Highs and lows at Seattle Grace resulted in one pregnancy scare, one actual pregnancy, wedding plans, and a pending divorce

By Tanner Stransky
Updated November 30, 2012 at 06:00 AM EST
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Well, what a bunch of both happy and sad moments on last night’s Grey’s Anatomy, a romance-focused new episode titled “I Was Made For Lovin’ You.” At one moment, we were reveling in the triumph of Arizona’s return to Seattle Grace — we saw her fall over due to her prosthetic leg, yet laugh about it and even recount the whole thing to doting wife Callie. And it wasn’t just moments before that that we watched as a crestfallen Jackson ended things with Kepner, just seconds after she revealed to him that she both wasn’t pregnant and was so totally relieved.

The hour wasn’t a particularly riveting one, but blessedly, it was full of real swings of highs and lows. Let’s take a look at those here in a recap of last night’s episode:

High point: Meredith is pregnant

I should add a caveat to that: She’s three weeks pregnant. But still, she’s pregnant! That’s happy! And that’s something to feel good about. After having so much trouble with pregnancy in the past — and then dealing with the drama around adopting and almost losing baby Zola — this is a true happy moment for her and Derek. She expressed some trepidation about being too excited this early, citing her “hostile uterus.” “Don’t worry,” the sweet Derek assured her, after she said that good things don’t happen to them. “Good things happen to us. We’re gonna have another baby.” Call me a sap, but there’s nothing happier than the potential of a baby. Which brings us to another potential baby on last night’s episode and, thus, another…

…High point: Kepner and Jackson’s potential baby

Or maybe this should just be termed a pregnancy scare, considering what ended up happening as everything unfolded. When there was the potential of a baby between these two, it’s was at first a little scary — then happy! Kepner was four days late at the beginning of the episode: “I am a clock,” she told Avery, breaking the news to him that she might be with child. “I’m never late.” I loved what Meredith said to Kepner, who was freaking out just before taking blood for a pregnancy test. “Plans never work out the way you think they’re going to,” Meredith told Kepner, “especially with babies.” (A little foreshadowing there to her own pregnancy, which didn’t make sense until now.) The happy part, of course, came with Avery stepped up to the plate and said that he wanted to marry her and raise the child together. “Something that feels this good,” Jackson told Kepner, “cannot be bad.” Ultimately, the potential baby, though, turned into a…

NEXT: The baby fake out is bad for Kepner and Jackson

…Low point: Kepner and Jackson’s resulting break-up

After Kepner revealed the news that she wasn’t, indeed, pregnant, you could see that Jackson was upset. And I don’t think his reaction had anything to do with the actual news about the lack of a baby — but instead with how Kepner delivered it. She was elated that there was no baby and that things could go back to exactly how they were before — lots of sex, dating, etc. Jackson was clearly excited about the prospect of marrying Kepner and having a baby with her. So he pulled the plug on the whole relationship when he realized that, truly, Kepner didn’t feel the same way that he did. “Maybe this was a sign, you know,” he told her on a bench outside the hospital, “that we needed to stop. Honestly, I think it’s for the best.” There’s no way these two are over — and hopefully there is good baby or wedding news for them coming down the line. This whole sad string of events did produce a classic Kepner crazy moment, which I have to recount here. It was when she went on a tirade in an OR, while working on a patient who’d be injured while riding a horse — and it came before she got the news about not being pregnant. “Horseback riding is supposed to be fun,” she said, her voice getting shrill. “But even if you wear the right shoes and helmet, protection doesn’t always work. What’s the point? You might as well just ride bareback.” Not so subtle, Grey’s writers, but it was still hilarious. It’s a wonder that Karev — who caught the pair drawing blood from Kepner’s arm — wasn’t able to piece together what was happening between these two.

High point: Derek’s re-dedication to fixing his hand

Callie kept presenting Derek with options that could restore full use of his hand — he didn’t like any of them, though — but it was ultimately Meredith who convinced him that he needed to re-dedicated himself to the efforts and get it fixed. It was a lovely moment of the evening. It all happened after Meredith showed a brain scan to Derek, a brain scan of a patient that he could easily fix. But the doctor — not Derek — who was going to do it, Meredith said, wouldn’t do an adequate job. “Derek, he’s not going to do as good a job as you,” Meredith said, pleading with him, “which is why you have to get your hand fixed.” Thus, Derek and Callie pledged to get back to work on figuring it all out. Methinks Derek will be doing surgery again at Seattle Grace before the season is over, and thank goodness for that.

