Some race to the altar, while others race to be named chief resident.
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Oh, happy endings are nice, aren’t they? Especially when we had such a sad ending to last season. And then we had to endure that musical episode this season. And then this wasn’t even the finale so it isn’t really an ending. But still, we’ll take the happy endings where we can get them, right?

This hour was all that was good about this season, sweetness and light and moving forward. Babies, African children, adorable white lab mice, weddings. My only real complaint is Avery growing his hair out. I mean, he looks good no matter what, but I really liked the bald look on him. All the better to see his pretty face and not be distracted.

So we got the African children courtesy of Alex — kind of his grand gesture in the chief resident race. And we got one cute baby courtesy of an operation — that gorgeous, gorgeous child who was the spina bifida patient — and another one, of course, baby Sophia, came courtesy of Callie (and Mark). There was also a kid from Africa with a heart defect who needed a new sternum, whose heart was — eek — basically beating right out of his chest. Cristina desperately wanted in on that surgery and back on Teddy’s service, but Teddy was having none of it. (Teddy, understandably but unwisely, chose not to block the musical episode from her memory, therefore she is still mad that Cristina went over her head on the surgical procedure to save Callie.) The final kid from Africa was a 10-year-old girl who had been injured by an explosive device, did not heal properly, and was also HIV-positive. April had gone through the trouble of learning their language, but her attempts to communicate with the girl just grated on back-to-cranky Stark. “Perhaps if you spent a little more time doing your job and a little less time learning new languages, your attendings wouldn’t have to repeat themselves,” he snapped after Owen asked her twice to do something. See, if all these doctors didn’t date each other, these moments of tension wouldn’t take on such weight. But I know, that’s a lost cause, and then we wouldn’t watch, anyway.

Speaking of intra-doctor coupling, wedding plans were full speed ahead for Arizona and Callie, complete with a minute-by-minute schedule Arizona’s dad, The Colonel, had put together. Alas, things were tense, what with all the gayness and the out-of-wedlock-ness. The Colonel was clearly not too fond of Mark, and even Callie’s dad, who was being nice to Mark, warned him, “If you call me you’re father-in-law again, I’ll knock you out.” Yes, a little too much unconventionality for the poor parents.

So much so that Callie’s mom wouldn’t even hold the new baby and could barely stand to be in the same room with Callie. Finally, when Callie showed Mom the veil she’d had made to look just like hers, Mom broke down. “Don’t you dare say that there’s anything about a wedding to a woman or a baby out of wedlock that’s for me,” she snapped. Callie countered, “What bothers you more? My bastard child or my lesbian fiancee?” Finally, Mom dropped the heaven bomb on Callie, saying she couldn’t stand that she wouldn’t see her (gay) daughter there. In case that wasn’t enough, she concluded, “You are not a bride. And I am not the mother of a bride. And this isn’t your wedding. It isn’t right. I’m sorry. I can’t be here.”

Avery, meanwhile, was stuck attending to the mice on the chief’s research project. He panicked when a mouse died, so much that he did a CT scan on it. (And we didn’t get to watch?) This, however, was effective, and helped them figure out … stuff. Avery and the chief shared an awkward high-five over reviving the mouse. The main point being Avery was totally in contention for chief resident now. And Alex was scolding Meredith after he saw her switch out a placebo for a treatment on Derek’s Alzheimer’s study. (Gosh, we are so researchy these days!) We’ve been waiting for that to happen, haven’t we? The temptation was just too great, and too played up, all this season for it not to go horribly awry at some point. Will Alex tell on her to secure chief resident?

Teddy was struggling to stick to her guns and not let Cristina back on her service, and she was rather unwisely asking Owen to talk her out of giving his wife another chance. He did not oblige, but Teddy did not oblige either. That left Cristina without much to do, yet again, and likely out of the running for chief resident.

The little patient who had HIV also, it turned out, had intestinal TB. The docs took care of that in surgery, but April was still angry at Stark. She stopped answering pages while she made the patient a culturally appropriate East African maize porridge. Stark clearly felt like a jerk, and subsequently recommended her to Owen for chief resident. Because that didn’t have anything to do with him trying to date her or anything. Of course. Nonetheless, now she was in the running.

More: Wedding plans fall apart …

Back at Wedding HQ, things were falling apart. Callie’s mom had stalked off to sit in the car. Her dad didn’t want to leave, but Callie ordered him to. The minister’s wife had been in an accident and had ended up in the ER. (But not Seattle Grace’s? Doesn’t everyone end up there?) Callie declared, “I’m not getting married.” Miranda showed up to give Callie a talking-to, because that’s who you call to give anyone a talking-to. Callie sulked that her wedding wasn’t a “real” wedding, just “a couple of girls playing dress-up.” Then the Miranda speech came. They didn’t need a church, she said. “Where do you think God is? He’s in you. He’s in me. Your church just hasn’t caught up to God yet. Your mother just hasn’t caught up to God yet.” Man, she made me want to get gay-married, and I am straight. “Besides,” she added, “I got legally married to a man in a church. Look how well that turned out.” Amen.

Nice pre-wedding moment No. 2 came when Mark ran into Arizona, who was crying because she was missing her dead brother. “My dreams are coming true,” she said. “Dreams I didn’t even know I had. But my brother’s not here. He’s missing it.” And, aww, Mark hugged her. We all love each other now.

In other wedding news, Meredith and Derek decided to adopt the gorgeous spina bifida patient, which seems like great news if that means we get to stare at this baby more. And then they decided to get married to look better to adoption agencies! Like, for real, at City Hall, not just on the Post-It! And the Arizona-Callie wedding was going on at the same time, with Miranda officiating. Mark gave Callie away. Both of the brides wore white dresses, and both looked super pretty. We had concurrent, intercut vows between Mer and Der and Arizona and Callie, and suddenly, everyone was married! Yay! Everyone was happy!

Okay, so Cristina wasn’t exactly thrilled after the chief all but told her she wasn’t getting chief resident, and she laid into Teddy: “I’m sorry I’m such an exceptional surgeon that it threatens you.” And Teddy was all flustered by that plus James Tupper asking her to move to Germany with him, which would naturally be complicated by her marriage to Scott Foley.

But let’s just focus on the good part for now. Everyone’s married! Yay!

What did you think, Grey’s fans? Were you happy that everyone got married? Did all of this make you want to adopt African children and get married by Miranda? Any favorites for chief resident?

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