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When you think of Seattle, drizzling rain comes to mind more than blinding blizzards. Snow is coming down like crazy, visibility is non-existent, and our Irish friend Dr. Cormac is livid that his young patient’s liver is three miles away and he can’t get to it.

DeLuca to the rescue. He volunteers to walk to Seattle Presbyterian Hospital to save that little girl’s life. Cormac is grateful. Meredith is unsure. This behavior seems awfully manic and she doesn’t like his angry disposition. What is he trying to prove?

Speaking of trying to prove things, Webber is back with the residents, training them to be future Meredith Greys. Tess appears to be a rising star and Webber’s head turns when she excels in the practice lab and soothes a patient who is nervous about the weather. Helm, who was slated to scrub in with Webber, is out. Tess is in.

As Helm attempts to keep her cool, Schmidt rushes by in a blur, clearly panicked by something. We learn that he’s lost a patient, which seems entirely on-brand for this guy. As he searches high and low, berated by both Jo and Bailey for royally messing up, he slams the door into one of the OR rooms out of desperation. As he looks through the window, he sees his patient. She’s about to cut open a woman’s abdomen. It’s Tess.

I did not see that coming.

You see, Tess is a medical miracle. She’s had four different cancers and seems to always bounce back. Her third cancer came in med school, so she’s been sitting on the sidelines for a while. Although she admits that what she did was horrible (you think?), Webber claims to understand the need to just be a surgeon. He holds his hand out and Tess watches it shake. Webber alludes that it’s time to hang up the old stethoscope. And he hangs it around Tess’ neck.

So is Richard going to disappear as well? Will he be sucked into the same vortex as Alex? Time will tell.

Meanwhile back in the ER, a woman drags a very pregnant lady into the ER. What happened you ask? Lady number one hit the mom-to-be with her car because she didn’t see her thanks to Snowpocalypse. Owen and Teddy jump into action. It’s evident that a c-section is needed and as Teddy starts compressions, Owen has to cut. He hesitates and Teddy has to get him out of his own head.

Credit: John Fleenor/ABC

Then Maggie is brought in to work on this poor woman’s heart. Owen retrieves the baby and almost has a nervous breakdown because the baby isn’t breathing. It takes forever, but a pulse finally registers on the monitor at almost the same time the mother’s pulse registers. Bailey is quick to point out that this never happens. It’s awesome and everyone deserves a round of applause.

Not everyone is clapping. Teddy rushes outside to get some air and Korasick follows her. Teddy is going a little mad. Her intuition tells her that Amelia’s baby is Owen’s baby. It feels like crazy talk and the idea of Owen still being in love with Amelia is painful. Korasick makes sure Teddy knows that he knows all about the one you love pining over someone else. Then he throws a snowball at Teddy’s head.

Once the mom-to-be is stable, Teddy finds Maggie and asks her for a little honestly. She gets that Maggie is Team Amelia, but Teddy must know if her gut feeling is accurate. Is she crazy? Is she dreaming this up? Maggie stares at her and answers, “You’re not crazy.”

Teddy ends up at Korasick’s place for a hardcore make out sesh. SCANDALOUS! However, Teddy is definitely not crazy. DeLuca is the one whose head needs to be examined. He comes barreling into the OR where Cormac and Meredith are waiting with a liver inside a cooler. His hands look like eggplants. So gross. DeLuca didn’t take gloves with him to wander around in negative temperatures for more than an hour.

Meredith grabs the liver and asks the nurse to page Avery. DeLuca is livid, protesting that good doctors are being taken away from needy people. HE IS FINE. He may be as blue as a Smurf but he’s fine. Avery gets in his face and tells DeLuca if he doesn’t do exactly what he says, DeLuca is going to lose both hands to frostbite.

That shut him up.

Fortunately, the little girl lives and Meredith visits DeLuca to tell him the good news. He’s cold (no pun intended), reminding Meredith that the girl wouldn’t be alive if he hadn’t gone to get the liver. Karina is there, too, and she pleads for her brother to calm down. They are just worried about his well-being. DeLuca flies off the handle screaming, “I AM NOT HIM.”

The “him,” as you know, is his father. Meredith explains that her worry comes from his mental history. He laughs. He never accuses Meredith of having Alzheimer’s when she forgets something. Then he asks her to leave, which Meredith does.

Is this the end for MerLuca? Has the door just opened a tiny bit for McWidow? They certainly had a few intimate moments waiting for the liver. He ran away after his spouse died. So did Meredith. He lost his spouse young. So did Meredith.

Meredith even shares that all the “firsts” are tough. Especially the first kiss. This is when I yelled at the TV for Cormac to kiss Meredith. He must not have heard me because it didn’t happen. I wish they were in an elevator together. Those steel boxes are magical at Grey Sloan Memorial.

When they leave the hospital at the same time, Cormac asks “who DeLuca is” to Meredith. He’s a first. The first man she ever said “I love you” to since Derek. That admission put out the fires a bit, but the embers are still smoldering for these two.

Other things to note: Bailey takes Joey home and is more than likely going to foster him, even though she didn’t run it by Ben. Schmidt is irritated with Nico for not talking to him about why he doesn’t come out to his parents. Vicky and Jackson made up, but since Station 19 is not on my regular rotation, I have no idea what that’s about.

I still say that Shonda is trying to smoosh these two shows together to be one big conglomerate once Grey’s Anatomy goes off the air. Of course, that will probably be in 20 years.

And finally, one of the biggest “what?” moments is when someone knocks at Jo’s door and she is saddened to see that it’s Link. She confesses that she called Alex’s mom and the cold hard truth is that Alex was never in Iowa with his mother. He has definitely left her. As she melts down, Link comforts her.

How long before we see these two crazy kids get together? It seems like we are in a bit of a relationship version of musical chairs. Doesn’t this seem natural? Is JoLink too on the nose?

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