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Derek and Meredith face fertility problems, while Jackson learns that sexing it up doesn't always pay

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October 15, 2010 at 11:38 AM EDT

These doctors should spend more time at home. Their places of residence feel so warm and inviting, I want to move in with all of them (and there are so many people living at Meredith’s these days that they probably wouldn’t even notice me there). Our all-too-brief time at home in the morning brought us an overcrowded, co-ed dorm atmosphere in the bathroom at Mer’s (Jackson, April, Lexie, Alex…) and, come to think of it, a co-ed dorm atmosphere at Arizona and Callie’s, where Mark came by to get Callie for a morning workout and found the lovebirds in bed mid-makeout.

Things got a little colder as Cristina and Owen checked out what could be their new home in an old firehouse. It was a fixer-upper, but cool (there’s a pole!); Owen loved it, but Cristina was indifferent, as she has been on most matters post-shooting. Derek and Meredith got the unwelcome news from her doctor that Meredith’s miscarriage was due partly to a “hostile uterus” that makes it more difficult for her to conceive. All I could think about was that Monica on Friends was super-bummed to have that, too, because she thought she was such a good hostess. But, of course, Meredith had her own punch line when Derek shrugged it off: “How would you feel if she called your penis angry or snide?”

After all this morning drama, everyone showed up to work pretty cranky. Cristina saw the “bright” side of Meredith’s dilemma: “At least it’s not cancer.” Meredith saw the bright-ish side of Cristina’s griping about house-hunting with her husband: “At least you’re calling him your husband.” (Cristina’s reply: “Baby steps, whatev.”) Lexie was having some issues with April — namely, finding her extremely annoying. Cristina helpfully volunteered that she found Lexie more annoying than April. Arizona was so irritated with Mark’s omnipresence in her life that she was begging Teddy to sleep with him again. Alex was mocking Jackson after they overheard Teddy saying he was only good as eye candy: “You just got called a dumb blonde.” All this grousing ended when a multiple trauma arrived, though Cristina declined to go with the rest of them to help. “Baby steps don’t include multiple traumas,” she told Meredith. “You go kill him.” Well, good morning, Seattle Grace!

Turned out the always-great Frances Conroy from Six Feet Under had somehow plowed her car into the Laundromat where her husband was doing laundry. (Well, she was playing a lady who did that — she didn’t actually do that. I’m sure Conroy’s a swell driver in real life.) The equally lovely Diane Farr (late of Californication and Numb3rs) was hurt in the accident. In a very Grey’s Anatomy exchange, as Meredith examined her, she spontaneously revealed not only that she was going to Brazil the next week, but also that she’d learned how to say, “Do you have a condom?” in Portugese, and that she was now concerned that Meredith thought she was a slut because of said revelation.

Oh, but she wasn’t! Or, rather, she was, but only because she had limited time left due to her Huntington’s disease. “I can live with the fact that I’m going to die,” she helpfully revealed to be her assigned theme as a patient. “But to die doing laundry? No. I want to accidentally fall off the Eiffel Tower because the three men and the multiple orgasms were too much.”

NEXT: So You Think You Can Dance comes to Seattle Grace.

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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