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The judge awards the plane-crash victims $15 million each, effectively shutting down Seattle Grace. Also: vajazzling!

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January 18, 2013 at 06:00 AM EST

Intern Shane played ping-pong with Shepherd, as a part of his Callie-mandated physical therapy intended to resurrect his hand, post-plane crash. The whole hospital was loving the competition, and that’s where Wilson and Karev made a bet on who would win. Wilson ended up winning $1,000, which she used to buy Karev a couch and some beer. He commented that that’s the kind of thing a girlfriend would do — and the pair acted as if they still hadn’t slept with each other and that they wouldn’t ever. But yeah, right — that’s all so unlikely. That hookup is happening in T minus 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second… They’ll be laying in bed together by next episode, I predict. Or hopefully, rather.

The final storyline worth mentioning was that of Bailey’s. It was funny…and also crazy. Bailey was working on a woman who had bruised her tailbone after falling off a stripper pole while trying to spice up her sex life. The funny part is that Bailey seemed extra crazy about the whole thing because — as she admitted to Callie — she had only had sex once on her honeymoon after she’d had some, um, trouble while having a little sex in the sand. Namely, she got an infection and bites from sand fleas. “I am not a fan of the beach or the pole or anywhere at this point!” she told Callie. “I am a fan of the bed.” All Callie could do was laugh.

The crazy of the storyline came from the sub-sub-sub-point about said stripper pole lady telling the doctors about how she had vajazzled her…well, you know the body part that one would vajazzle. I was just astonished — the vajazzling trend was so 2009, and Jennifer Love Hewitt subsequently killed it on a press tour for her Lifetime show The Client List. I can’t believe that the Grey’s writers were just pulling that one out now. The note “Let’s do a vajazzling storyline” must have lived for a long time on an extra-old Post-It note around the Grey’s office that someone just rediscovered. I suppose, though, despite it being a rather old reference, the story point did provide Bailey with some good fodder. I loved when she was going off on the whole practice of vajazzling while operating on the lady. “I suppose men do it, too. Bedazzle their penis? Somebody look that up,” she barked at a nurse, who appeared as if she’d comply with the request. Then she continued: “Foolish. Idiotic. Kepner, you ever vajazzled yourself? Oh right, Jesus isn’t a fan of the vajazzle.” That killed me!

The episode ended, as it always does, with some words of wisdom from Meredith in voiceover. “They say ignorance is bliss. Because once you know about the tumor or the prognosis, you can’t go back,” she told us, right after the news about her pregnancy and the state of the hospital was revealed. “Will you be strong — or will you fall apart? It’s hard to predict. So don’t worry about it. Enjoy the time you have before the news comes. Yep, ignorance is bliss.” Indeed.

What’d you think, Grey’s watchers? Had you heard of vajazzling before? Are you rooting for Catherine and Richard to reconcile? How do you feel about the way Cristina and Owen’s relationship is going? Sound off in the comments below!

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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