By Meaghan Kirby
September 28, 2018 at 09:01 AM EDT

After spending the entire summer hiatus dreaming of the Arizona/Callie reunion we didn’t get to see on-screen, we’ve officially arrived back in Seattle to find that no time has passed since the surprise double wedding that capped off season 14.

Picking up just one day later, season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy kicks things off in “With a Wonder and a Wild Desire” with a bang, literally, as the first hour opens with that steamy scene from the trailer between Meredith and DeLuca. However, despite their drunken wedding reception kiss in the finale, the doctors aren’t actually getting it on. Instead, Meredith is having a very vivid sex dream, something made abundantly clear thanks to surprise appearances from Jackson and Tom Koracick (Greg Germann). Friends, Meredith Grey needs some love in her life, stat.

Still in town, Teddy makes her way over to Owen’s to presumably break the news that she’s taking over for Miranda as Interim Chief of Surgery…and oh yeah, she’s pregnant. However, after being greeted at the door by Betty and quickly getting up to speed on the pseudo-family situation going on with Owen and Amelia, she backs out.

Feeling supremely hungover from the weddings, Jackson, Maggie, and a reluctant DeLuca make their way towards Grey Sloan Memorial. While Jackson and Maggie talk about the wedding and taking leaps of faith, DeLuca spots a car careening towards them and saves the duo’s lives. However, the biker riding next to them isn’t so lucky and the car collides right into her. Thus, the first medical trauma of the season has officially arrived.

The biker, a woman named Neesha, is all tangled up in her bike, but even her severe injuries can’t temper the feeling of pure euphoria of waking up surrounded by hot doctors. As she’s being treated by Owen, Jackson, Grey Sloan’s new Ortho God Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln (Chris Carmack), and his sidekick Dr. Nico Kim (Alex Landi), Nisha maintains she must be in heaven.

Meanwhile, Meredith is taking charge of Cece, a two-time heart transplant recipient, whose kidneys are now starting to fail. Witnessing DeLuca apologize for the kiss and vow to never let it happen again, Cece, a successful matchmaker, sets her sights on finding Meredith love.

While the others are occupied with Neesha and Cece, Richard, DeLuca, and Intern Roy treat Barry, whose wife takes him into the ER for what he calls “stomach pains,” but actually turns out to be a large object stuck up his rectum. Barry is less than forthcoming about what said object is, eventually revealing it’s his wife’s “hair stuff,” which Roy takes to mean “shampoo.” On the table, however, they discover that it’s actually hairspray too late as the can bursts into flames, catching Roy on fire.

Luckily, making his second save of the episode, DeLuca is able to stop Roy from becoming toast, but unfortunately, Barry dies on the table.

Following a very awkward run-in with Amelia and Owen at Grey Sloan during which she reveals she’s leaving, Teddy finds herself back at the hospital and in need of attention from Grey Sloan’s resident Cardio chief. Confirming Teddy’s self-diagnosis of a blood clot in her leg, Maggie doesn’t just give Teddy some meds and send her on her way, instead suggesting she stick around for observation. The bad news prompts Teddy to blurt out a few details about her pregnancy and Maggie — and Intern Parker, who clearly wants to be excluded from this narrative — are able to work out that Owen is the father, only to be sworn to secrecy.

Recovering from the wedding festivities on their beachside honeymoon, a Boston-bound Alex and Jo begin to ponder their future and build sandcastles. While Alex is looking ahead at the possibilities waiting for them in Boston — their future children playing in the snow! — Jo has a major breakthrough in her research that could change the future of medicine.

With word going around the Miranda is still on the hunt for an Interim Chief, candidates start piling up, much to her chagrin. Trying to hop on a “fun” surgery, Miranda is instead ambushed by Richard, Owen, and Meredith, who all throw their hats in the ring.

