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When we last left Joe’s Bar outside of Grey Sloan Memorial, a car had slammed through the brick wall, flinging debris everywhere. It was a satisfying fall finale. Who will survive? Who is critically injured? Can Meredith save the day? Did Avery’s face get injured?

Shonda Rhimes answers these questions in a two-hour crossover event with Station 19. It’s 120 minutes of flashbacks, oozing blood, drunk residents, emergency surgeries, and lots of baby talk. My butt was clenched the entire time.

Why? Because the front end of a car is teetering on a wall, threatening to fall down inside Joe’s Bar. There’s a bunch of rubble blocking the door. And some jackwagon left a cement truck parked right up next to the back door, preventing any of the scared and wounded from escaping.

It’s fortunate that Ben and Avery are inside the bar and able to help people. It’s unfortunate that all of the residents who were boozing it up are currently bleeding, screaming, or in shock. Helm, who is clearly hurt herself, orders someone to help Simms, who is clearly bleeding. Parker and Schmidt are in shock and Brody is certain they are all going to die.

GREY’S ANATOMY – “Help Me Through the Night” – Following the car crash at Joe’s Bar and subsequent rescue efforts led by the Station 19 firefighters, Grey Sloan doctors work through the night to save the lives of their colleagues. Meanwhile, Amelia worries about sharing her pregnancy revelation with Link. Owen and Teddy take a big step, and Bailey deals with grief over her recent loss when “Grey’s Anatomy” returns THURSDAY, JAN. 23 (9:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard)RICHARD FLOOD
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Avery springs into action and barks out instructions. Schmidt turns an unconscious Simms on his side and holds his head still. Nico and Brody help assess Helm’s injuries as she blurts out her own diagnosis. She’s pretty sure her internal organs are bleeding and she’s going to die.

Avery makes her take a few shots of whiskey, and even though it’s a dire situation, drunk Helm immediately becomes the comedy relief we so desperately need in this stressful situation.

Meanwhile, Ben builds a pyramid out of liquor boxes so he can see inside the car. Joan, the driver, is hysterical because her husband is dying of a heart attack, which is why she was driving like a madwoman in the first place. Ben teaches Joan how to perform CPR on her husband while Station 19 firefighters arrive on the scene.

From what I can gather, Andy and Sullivan were super into each other, but now they are not. The looks they give each other fall anywhere between shade and cold shoulder. Andy is working on moving the parked cement truck and asks Vicky how she was able to move on from her fiancé’s death.

She has Dr. Jackson Avery as her new lover, that’s how. Vicky decides Andy should get a hot doctor, too. I hear DeLuca is free.

When Joan’s husband stops breathing, Ben is able to shock him back to life, thanks to supplies passed through the broken windows from the firefighters outside. Darling firefighter Montgomery wiggles his way in through the back window of the car and manages to get the husband on a gurney. Then he asks Joan to unbuckle her seatbelt so he can do the same to her.

Of course, it’s stuck. But never fear. Joan has scissors. She can cut it off and they can all get back home to the dog. Just as Joan pulls out the scissors, the car falls forward and the point of the scissors poke straight into Joan’s carotid artery. Montgomery can’t save her and this devastates him to the core. Later, he and Vicky go to the couples’ house and feed the dog since Joan’s husband is having heart surgery. I’m glad the key was under the front door mat and the alarm was non-existent.

Out back, Andy has called every firefighter in Seattle to come help push the cement truck out of the way. When they all come barreling through the back door, Andy is surprised to see her father is among the helpers. He berates her unit for taking so long to get there and leaves her standing in a pile of rubble.

In a flashback, we learn that Sullivan pulled away from Andy because he is nervous that if anyone finds out they are in a relationship, he won’t make battalion chief and she won’t make regular chief. Moreover, Andy’s dad thinks she’s a slut (her words, not mine) because she continues to date everyone at Station 19. Bonus: Andy has no idea her dad’s cancer is back.

Simms is placed on a gurney and rushed out to the ambulance. Parker, who continues to ask about the bomb and if they are in the “green zone,” is ushered out by Schmidt as Helm continues to yell, “I don’t want to die! Save all the lives!”

Avery: “You’re not dying, Helm. You’re drunk.”

A grateful Miranda reunites with Ben. Because of her miscarriage, he doesn’t want her to go back to work. But she insists because she’s the mother hen and two of her little chicks are in bad condition. Ben is given privileges at Grey Sloan, but Miranda makes him promise he won’t go into an OR.

Miranda hides in the supply closet. Just when she’s about to do that Grey’s Anatomy scream thing, she hears sobbing. It’s Schmidt. He’s about to lose it. Together they assure each other that their friends and colleagues will not die on their watch. Meredith arrives with reinforcements in the form of Webber and Owen. Now all of Bailey’s chicks are under one roof!

