Callie works hard to get better, while others around her cross lines to get what they want.

By Abby West
Updated April 29, 2011 at 10:58 AM EDT
Adam Larkey/ABC

Last night was all about pushing boundaries for the folks at Seattle Grace. Callie pushed herself and everyone around her to get better. In a desperate bid to prove his leadership ability, Karev walked a fine line between criminal fraud and a truly good deed. And Meredith nudged her own ethical line past a point that could end up tanking Derek’s FDA trial, as well as her own career.

But most importantly, we now know the baby’s name: Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres. The wee little thing was only one week old at the start of the episode and surviving at a measly 1lb, 1 oz., though still battling health issues. Meanwhile, Callie was laid up in bed, struggling to close her hand and prove she’s got some control over it. Tears and struggles aside, she was absolutely showing her spirit, trying to get Bailey to let her go see the baby, then trying to flip Cristina the bird with her uncooperative hand when she backed up Bailey’s decision.

Callie’s frustration with her own healing process continued to grow throughout the episode. Her instinct to push herself to heal faster caused three physical therapists to quit in one month because she wanted them to do what she said… and she was rude. (“You want me walking down the aisle, not rolling, right?” she asked Arizona.) But taking it even further and pushing the likes of Cristina and Meredith around the hospital halls on a gurney only put Callie back on the operating table after she reopened her abdominal wound.

More surgery would come for both Callie and Sofia, who was in such dire circumstances that Arizona had to consent to Stark doing the procedure. For his part Stark did some serious image rehab by not only taking on the baby’s surgery, but also letting Arizona sit in on it and keep an eye on him, and then letting her go home at 12 weeks old (5 lbs, 8 oz now) and at the same time as Callie since there’d be three doctor-parents to look after her. It warmed April’s heart to see him show the rest of the staff the guy she’d gotten to know when they’d been hanging out. But he remained cold and distant to her, clearly still smarting from her decision not to seriously date him.

Meanwhile, Doris Roberts gave her prickly woman act a new spin with her turn as a still-smoking cancer patient whom Karev not so delicately called the Dragon Lady. Man, was she a nasty one, constantly berating him and threatening to sue. She was clearly a lonely person, and with no visitors to attend to her she became attached to Karev and their nasty bickering. That was fortunate for him since his hastily hatched plan to bring over some African kids in need of surgery (kids from what part of Africa? Who knows.) without any method of actually paying for it was about to land him in hot water. He’d mercilessly solicited his patient for the money, and she’d finally consented, only to die seemingly before making the arrangements. But in the nick of time, with kids landed (and eating $8 airport hamburgers he couldn’t afford) and piles of bills waiting to be paid, a check for $200K showed up to save the day.

How gratifying to see Karev come into his own, holding the sick kids, handing out assignments. As Cristina said, “Evil spawn is now Mother Teresa.”

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Adele Webber got the heartbreak moment sweet spot when she had her timeshift conversation with Meredith, confusing the younger Grey with her mother Ellis, and pleading with her to stop having an affair with Richard. “Please, give me back my husband,” she cried. Meredith seemed profoundly moved by this moment, either because it clearly showed how far Adele’s Alzheimer’s had progressed or because she felt the weight of how much her mother’s actions had hurt this woman. That combined with the Chief’s heartfelt gratitude for Meredith’s help in catching the Alzheimer’s when she did and for getting his wife into Derek’s trial, seemed to lead to her decision to switch around some of the trial envelopes and ensure that Adele got the actual medicine and not a placebo.

It didn’t seem like that was her original intent. But even just going in to sneak a peek at what a patient would be getting was probably enough to taint the trial. After one of their patients died on the table because of a heart condition they were unaware of, the FDA started an investigation and Derek was adamant about keeping everything on the up and up. “Anything we do that taints the results could ruin the trial, not to mention our careers,” he told Meredith when she asked about just slipping Adele the drug on the side. “Don’t think I haven’t thought about it.”

The close runner-up in the heartbreaking department unsurprisingly was Bailey with another little speech that resonates for many parents. It came soon after that super cute group countdown of the last few seconds of Sofia’s carseat test (she had to be able to sit in it for an hour without incident before she could leave). Callie started to freak out about taking her home and said that the last time she and Sofia were in a car they were hurt.

“You are absolutely right. Cars are not safe for children. Neither are bookcases or squirrels, strong winds… er, people who sneeze. They’re all gonna get your baby,” said Bailey as she tried to soothe Callie. “You don’t feel this way because you were in an accident. You feel this way because you are a parent. It’ll pass, mostly. Some of it never will.”

And with that Callie was ready to leave. That shot of her, Arizona, and Mark heading off with their new little family just screamed hope and promise, didn’t it?

Of course, we can’t forget Teddy unwittingly toying with Henry by showing up at his doorstep after every bad date and essentially having backup dates with him over her doggie bags. That is until James Tupper’s hot psych doc Andrew returned. Then, without seeing the candles Henry had lit in anticipation of another post-date wrap-up, she showed up with her doggie bag and excitedly told him how well the date was still going. Then she took off to shag Andrew. Man, I love Teddy – she’s been one of the better grownups on the show — but you can’t put the hurt on Scott Foley without some backlash, lady.

What did you think of the episode? What will be the fallout of Meredith’s action? Do you think Derek could forgive her?