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October 10, 2019 at 10:42 PM EDT

Love is a powerful emotion. Whether you are exploring a new relationship, saying good-bye to a loved one, or fighting for the chance to scrub in on a rare surgery, one fact remains: love can be interpreted in many different ways.

Sisterly Love

Fans of the TV show Charmed will be happy to hear that Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano are willing to reunite as sisters without fellow cast members Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan. I found their storyline a delight and the highlight of the episode.

Holly and Alyssa (I’m using their real names because it’s more fun) have a sister named Heather who falls 30 feet into a hole on a construction site. Yes, that’s strange, but all the blame points to her phone. She was distracted and didn’t notice where she was walking. Just go with it.

Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s AnatomyHolly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano
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The estranged sisters are overwhelmed when they barrel into Pac North and find Heather unrecognizable in the bed. Webber explains that Heather is more than likely brain dead. Holly knows Heather wouldn’t want to be hooked up to a machine. Alyssa wants to fight the good fight using crystals and love.

Cue the bickering. It takes Webber shouting at the girls to get over themselves and focus on Heather. They need to form a united front and make a decision. Will they pull the plug?

They do and it’s awful. Webber unhooks all of the machines and the breathing tube. Holly tells Heather that they love her. Alyssa encourages Heather to walk toward the light. It’s okay.

The sisters melt into a puddle of tears (as do I) and we all jump when Heather’s phone starts ringing from the depths of a clear plastic bag. Holly digs through Heather’s belongings and answers it when she reads that it’s Heather’s friend Ashley calling. Holly wants to break the news gently.

Only it’s not Ashley. It’s HEATHER. Someone stole her purse! Heather is alive! Oh happy day!

Then it dawns on them. WHO IS IN THE HOSPITAL BED? As Holly shouts for Webber to plug the woman back in, Alyssa shouts for Jane Doe to turn away from the light! The girls rejoice in their miracle and wish Webber luck.

Mental note: Never go to Pac North for medical help.

Steadfast Love

Link and Amelia run into an elderly woman who appears to be lost in the hospital hallway. Although English is not her first language, she constantly utters the word “birdie” to anyone who will listen.

Amelia and Link admit her into the ER. Fortunately, Dr. Kim overhears the woman and immediately recognizes the language. He informs the doctors that she is Korean, her name is Sooyoung, and she’s looking for her bird friend. Amelia immediately admits the woman for her own safety.

Meanwhile, Maggie is in the OR placing a small shunt in a man’s heart. Bernie is wide awake on the table (on purpose) and rattles on about all the regrets in his life, including not quitting his job earlier, too much drinking, and something about missing a train. He ends his monologue with a hat tip to love. That’s the secret of a happy life. Never give up on love.

Maggie all but laughs in the guy’s face, considering her boyfriend “walked out of a fog with a new girlfriend like I never existed.” Is she bitter? Definitely. Does she have a right to be? I think so. Jackson and Vick are all up in each other’s grill, making out in the hospital after a ton of sexual innuendos heat up the room like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Where was I?

Oh right. Maggie’s distrust of love. She takes a walk with a recovering Bernie and is shocked to hear Sooyoung cry out “birdie,” causing the man to run into the arms of the woman he met 60 years ago. Grey Sloan Memorial is a magical place, isn’t it?

Long story short, he never forgot about her after he didn’t get on the train that day in Korea (hence the regret we heard during surgery) and she never forgot about him. She found him on Facebook, where he apparently told everyone he was about to have surgery. She hopped a plane and here she is. Love is alive. We know this because Maggie and Amelia fall to pieces witnessing the romance unfold. One is letting go of her bitterness and the other is facing extreme baby hormones.

Tough Love

Remember Shirley? She’s the lady who has a tumor on her liver. She went to Peru to climb Machu Picchu and expected to have a rare surgery performed by none other than Meredith Grey upon her return. Sadly, Meredith is out picking up trash and writing scathing articles about the medical community.

Shirley isn’t having it. No matter how many times Jo insists that she is confident she can do the rare procedure herself, with assistance from Bailey, Shirley refuses. Jo complains to Bailey, but she won’t budge. Meredith is forbidden from stepping into an OR.

She can be Skyped in, though. Thank you technology. Bailey is totally fine with Meredith hanging out on an iPad, observing Jo remotely. When Meredith starts a sentence, Jo finishes the thought. Although there was a touch-and-go moment, Jo knocks the surgery out of the park.

Dahlia was there from the beginning and even assists in the OR. She should be elated by witnessing the rare surgery, but Bailey finds her crying on a gurney. Why? Because she misses Meredith. Not in a friendly way, but in a professional way. She goes off on Bailey, reminding her that most of the residents chose to come to Grey Sloan because of the incredible Meredith Grey. And Bailey just up and fired her.

Bailey calmly walks over to Dahlia and offers to fix things. She does this by firing Dahlia.

Hey Pac North! You’ve got another one coming your way!

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