'Grey's Anatomy' recap: 'Did Meredith Grey just lose her license?'

It's clear that the season finale of Grey's Anatomy was a two-part series. Last week's episode left us gasping and pointing at our screens, unsure of the fate that awaited our eccentric cast of characters. Is someone going to die in the fog? Will Amelia deliver Teddy's baby? Is DeLuca really going to jail? Will that golden kid ever get his golden blood?

Never fear. All of these questions were answered in a span of 49 minutes. Literally. Storylines came full circle. Bows were tied up neatly. Questions found answers. I didn't gasp or point one time.

Until the very end. And it wasn't so much as a gasp. It was more of a "that's weird" mixed with a little "that's the ending?" topped off with the ever-popular, "I don't understand."

Allow me to explain.

We pick up with the aforementioned chaos. Golden Blood Frances is having a major panic attack in the back of a car that should be taking her to the hospital but is instead one of the dozens and dozens of vehicles piled up on the highway thanks to fog. Schmitt sings songs in Hebrew to calm Frances before Owen carries her through the turmoil to hop in an ambulance waiting for them at the edge of the fog. Naturally, he picks up a trauma patient along the way.

This is exactly what the agoraphobe needs. To watch Owen punch a very big needle in a man's heart as she's whisked away in an ambulance to have her own date with a very big needle.

Ironically, the hospital is pretty quiet, thanks to the fog. But they know the ambulances are eventually coming. You can imagine Bailey's elation when she spies Jo wandering around the hospital. She wants to know if Jo is back. Why? Because Owen is off being a hero, Teddy is in labor, Meredith is in an oxygen tank with Alex, and DeLuca has just been hauled off in handcuffs.

GREY’S ANATOMY – “Jump into the Fog” – As fog begins to cover Seattle, the doctors of Grey Sloan navigate through personal complications. Meredith and Alex attempt to save Gus, while Levi talks some sense into a struggling Nico, on the season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, MAY 16 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Tony Rivetti)ELLEN POMPEO, CHRISTIAN GANIERE, JUSTIN CHAMBERS
| Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC

Bailey gives Jo her marching orders as Meredith divulges to Jo's husband why she's been depressed. When Alex learns that Jo's father raped her mother, he threatens to kill him. A car crash beat Alex to the punch, but that doesn't stop him from loathing what Jo's parents put her through. Of course, he blames himself for not stopping Jo from finding her mother in the first place, which is laughable. We all know Jo couldn't be stopped. Now that the truth is out there, she must get help. Help that is outside her normal support group.

Which is exactly what's happening in Teddy's world right now! As luck would have it, Amelia is the one who has been given the task of driving her ex's baby mama to the hospital. They semi-bond on the way, both admitting their love for Owen. Thankfully the awkward moment is cut short by the residual effects of the foggy pileup.

Amelia hops out of the car and rushes to the front of the line where a police officer has blocked the road. She charms the cop using this classic line: "Something big is about to come out of something very small. A woman is about to have a baby in my car. Can you give us a ride?"

It works. Teddy is impressed by Jo's ability to sweet-talk her way into a man's heart. Or a woman for that matter. Amelia mentions how she easily fell for Owen, the cop driving the car, and was super jealous of Owen for hooking up with Carina that one time.

That's right. Carina. Teddy's OB. Amelia sees Teddy's reaction to this news and smiles as the string of explicative mixed with contraction woes washes over her. This is the moment they will look back on as the time they became official besties. Let the record show that no one called Koracick.

Back at the hospital, Link tries to get Nico to lighten up by assigning him to Kari the stem cell lady's case. Maggie and Jackson fight about being lost in nature, which turns into an "I told you I don't like camping" argument on Maggie's side. That morphs into Jackson accusing Maggie of not adapting and expanding her interests to include his love of the woods. Which is really code for: Do we even have anything in common? Do we even like each other? The love is there, but is the "like?"

Webber freaks that his top resident has been hauled off to jail and immediately yells at Meredith through the chamber's circular window, barking at her to explain what she did. Meredith did not ask DeLuca to lie and understands that his career won't recover from this crime. Webber concurs. Then he reminds Meredith that she could lose everything, too, if she goes to the police. What about the kids? Her career?