Later, Jackson, who has been hung up on his near-death experience all day and can’t stop thinking about how easily he could be in Neesha’s hospital bed, seems to take a page from April’s impulsivity book and propose to Maggie, who immediately bolts out the door in search of milk. After some prodding from Tom about her treatment of Owen during their marriage earlier in the episode, Amelia confesses her feelings for Owen and it seems a reconciliation is officially in the works. (Recap continues on next page)

GREY’S ANATOMY – “With a Wonder and a Wild Desire”/”Broken Together” – During the first hour of the two-hour season premiere, the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial vie for a new position. Meredith is seemingly distracted and struggles to stay focused, and Maggie finds herself the keeper of a big secret while Amelia and Owen try to figure out their relationship. Meanwhile, Jo and Alex’s honeymoon doesn’t go exactly as planned. In the second hour, new doctors continue to shake up the hospital in typical Grey Sloan manner. Meredith bonds with a patient while Jackson struggles with the meaning behind recent experiences; and after making a life-changing decision, Jo forms an unexpected alliance. The two-hour season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” airs THURSDAY, SEPT. 27 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless)GREG GERMANN, CATERINA SCORSONE
Eric McCandless/ABC

The night’s second episode, “Broken Together,” opens with yet another sex dream featuring DeLuca, this time with the addition of Ortho God Link. Mer arrives in the kitchen to find Maggie and a lot of milk in her fridge. Also seeking refuge over at Meredith’s is Amelia, after her reconciliation almost-sex with Owen is curbed by a full house. Maggie spills the beans about Jackson’s proposal — despite the fact that they haven’t said “I love you” yet — and then almost drops the Teddy bombshell.

The honeymoon has quickly come to an end for Jo and Alex, who cut the vacation short following her killer cancer cell breakthrough. Jo wants to continue her research in Seattle with Meredith, who vows to get her the necessary fellowship. Finding Bailey in the new state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber a.k.a. the “Moon Spa,” Mer pitches a surgical innovative fellowship for Jo, only to be shot down due to lack of funds. Unfortunately, Jo has already called Boston to pass, leaving her without a job in Boston or Seattle.

During the night, Neesha and Cece’s conditions each worsen, as Neesha develops necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating bacteria infection. Jackson, desperate for Neesha to survive, is able to convince Bailey to let him operate on Neesha in the hyperbaric chamber. However, he can’t use electricity in the chamber so he and Intern Schmitt are going old-school. During the surgery, Schmitt accidentally reveals that Maggie thinks he proposed, which comes as a shock to Jackson as he definitely didn’t propose to Maggie.

Just when it seems Neesha is going to make it, she begins to crash. While Jackson and Schmitt — and Link, from outside the chamber — are able to ascertain the problem, they’re unable to save her, despite Jackson trying from over a half hour to resuscitate her, repeatedly saying, “If I get to live, you get to live.”

Meanwhile, after crashing a few times, Maggie performs a biopsy and learns that Cece has congestive heart failure, meaning she needs new kidneys and a new heart. Cece, who is more focused on Neesha’s recovery is devastated when she learns Neesha didn’t make it, tells Meredith and Maggie that she doesn’t want a new heart. She eventually has a change of, well, heart, after Mer admits that maybe she needs some help from a master matchmaker.

Speaking of love, while Meredith may be under the tutelage of a matchmaker, two of the hospital’s on-again/off-again couples may finally be a good place.

After treating a couple involved in a motorcycle crash, Amelia and Owen have a long conversation about their earlier reservations getting back into a relationship that comes with strings, they decide to go for it, strings and all. Hopefully, they’re savoring this moment now, because the strings are going to get very tangled once the news of Teddy’s pregnancy comes out.

Jackson and Maggie also have a heart to heart, where they talk about how much Neesha’s death is affecting him. Maggie indicates to Jackson that some of his feelings may be PTSD from all the major recent events in his life, from April to his family. He accepts that she may be right, also pointing out the good things in his life, and they profess their love for one another.

Meanwhile, Miranda is still dealing with the Interim Chief business. After Richard approaches her, once more, she reveals that she knows he hasn’t been attending AA meetings. Their exchange is cut short by Jo (and Alex) who, despite being slightly drunk, is determined to get this fellowship and succeeds. Miranda breaks the news to Meredith that Jo is the inaugural Surgical Innovative Fellow with a major caveat: Miranda is funding the program, and if Meredith has a problem, she can take it up with the Interim Chief because it is not her problem at the moment.

So who is Interim Chief? None other than Alex Karev. And with that, Grey’s is officially back.

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