On ''Grey's Anatomy,'' George learns about his father's life-and-death decision too late; plus Meredith finally speaks with her dad, and Burke and Yang break the silence

By Vanessa Juarez
January 21, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

”Grey’s Anatomy”: Truths come out

Hi, Grey’s followers: I’ll be filling in for Greg Kirschling for two weeks. And considering someone said I was putting them to sleep with my PopWatch entry yesterday, I promise I’ll try extra hard here.

This episode was the second half of a two-parter, the first half of which was a bit of a mess. As Greg mentioned, the whole-Izzie-at-the-bank thing last week was neither moving nor funny, just uncomfortable. And with the long holiday break, it was easy to forget that Thatcher was Meredith’s dad and not the kind of bumbling crazy person who might walk into a hospital swinging a machete. Alas, he’s just a good ol’ socially inept father.

I hope you were as pleased as I was that this week the show’s writers concentrated on putting us viewers on the express train to waterworks central. (They weren’t beer tears either, I swear.) Absent were Bailey’s witty lines (the ”vajayjay” sound bite has to be the all-time best) — and rightly so. The plotlines? One big heaping scoop of death, the token dollop of sexual tension, a splash of insomnia, and a nutty assortment of smaller issues.

Let’s start with death.

Mr. O’Malley was not doing well from the start. And I surely didn’t find any comic relief in brother O’Malley’s issue with flatulence. ”I’m nervous,” he said, after ripping a big one. Um, your father is dying. But I’ll cut the O’Malleys some slack — maybe it’s one of those things where the situation is so dire, you’re desperate for a laugh, any laugh. Later, George, who had been skeptical of his fellow docs all along, learned that his father had asked Bailey and the Chief to remove the tumor under any circumstances. Since Bailey had promised George last week that she would ”give it to him straight,” he shouted at the two surgeons. Loudly. In the end, Georgie became the man of the house by making the decision to take his father off life support. There were many Kleenex-grabbing moments surrounding this, the kicker being the final goodbye when the Mrs. pressed her face against her husband’s.

Meredith had an epiphany during Mr. O’Malley’s decline. ”George’s dad is going into renal failure,” she said. ”My dad’s here, everywhere, every day. He’s perfectly healthy, and I have nothing to say to him.” That’s because he’s a dope. ”He’s a stammering, mumbling, clumsy disaster,” she’d observed at the beginning of the ep. Despite what Cristina and Izzie said, I don’t think Meredith is anything like her father. She does tend to make everything about her, and when she’s in high gear, she can go on and on. But don’t you think she’s pretty put together? (If not, I must look like a wreck at the office.) Oh, I forgot — they do have something in common. ”I snore like a trucker,” Thatcher said. ”You get that from me. The wax earplugs work pretty good.” Of course, Mere brings some home to her McDreamy. And I know he hasn’t been able to sleep as a result of her snoring, but jeez, wax earplugs? Is there a Nickelback concert coming out of her mouth?

(For the record, I do not enjoy using the McNames. I do it because it’s short and simple, but I hate myself afterward.)

Meanwhile, Burke and Yang continued to act like children in their relationship, which Meredith described as one ”with no words.” Burke finally broke their silence when he told Derek — in Yang’s presence — that he hadn’t had a tremor all week. I imagine their telepathic apology went something like this: ”Um, this is stupid. George’s father just died. Life is too short. Don’t ever not talk to me again. I heart you. [Sniff. Sniff.]”

Now onto the McSteamy and Addison debacle. Addison basically ralphed a confession all over Callie: ”I aborted Mark’s baby.” Yikes. It turns out that while she was wigging out about the pregnancy, McSteamy went out and bought a Yankees onesie and a calendar. ”And the due date was today,” Addison added. Mark was upset. He acted like he’d taken the high road by wanting to play McDaddy, but then Addison struck back at him with a teensy bit of knowledge: She told him she knew he had slept with a nurse — if not many other women — after their date of conception. Addison, who can be so good at pouring salt in a wound, added: ”I did want a baby; I just didn’t want one with you.” Ouch.

(What is Mark’s deal? It’s hard to get a read on him. What’s he really about? This fake niceness?)

As for the Addison-Karev fling, I think it’s hot. I once despised her too. She did show up at Seattle Grace from New York, after all, acting like a beeyotch after she’d cheated on her man. But I’ve come to love her personality and dramatic facial expressions. (Addison, can I be your friend? Can my eyebrows be as versatile as yours?) As long as Karev continues to ride on his nice-guy, bad-guy roller coaster, I wish them the best. But do you think they have a chance?

A few side notes before I let you go:

· The Grey baby is recovering well. She had her first poop.

· Izzie footed the bill for the VATER girl. How many of you saw that coming last week? I thought it was totally predictable.

· I think they’ve eased up on Callie’s eyeliner and eye-shadow action. If so, me likey. For an orthopedic surgeon, homegirl was looking like too much of a homegirl.

· Were you distracted during the show by all the brouhaha about Isaiah Washington’s six-letter F-bomb? It was hard to miss in L.A. During a Grey’s commercial break, a local-news teaser asked, ”Will a Grey’s Anatomy gay controversy rip the show apart? At 11.” Thanks for the reminder, ABC Eyewitness News.

See you next week. Till then, discuss!