with Kelly and Nick. Psshht, why waste time talking about the star of the show when we have someone far more fascinating to discuss? Captain Sean Renard, you mysterious creature. Finally we get learn a bit about you – and it turns out you are quite literally a creature.

NEXT PAGE: What’s up with Sean Renard?

So, a show of hands, Grimm fans, how many of you knew what Renard was when he morphed in front of his bathroom mirror? I have to admit I missed the clues the first time around. I was so off-track – I thought this was a morph of the Royal kind. Catherine’s “barely human” comment had my mind swirling with thoughts of Royals being a separate species from humans, maybe distant cousins. (I blame A Discovery of Witches – I just got to all the good stuff about vampire and witch genetics.) Upon closer inspection of Renard’s morph, I did see how the exposed bone and the charred skin resembled the Hexenbiest qualities of Adalind and Catherine Schade. And then the “he’s a bastard, literally” comment made sense. Indeed, actor Sasha Roiz has confirmed to EW that his character is half-Hexenbiest. He had some very interesting things to say regarding that revelation about our dear Portland Police captain, so check out our interview with him here.

Now, about that potion. Catherine tells Renard that only someone pure of heart can wake Juliette from her cat-of-Adalind-induced slumber. “It’s challenging finding someone like that nowadays, so we have to do it chemically,” Catherine says. “The more pure of heart you are, the less painful the process.” Well, we find out that Renard must not be close at all to being naturally pure of heart, because that process ends up looking pretty frickin’ painful. The question remains, how permanent is this potion? And what are the implications of chemically, forcibly making your heart pure? (Maybe I should re-read A Clockwork Orange for clues.)

This does also raise an interesting point: Nick, though always striving to stay on the right side of the law (we’ll see how long that lasts) and the right side of morality, isn’t pure of heart. Otherwise a kiss from him would have been all that was needed to wake his girlfriend – surely urging Nick to kiss Juliette in the hospital would have been less troublesome than all this potion stuff. Still, I like to think that it’s fair to say he has a good heart.

“The Kiss” also gave us another look at Renard’s fellow Royal brother, Eric, played by James Frain. Turns out he sent the Hexenbiest to kill Nick. Or to test Nick? “If the Grimm had died, he would have been proved not worth the effort,” Eric says. Hmm…

Nick’s short reunion with his mom came to an end, but not before one final heartstrings-pulling mother-son moment. “I thought about you every day for my entire life, and having you back in it – I don’t see why I could ask for anything more,” Nick says to his mother in the trailer where they’ve each spent many late nights. And then Mama Burkhardt hugs him. She even initiates the hug and holds on tight – quite the gesture when one recalls that awkward half-hug with Rosalee.

And to leave us worrying until episode 3, we have this image: Nick’s shocked and heartbroken face. Alas, Rosalee’s memory-saving potion came too late (that’s what happens when you wait around for Nick for no good reason when he’s busy fighting a Wesen!), and Juliette doesn’t remember her boyfriend.

What did you think of this episode? Do you trust Kelly Burkhardt with those coins? What do the revelations about Renard’s past and ancestry mean for what’s next? How long will it take for Nick to figure out who the prince in Portland is? And what should Nick & co. do about The Vow-ified Juliette?

Until next week, fellow Grimm fans. I’ll leave you with a few quality quotes from our favorite residents of Portland:

Monroe: My stomach’s starting to ache.

Rosalee: We’re running out of time.

Monroe: That’s why my stomach’s starting to ache.

“OK, I guess we’re OK to go then. You go take care of the dead, and we three will just… all go on living.” — Monroe

“I’m his mother. If you have a problem with my son, you’ll have to deal with me.” — Kelly Burkhardt

“Was that a smile? ’Cause I think that might have been a smile.” — Rosalee

Catherine: You have no idea how high this goes.

Kelly: Heights don’t scare me.

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