After everyone scatters to different ORs, Ben makes Webber promise he will stick to Miranda like glue. She’s in no condition to operate and she needs someone she trusts near in case she loses it. Webber is the man for the job.

Amelia and Teddy take Parker for a CT scan. It’s clear he’s suffering from PTSD. Teddy wants to gab about baby stuff and Amelia stiffens. As you may recall, the little bundle of joy Amelia is carrying is more than likely going to have red hair. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to have that awkward conversation because Parker is MIA. They go on a hunt around the entire hospital and eventually find him in the hyperbaric chamber.

I don’t know which set is more delightful to me. The hyperbaric chamber or the room with plants in it.

Meredith starts out with Helm, who continues to diagnose herself. She also asks to scrub in for her own surgery. Hilarious. But the best part of drunk Helm’s monologue was when she admits she loves Dr. Grey and condemns Schmidt for getting her fired. Meredith accepts the compliment with confidence and Schmidt collapses to the floor.

All signs point to heart attack, but since he’s not even 30 years old, that seems unlikely. Teddy finally figures out that he has broken heart syndrome, which is an actual medical thing. He has to be monitored.

Avery and Owen handle Simms head injury with Koracick hovering. This drives Avery crazy. Why must Koracick micromanage? My favorite part was when Brody slammed Dr. Altman for dating Dr. Koracick after he left the room. Avery rolled his eyes and broke the news to Brody that the man standing to her left is actually dating Teddy. Which begs the question: When is the wedding?

Whoops. There is no wedding date because there is no engagement ring. He’s been waiting for the right time. And we all know that time is going to be moments before Amelia tells him, “Hey Owen! You’re going to be a daddy again!”

On a side note, big props to the Grey’s Anatomy makeup department. When Avery peeled Simms’ face off of his own skull, I might have experienced some digestive distress. So very realistic.

It’s at this point that Owen notices fluid around some blood that dropped onto the paper sheet. That means Simms’ brain is leaking. Koracick flies in to save the day, angry that this wasn’t caught sooner.

All ends well. The surgery is a success. Avery and Owen share the good news with Simms’ grandmother, who wonders if “Tommy” did the surgery? It turns out that Koracick is not a tin man. He personally moved Simms’ grandmother to Seattle so they could be together. He has a heart after all! Koracick thanks Owen for the catch and rewards him with a hearty handshake.

This gives Owen all the courage he needs to run through the hospital, find Teddy, scoot her into a hospital room, and drop to one knee. That’s right. This place is as good as any to propose. He whips out a whopper of a diamond ring, but Teddy doesn’t say yes right away. She doesn’t want Owen to feel obligated to propose.

Of course, he doesn’t feel obligated. He’s loved Teddy F-O-R-E-V-E-R and he wants to spend the rest of his life loving her. Teddy says yes and they run through the halls to tell all their medical friends the good news. They even run up to Amelia and Link just as Amelia is about to spill the beans about her baby boy. This will not end well. However, I do concur that Scout is a cute name.

Across the hospital, Helm is crashing after Link set her broken leg. Miranda and Webber rush in to figure out what’s wrong and end up having to crack her chest open. It was touch-and-go for a few minutes, which led Miranda into a tailspin. She hands the scalpel to Webber and they finish the job, all while Miranda chants, “You will not die. No one is dying today.” Helm’s heart starts beating moments later.

Let’s do a roll call, shall we? Helm is alive and well and has forgiven Schmidt for tattling on Meredith Grey. Check. Simms’ face skin has been stretched back on his skull and he’s in recovery. Nice. Parker has been found and is getting the help he needs. Good. Schmidt needs a few weeks to mend his broken heart. Lovely.

Miranda, however, is not fine. Through a beautiful dialogue performed by Chandra Wilson, we feel a shred of the pain her character feels. She can’t help her baby. She can’t do anything but stand there and lose her. It was heartbreaking to watch Miranda weep in her mentor’s arms.

Speaking of babies, I am happy to report that Jo did not steal the one she found at Station 19. I can also report that I can watch Dr. McWidow hold a baby all the livelong day, which is probably going to happen since Justin Chambers is no longer on the show. I have so many questions about that situation, but that’s another post for another time.

Finally, remember that guy who had a heart condition and his wife just had a baby and Maggie left him on the operating table to go quit her job? Lo and behold, the dude’s heart started beating again and DeLuca is so excited, he heads straight to Maggie’s house to tell her.

DeLuca: “You did that. You saved him.”
Random Lady: “Maggie Pierce? You’ve been served.”

Maggie is being sued for wrongful death. FROM HER COUSIN. Maybe Dr. McWidow can hold her for a few minutes to make it all better.

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