NEXT: The demise of Cristina and Owen continues

Low point: Cristina and Owen’s interactions

Looks like these two are headed for divorce. Why? Well, that’s exactly what Owen said he wants last night. “We should get a divorce,” he told Cristina upon meeting her at their once-beloved firehouse abode. Her sad retort that she offered without any fight: “If that’s what you want.” He responded simply: “Yeah.” The turnaround between these two has been fascinating to watch. Just as Cristina sort of started coming back around and warming up again to Owen upon her return to Seattle Grace, he started pulling away. Early in the episode when she asked him why he brought her back to Seattle Grace, he responded robotically, devoid of any feeling or emotion: “You’re gonna do great things, Cristina, and I’m running a hospital,” he explained. “I’d rather have you do that under our banner. You’re good business.” What a slam! And on the other end of things, Cristina told Meredith: “Yeah, I want Owen back.” This whole lawsuit thing may help fix things between these two or speed up their demise, which brings us to the next…

…Low point: The blasted lawsuit

Yeah, it’s good TV, but it doesn’t look good for Owen when it comes to the pending lawsuit. He told everyone on staff to not worry about it at the top of the hour. But it quickly became clear that it’s going to affect everything that happens at the hospital for quite a while, largely because his wife is involved in the lawsuit — she was on the plane — and he’s the one who signed off on a new airplane provider that was ultimately responsible for what happened. The whole thing is a lot more complicated than that simple explanation, but it remains to be seen what will happen.

High point: Arizona’s triumphant return to Seattle Grace

I already mentioned it, but seeing Arizona back in the mix at Seattle Grace was joyful. Granted, it didn’t necessarily start out that way. Callie had assigned an intern to follow her around with a wheelchair in case she started to fall. But Arizona caught on and told her “stalker” to buzz off. It wasn’t moments later that, of course, she fell. Karev cleared the room for what he thought would be a crying, embarrassed Arizona, but instead, she was laughing about it all. “I was so proud of myself for getting through today,” she told Karev, and there’s no doubt that that is quite the feat. Near the end of the episode, Callie walked in on Arizona at home with Sofia, bouncing her on her lap. “Oh, we’re having a little dance party!” she reported to her wife. What a glorious turnaround for a character who just weeks ago — not to mention, at the beginning of the season — was a total mess.

NEXT: Bailey’s wedding, a sad patient storyline, and Cristina’s metamorphosis

High point: Bailey’s pending wedding

Despite her irritation with the whole thing, weddings are just about as joyful as babies. And Bailey seems to be getting quite the doozy of a wedding. “He wants to have a Christmas wedding!” she said of her fiancé Ben. Even though she complained about the silliness of the Christmas theme, it seemed like she actually sort of liked it. I mean, how can you not?

Low point: The liver transplant storyline

God, that was hard to watch. Wasn’t it? No wonder that the intern cried. It was hard to watch as that patient — whose body rejected the liver the doctors were trying to put into him — accepted his lot in life. “Things happen for a reason,” he said earlier to his partner. “It’s not 30 years,” he continued, after he got the bad news, “but it’s better than nothing.” And that’s when the intern’s waterworks — and my own — began. He told the intern — and by proxy, me — why he wasn’t sad. “I’m old. I’ve had a good life. I found people to love, and they loved me back. We’ve got this week” — the estimated time he had left to live — “and we’re gonna make it count.”

High point: Cristina’s change

It may not have come soon enough to save her relationship with Owen, but her changes — her, dare I say it? — softening is affecting part of her job. After the crying intern left the room, Cristina tracked him down in the hallway. “No big deal, but don’t do that again,” she advised him. “It’s gross.” And it was actually Bailey who witnessed the whole thing and pointed out how she’s changed and, ultimately, become more human. “I don’t what know what happened to you in that frozen hell of a tundra, but you changed,” Bailey said. Cristina tried to deny it, but nope — thankfully, it’s a reality.

What’d you think, Grey’s Anatomy TV watchers? Did you enjoy the night’s high and low points? What points did I miss here? Sound off in the comments section below!

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