It feels like we experienced a minor time warp as the opening scene of Grey’s Anatomy unfolds. DeLuca and Meredith are in bed together in a tousled sort of way if you catch my drift. I’m sorry, when did they get back together? Am I missing something?

Moments later, we’re at Pac North and Richard announces to Owen that the Fox Foundation has purchased the inferior hospital and all must report to Grey Sloan to interview in order to keep their jobs.

1) That was fast. Do not mess with Catherine.
2) I will not miss those ugly green scrubs.

Then there’s Jo. She defends Link to Amelia for asking to know the paternity of Amelia’s baby before he continues a relationship. Jo energetically pleads his case stating, “When two people love each other, they need all the information! Give them a chance. They will rise up!”

Clearly, Jo is talking about Alex. We learn earlier from Richard that Alex is “taking care of family issues in Iowa.” Jo confesses to Amelia that he is no longer returning her calls. I guess this is how the showrunners are going to phase Justin Chambers out of the picture? He’s just going to ghost the show?

I expect better, producers. Maybe you should ask yourselves, “What would Shonda do?”

Meanwhile, DeLuca untangles himself from Meredith’s sheets and tackles his head-scratcher of a case. Remember, no one knows why Suzanne is sick which is why DeLuca used Meredith’s name to send for the super fancy diagnostic expert Dr. Lauren Riley. She’s deaf, communicates via a tablet with a translator, and promises Suzanne she’s about to be very annoying. Her first order of business is to run all the tests again.

On the other side of the hospital, all the Pac North people are interviewed by Korasick one-by-one. Webber is up first and Korasick is delighted to share that Webber’s job is safe. Because Catherine said so. Webber gets angry, declaring that Catherine can’t use him like a pawn in her own personal chess game. He peaces out in a huff.

Korasick pretends to interview Maggie, who had just started her first day at Pac North. It’s all a formality, really, and she’s given her old job back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the department head title. Teddy will continue to run the cardio department.

Maggie is put to work immediately. There’s fluid around Suzanne’s heart that needs to be relieved. Before she goes under, Suzanne worries about her daughter, who has just admitted to liking a girl named Taylor in her class. Suzanne’s sister assumes Taylor is a guy. Suzanne begs Maggie to keep her alive so she can help her daughter navigate this precious time.

Maggie smiles through her surgical mask and assures Suzanne, “We’ve got you.” Glad to see her confidence is back.

Speaking of confidence, Joey is a teenager who came into the hospital the night before thanks to our firefighter friends over at Station 19. I’m sure we would know more about Joey had I watched that show, but I don’t. We’re going off of context clues here.

It seems that Joey has been raising a young pair of foster siblings. When Joey was hurt (a wound to the chest?) he was brought into the hospital and the kiddos were taken to social services. This infuriates Joey so he tries to leave the hospital with a big bloody spot on his gown.

Jo finds him and has no problem telling him that he is either going to lose an arm to amputation or die. It’s his call. When he protests that she doesn’t know what he’s going through, Jo schools him with “12 foster homes in five years.” Don’t play that card, Joey. You’ll lose every time to this woman.

Moral of the story? Joey can’t help the siblings if he’s dead. Bailey’s worried about Joey, but Jo reminds Bailey that his life will be hard, but not hopeless.

There are hopeless patients in the hospital, though. Schmidt helps an older couple who used to be ballroom dance champions. Norman and Irene are adorable. And both take the news quite well when Schmidt and Meredith inform her that she has cancer all over her body. The best they can offer is comfort.

Norman asks Schmidt to do him a favor and the next thing we know, all the residents have cleared the tables in the cafeteria and covered the place in candles. Norman, in a tuxedo, asks Irene to dance. Schmidt puts her in an immaculate floral robe with feathers and half the hospital staff watches as the pair waltz to “Moon River.”

Bailey walks in on Meredith, who is processing the ballroom bit. She tells Bailey that once upon a time, she would have been the one to help the old people dance. Now she’s just surgical this and medical that. Has she lost her romance gene?

The question isn’t answered because Jackson announces that Richard is walking. Taking a page from Joey’s book, Bailey grabs Owen, Meredith, and Jackson, claiming that Korasick will NOT break up her Grey Sloan family again.

The old regime gathers in the board room to tell Korasick that they will all walk unless he hires Richard and Owen back. Maggie gets to be co-chair of the cardio department with Teddy. And an invisible Alex gets to be co-chief with Bailey. He can take it or leave it. Spoiler: Korasick takes it.

I guess anyone who joined the cast in the last ten years doesn’t get such treatment. That’s probably one of the reasons why Link is in the plant room. He’s waiting for Amelia to tell him if he’s the father, but instead of a conversation, he gets a text that reads, “I didn’t take the test. I’m sorry.” I don’t know if I can handle this. Or maybe I don’t care? Who knows.

Back at Suzanne’s bedside, Dr. Riley decides she wants to withdraw Suzanne from all treatments. Maggie is against. DeLuca is for. When he explains that Suzanne’s symptoms will get worse and her pain will increase, Suzanne’s sister insists that they leave “the hospital from hell” and find another doctor.

Riley steps in and begins signing to Suzanne’s sister. She tells her that she too has three sisters. One is a hero, one is the baby, and one is her best friend. That’s the one she trusts. So Riley wants the sister to know that she won’t find anyone better than her. When the medications are gone, the disease will start talking. And that’s when she will diagnose Suzanne. Also, she’ll save her life.

The sister agrees to stop treatment. So does Suzanne. DeLuca finds Riley in the hall and thanks her for her vulnerability. Riley stops him mid-sentence. She’s an only child.

I don’t know about you, but I like this one.

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