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November 10, 2012 at 07:34 PM EST

As Grimm is nearing its mid-season finale, things are coming to a head for the Juliette/Renard relationship obsessive attraction. But before we got to that in this week’s episode, which takes its title, “To Protect and Serve Man,” from the former LAPD motto, it was flashback time!

We get to see Hank in his pre-detective days, in uniform, with questionable facial hair, jumpin’ over fences to catch the newest criminal of Portland – or so he thinks. Craig Ferren, he man he arrests that night, which we learn is seven years ago, is now on death row. All of Hank’s Wesen encounters of the past couple months have made him better understand the wild claims Ferren made about his motivations to shoot a pair of brothers, one of whom died, while the other, Johnny Kreski, lived. Learning that the world is full of monsters has a way of lending new meaning to the words “he wanted to eat me!”

The episode gets a ticking clock when Hank sees that Ferren is 36½ hours away from execution. So Hank and Nick start searching for evidence that would prove Ferren was acting in self-defense. They make some progress, seeing Kreski Woge into a Wendigo (it’s another creature from the infant days of Supernatural!), but that’s not exactly the kind of evidence you present to the DA.

While Nick’s working on re-opening this case, Juliette’s at home chatting with a girlfriend. “Don’t get me wrong – I like him a lot,” she says, not a great indicator things are going well between her and Nick. Teary-eyed, she confesses that she has feelings for another man.

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