Guys. This is MEREDITH GREY we're talking about. She's a well-established, award-winning surgeon who can afford the best lawyers out there. Isn't she the better candidate as a potential jailbird?

Before anyone can react to that revelation, Gus starts to code. Meredith and Alex begin compressions and frantically count down the minutes until Golden Blood Frances arrives.

Which is the exact same time Teddy arrives, by the way. Jo and Schmitt take Frances to the anxiety-free jungle room to draw her blood, Amelia rushes off to check on stem cell Kari who just twitched her finger, and Owen pushes Teddy in a wheelchair, defending himself for sleeping with Carina that one time. Let the record show that no one called Koracick.

Carina rushes into the delivery room and overhears that she is the topic of a heated moment between Owen and Teddy. She throws some shade, assuring Teddy that the affair meant nothing, and asks her patient to spread her legs. Lovely.

We are in the thick of things at Grey Sloan Memorial now! Miranda confides in Webber over the highway man's open guts that she believes DeLuca had an accomplice and her name is Meredith. Jo rushes the golden blood to Alex and Meredith, saving Gus' life. Maggie and Jackson finally get out of the woods and into their car, only to be caught by the fog monster.

Not only that, but Amelia, Link, Dahlia, and Toby rejoice over Kari pointing her finger! Nico sulks in the corner. Let the record show that Koracick is there via video chat since he currently can't make it to the hospital room dance party festivities because he's putting together A FREAKING CRIB for the woman who has yet to call him.

The baby is coming. I check out when Carina mentions "geriatric pregnancy" and "ring of fire," but any moron can see that the baby is definitely coming. Carina wants Teddy to wait thirty seconds before she pushes again and the exhausted, frustrated, soon mother-to-be asks Owen to distract her.

How does he do it? By professing his love. Owen tells Teddy that he's loved her since the day he met her. And he's been afraid of that love because it feels so good. COME ON! What an incredible thirty seconds. One for the Grey's Anatomy history books. Not to mention the fact that when Carina asked them the baby's name, they both answered "Allison" in unison. Adorable. Do I feel bad for Koracick? Yes. Am I on team Owen Loves Teddy? Yes.

Am I on team Nico Loves Schmitt? Perhaps. Nico finally apologizes for being awful. He blames his behavior on losing his patient, but he knows it's more than just a man's death. He needs Schmitt in his life to make him a more well-rounded person. And he needs Schmitt's mom to feed him chicken noodle soup. (How cute was that?)

Moving on. Amelia tells Link that she will always love Owen, but is open to possibilities. Webber and Alex bust in on Meredith admitting to Bailey that she takes full responsibility for what DeLuca did. Both Webber and Alex confirm that they were involved WITH Meredith and DeLuca was the only one who didn't want to go through with it.

Come again? Did three-fourths of the original cast just get booted from the hospital? Apparently so. We see Alex, passionately kissing Jo as she checks into the inpatient psychiatric ward of the hospital. Then there's Meredith telling her children she's "going to be gone for a while."

Just where is she going exactly?

To the jail. To talk to DeLuca. Who managed to make a red jumpsuit look hot.

Speaking of hot, Meredith is not happy with the man on the other side of the glass. She calls his behavior ridiculous, chastises him for undoubtedly losing his medical license, and demands that he let her clean up her own messes in the future. She will turn herself in to get him out of jail and as stupid and terrifying as it is, she loves him too.

Just when I start to imagine what it would be like for her and Alex to share a cell and if ABC would ever consider a jailhouse spinoff from Grey's Anatomy called Seattle Cell Block, the scene switches to Maggie sitting in the car on the side of the road, surrounded by fog. Jackson has left to go check things out and hasn't come back.

So help me if these writers work in another tragic car wreck. He can't be run over by a car. I won't allow it.

Then Maggie gets out and I worry SHE is going to get hit by a car. The suspense is killing me! She's shouting Jackson's name. He doesn't answer. She looks scared. Are those headlights? Am I imagining them?

And then nothing. A Grey's Anatomy title slide pops up like this is a mid-season cliffhanger. We won't know what the heck is going on until next season.

Oh yeah, and we should let the record show that no one ever called Koracick.

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