By Lincee Ray
January 17, 2019 at 10:55 PM EST
Eric McCandless/ABC

Grey’s Anatomy has mastered the art of a well-timed dramatic moment and the power of an almost kiss. Rarely do these scenarios collide in one episode, but desperate times call for desperate measures when you’re in the second half of season 15. No storyline is too weird. No emergency surgery is too gross. Bring on the storm! Grey Sloan can handle it.

And when I say Grey Sloan, I mean the medical professionals on the inside. Not the building itself. A hospital without power is one thing, but vulnerable people stuck in elevators due to the lack of electricity is quite another.

And we all know that nothing good ever happens in an elevator.

Take Teddy and Owen, for example. She finally let the cat out of the bag and told Owen she was pregnant just as they are wheeling this guy to surgery. Amelia hops on the elevator with them and boom. The electricity goes out.

Amelia immediately senses the awkward vibe and calls both out for being weird. Knowing the current situation is not ideal, Owen still delivers the news to his roommate/ex/friend/lover. Amelia responds like anyone would. She punches every elevator button, willing one of them to miraculously open to a time when Teddy was still in Germany.

Naturally, the guy with the license plate sticking out of his chest loses his pulse. What’s a doctor to do? Why you operate in the elevator, of course, with whatever you have handy. Thank goodness Teddy carries a scalpel with her at all times. And look! This license plate is the perfect size to crack open his sternum like the hood of a car. How convenient!

Owen has a serious conversation about what this new addition to the family is going to look like as he scoops the poor guy’s insides and flings the remains onto the floor. Although he and Teddy adamantly proclaim that there is nothing between them, they both want to raise the baby together. Teddy will stay in Seattle. Owen will help her with the kid. And Amelia gets a front row seat to watch it all go down. Lovely.

Meanwhile, in another elevator, Bailey and Helm are working to keep their organ donor alive. This is a very important job because this heart belongs to their beloved matchmaker Cece. A woman who is currently chilling in the OR with Maggie, waiting for her life to be saved. Bailey pretends that’s she’s calm, cool, and collected because Helm has officially reached panic attack mode.

Helm is convinced that their elevator is going to plummet to the ground and the end result will be a Bailey and Helm puddle of goo on the floor. Gory detail after gory detail sends Bailey into a tailspin and Helm quickly realizes that she’s the stable one in the trio. She suggests they all breathe together. Helm, her boss, and the lady she is pumping oxygen into with a bag.

Weber is left to handle the chaos that is building outside of the elevators. Although he does have power now thanks to backup generators, the computer system that controls that elevators still hasn’t rebooted. He yells at the building manager Jay to do his job better.

The only people who aren’t freaking out are Meredith and DeLuca. I have to say that Meredith landed a pretty sweet gig to be trapped in a small space with this guy. After DeLuca scales the elevator walls like Spider-Man to see if there’s a trap door on the ceiling, they realize they are in here for the long haul. He continues to flirt. She continues to shut him down.

DeLuca nerds out on a little Doctor Who, claiming that the elevator is like the TARDIS. When Meredith looks at him quizzically, he explains that it’s a phone booth time machine where normal rules don’t apply. Nice move, DeLuca. Dr. Grey gives points for creativity, but a hard pass on “breaking rules.”

Finally, DeLuca taps the brakes and shares a little family history with Meredith. It turns out his father was a pretty famous surgeon in Italy who did some pretty sketchy stuff. He doesn’t like to talk about it and Meredith smiles. Knowing a thing or two about famous surgeon parents, she promises it won’t leave the room.

DeLuca shares the story. In Italian. Talk about H-O-T. Meredith thought so, too, but still doesn’t give him what he wants. She does lean in his direction, though. Baby steps.

Across the building, Avery has entered the picture in the search for Cece’s trapped organs. He’s just learned that his mother has cancer, so he’s putting his anxiety to good use by using a chair to crack open the elevator where Bailey and Helm wait. He enlists Link’s help just as Jay walks by. Jay protests until he learns that it’s Cece’s life that hangs in the balance. Of course, she helped him find love in the cardiac unit. Big Jay uses his big muscles and manhandles the doors open.

The boys pull Bailey out, the organ donor out, and then have to persuade Helm to crawl through. She’s sure the elevator is going to snap her in half. Bailey shouts for her to do it for Cece and Helm summons the courage. Everyone scrambles down the hall as Jay hops up to crawl out. That’s when the elevators turn back on. Snapping Jay in half.

That image is going to stick with me for a while. Send help.

At the same time, DeLuca is droning on about something that makes Meredith feel vulnerable, so she jokingly asks him to start speaking Italian again. Oh boy does he. DeLuca tells her in his native language that when she finally lets him kiss her, and it will happen, he’s never going to stop. Yes, please.

He leans in close while her back is against the wall. He’s going in for the kiss just as she says, in Italian, “Did I ever tell you that I took three years of Italian in undergrad?” The news makes DeLuca amped and he throws all caution to the wind to go for it. And of course, the elevator doors open and Meredith rushes out to save Cece. COME ON!

It’s a race against time to get Cece her organs. She’s crashing, yet still having a heart-to-heart with Maggie in the OR. She thinks it’s a good sign that Maggie feels safe with Avery. They are going to be okay. Then she loses consciousness.

Here’s a team working on the organ donor. There’s a team working to keep Cece alive. Karev barges in the OR to check on Bailey and she makes him take over for her with procuring the heart, even though Karev needs to go check on Jay who may or may not have legs.

We later learn that Bailey wasn’t overstepping her bounds with Karev. She knew she couldn’t handle the surgery. She confides in Karev that she’s not herself and they have a sweet moment when he hugs her, gently whispering that she’s going to be okay. The OG cast brings tears to my eyes. Love them.

It turns out, Jay does have legs, but they may not be working. Avery barks at Link to do whatever he can to save the legs and he does. It looks like Jay is going to be okay.

The license plate guy is going to be okay, too. Owen and Teddy fall into a rhythm and work in the OR, ignoring Amelia. She leaves to go find Betty (to put her into rehab) while Teddy and Owen get a little too close for comfort, resting in the fact that they are about to have a baby together. Amelia’s not an idiot. She can see the chemistry between the two and gives Owen an out. He needs to consider his options.

Eventually, the entire team is rallying around Cece. Just when they think they have a beating heart, everything falls apart. The scene changes to Meredith talking to Cece about how she “nearly kissed the Italian one” and that she’s happier than she’s been in a long time. We are led to believe that she is in another love session with Cece post surgery. Instead, she’s stapling her chest; her heart no longer beating. This is Meredith’s unique way of telling her friend goodbye.

It’s an incredibly sad moment that is tagged with teases for future fun storylines. Karev warns Dr. Nico and Schmidt that their interludes, like the one he busted in on in the ambulance, cannot happen again. They must learn to use a call room or “that weird little radiology room on four” because the doors have locks. Hilarious.

And finally, Meredith makes us first laugh at her ridiculous braids and then cringe with an unfortunate two-on-one date situation. DeLuca wants to take her out on the town like a normal person, far, far away from the hospital. Just when you think she’s going to say yes, Link walks up to redeem the date Meredith promised him what feels like ages ago. She chooses neither.

Two dates? One night? Sounds like Cece is working her magic from beyond the grave.