A lion on the loose isn't the only thing amiss in Seattle, as the docs at Seattle Grace deal with their romantic upheaval

By April Daley
Updated April 06, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. As juvenile as it may be, that was supposed to be my motto this week. I was ready to dig deep into the pure dysfunction that is Cristina and Owen’s marriage, especially in the aftermath of his confession. I was ready to hear Owen explain it away and to watch Cristina silently stare the crap out of him.

Well, our friends over at Seattle Grace weren’t into that motto because we barely see Owen and Cristina interact in this episode. No diving in the deep end of their relationship just yet. Yes, they do get enough communal screen time to let us know Cristina is giving him the silent treatment. Yes, we learned that eating cereal has never been more dangerous when Cristina throws her bowl of cereal in his face, daring him to say anything. But apart from that, they manage to avoid each other this week.

There’s definitely enough avoidance to go around. Let’s begin with Meredith, who doesn’t start out dodging Owen’s pleas to help him fix things with Cristina. In fact, she even offers up this nugget of advice: “You can’t force Cristina to open up; you have to let her come to you.” Sound advice. See the Cristina-loses-herself-and-quits-medicine-then-finds-herself plotline for proof.

But a nugget just isn’t enough for Owen. As they scrub in to save a women who gets mauled by her pet lion, he makes a second attempt to get Meredith’s help. All he wants is for her to let Cristina know how sorry he is. Simple request, right? Not so much, especially when he tells her, “It was just sex.” Meredith visibly flinches and so do I. It’s insulting to think he would believe that’s all it takes to justify his infidelity. “It was just sex” probably makes it worse. All this talk of cheating inspires Meredith to let Derek know that if he ever cheats on her, she’ll kill him. I believe her.

Elsewhere in avoidance island, Alex Karev has just realized it might be time to start putting a little distance between him and Intern Morgan. Morgan, don’t you know you only bring out the puppy eyes after the wooing is over? That’s how you scare them off. And scared, he is. Karev tells Arizona he wants off her service because those puppy dog eyes can only mean one thing: His intern wants him. After a little back and forth, Arizona is willing to oblige but only if he’s off the case for good. He thinks he is — but not if Morgan has anything to do with it. She spends most of this episode texting him. The best way Karev can tell her to stop is to evade her completely.

Oh, the irony. Old Karev would have taken a puppy-eyed intern straight to the bedroom and not given it a second thought. Now, when he needs to pull out his not-so-inner a–hole, he’s struggling.

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Morgan’s little preemie isn’t getting better and it’s time to start thinking about AND, a natural death. Do you hear that sound? It’s my heart breaking. Arizona advises her that they can try to keep him alive but it can lead to deafness, a life on feeding tubes, cerebral palsy, and the depressing lists of side effects continued. Yup, heart still breaking.

Ignored texts be darned, Morgan tracks down Karev to ask for input. “I’m not his dad,” he says. “I’m not your boyfriend and you can’t rely on me to make this decision.” When he finds that inner a–hole, he definitely nails it.

Teddy isn’t actually avoiding a person, but she’s avoiding the huge elephant in the emotional room. It was only a matter of time before she had to start really grieving. We’ve seen her mercilessly force Cristina to recite the timeline of Henry’s last breaths. We’ve seen her yell and get angry at Owen — but we haven’t seen her grieve. It makes sense that her first scene this week is in group therapy for widows. In group therapy you want to work up to being able to say “I am a widow,” according to the group leader. What you don’t want to do is laugh at a woman who loses her husband to a sudden heart attack and then tell that woman he was a “dead man a walking” anyway. I’m guessing she won’t be winning any Miss Congeniality awards in that group.

From the way Teddy throws herself into her stem cell research, it’s clear that she isn’t ready to face the W-word. When a patient makes it through a successful heart surgery only to find out his wife died in the waiting room, it hits her. She has a tearful bathroom moment where she finally able to say, “I am a widow”. I didn’t realize I even holding my breath until I breathed a sigh of relief in that scene. She needs this. She needs to start grieving. Then, just like that it’s over and she heads back to work.

Little Grey and Derek do their own little avoidance dance this episode. Mark Sloan tells Derek that he’s at a crossroads with Julia and he’s thinking it might be time to ask her to move in. That doesn’t sit well with Lexie who overhears the conversation in the elevator. She wants to know if Derek is going to tell his friend to move in with Julia. He resists for a while but eventually he tells her to make sure she wants him back because she wants him and not because he’s with someone else. Can we express our communal frustration that she hasn’t made her move already? These two have been tiptoeing around each other for two long. It’s almost painful to watch. Then we’re teased by the prospect of Lexie finally confronting Sloan. Of course, she doesn’t. Square one, meet Lexie Grey. Lexie Grey, meet square one.

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When a bubbly 20-something nurse practically fondles Arizona on a lingering farewell hug, Callie wants to know what’s up. As it turns out, the ortho nurse Callie has been working with for months in actually one of her wife’s many many, many ex-girlfriends who work at Seattle Grace. In typical, neurotic Callie fashion she becomes obsessed with knowing the exact number of ex-girlfriends Arizona’s traded scalpels with. That is, until Sloane points out that every day Arizona wakes up to a baby that Callie made with her ex (whom she also calls her best friend) so it’s not fair to be obsessing about the number of exes. Touché.

There isn’t much going on for the Chief and Avery this week. They spend time putting the mauled couple back together. That’s the norm for Avery these days, but it’s actually refreshing to see the chief not bogged down in the sadness of Adele’s Alzheimer’s. We get to remember what a big kid he really is when he shows Avery the room of buried treasure. And by buried treasure, I obviously mean buried in patients. It’s the room where he keeps a creepy collection of all of the things they’ve pulled out of patients. I’m simultaneously grossed out and fascinated.

That duo of emotion is also oddly appropriate for Cristina’s main task this week: recreating hearts in the lab. The painful metaphor almost slaps you in the face. If only Owen and Cristina could really recreate the heart of their relationship or even the distorted things passing for their hearts these days. It’s looks like we’re finally diving into the deep end with Cristina and Owen as they make attempts to save their flailing marriage, and it’s about time.

What did you think of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”? Did you miss the Adele story line this week? Ready to see Teddy really grieve? Wondering how long the ice age between Cristina and Owen will last this time?

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