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October 25, 2018 at 10:55 PM EDT

This was a slow burn of an episode, which is rare for Grey’s Anatomy. Most of our key players are trudging through life, trying to figure out next steps. If it hadn’t been for a boy with osteochondromas (thank you Google), I might have nodded off for the entire hour. But a long-lost doctor with amazing eyes and a musical montage sucked me right back in.

That’s right, Dr. Jackson Avery is in the house! And he comes bearing gifts. Instead of finding himself on a hiking trail in the wilderness, he found a father camping with his son who, according to the kid, “suffers from multiple benign bone tumors that are covered by cartilage.” Avery is going to saw off the tumors and give this kid his life back.

Because he used to be the head of pediatrics, Karev is all in. The Chief stuff can wait. His good mood is dashed when Link saunters in, immediately bonding with the little guy. Remember, Karev is leery of Link because he used to know Jo when they were young and Link seems a little too buddy buddy with his wife. Avery shrugs his shoulders. Link is the ortho god. They are working with bones. Of course, he will be on the team, too. It’s not at all awkward.

What is awkward is Meredith stalking Teddy. Guess what? Teddy didn’t go back to Germany. She’s been holed up in a posh hotel, trying all the selections from the room service menu. Meredith tracked her down at her favorite playground. Ignore the randomness of that detail. What you need to focus on is that Teddy now knows that Meredith knows about the pregnancy, so they are going to bake cookies all day long while Meredith beseeches Teddy to rip the Band-Aid and tell Owen already.

Why won’t Teddy step up to the plate? Because Owen is playing a convincing game of house with Amelia. They skipped work in order to spy on Betty to make sure she doesn’t skip school. Amelia is super paranoid and Owen finds this adorable. He’s completely content with spending his entire day in the car eating the baby’s food and listening while Amelia tells his fortune. Isn’t she the cutest?

She’s also the smartest. When Owen sees Betty with a few friends near the exit gate of the school, he whistles a warning to her and smiles like a dorky dad who just busted his daughter. But he’s not a dad. And that’s not his daughter. And that woman in the front seat is not his wife. Yet this is how he defines the word “family.”

While Owen is enjoying his foster kid’s jukebox, Bailey and Jo are responding to a saucy patient’s request. The woman is hurting, no one can diagnose her, and she’s come all the way to this hospital so Meredith Grey, the GOAT, can figure out what’s wrong. Bailey cocks an eyebrow and informs the woman writhing in pain that she’s looking at the surgeon who taught Meredith Grey everything she knows. Bailey and Jo are on this. There’s no need to pull Grey away from her dough-filled therapy session with Teddy.

Bailey and Jo tick through every scenario and run every test. They come to the unfortunate conclusion that the other medical professionals are right. There’s nothing wrong with her. The woman freaks and scarfs down a sandwich. Between bites (gross) she tells Bailey that she does not accept her lack of diagnosis. Then she screams in pain. Jo jumps in and performs an ultrasound. Lo and behold, there’s a ligament wrapped around the artery which causes her pain when she digests food. This has never been detected because the woman always fasts for her test. Problem solved! Move over Grey. There’s a new medical sensation in town!

Then Bailey does something odd. She complains about how she still feels stress, even though she has systematically removed a ton of things in her life that produce stress. Food, exercise, stepping back from the Chief position. She must look elsewhere for less stress. Then she brings up Ben and how she can’t breathe when he’s on call. Is this a plug for Station 19? Or is this foreshadowing for a Ben and Bailey break-up in the future?

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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