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October 11, 2018 at 10:54 PM EDT

Dr. Ellis Grey taught her daughter to always tell the truth. Of course, Meredith went years without knowing she had a sister, but that’s neither here nor there. The truth is important. The truth is a vital quality we should protect. The truth sets you free!

Take Meredith for instance. Her love coach encouraged her to buy a new wardrobe, slap on some lipstick, and strut her stuff in the dating world. After shocking her co-workers with shiny, curled hair, perfect makeup, and real clothes in place of her scrubs, our favorite surgeon might as well have a huge neon sign above her head that reads, “PICK ME! CHOOSE ME! LOVE ME!”

That’s right, people. Meredith Grey is ready to mingle. Look alive, men of Seattle. She’s giving you thirty minutes to woo her into submission before she heads back to the OR. On your marks, get set, date!

Meredith is going old school. She knows nothing about her guy, other than the fact that is name is Ted Mosby John. Hello Josh Radnor! He’s totally in second place on my official Meredith Boyfriend Wish List right after Scott Speedman. #BenCovington4ever

John is a software guy who appreciates that Meredith is a big deal in her field. He likes that she’s been accused of being married to her work, to which Meredith responds, “Yeah, but work can’t throw you up against a wall and kiss you.” That’s what we call a green light in the dating world.

Meredith is having a good time. Especially when she bonds with John’s “the one thing” theory. Picture it: The date is going great. He likes her. She seems to like him. He’s funny. She’s smart. Fireworks are poised for explosions. Then she says the one thing that makes it all go south. Maybe she’s racist. Or rude. Or disrespectful. Or confuses they’re, there, and their. Whatever the case, “the one thing” ruins it.

Meredith finds this delightful and entirely true. Then she notices John’s facial expression change from pleasant to horrified. It seems that his date, the one who sort of looks like Meredith if you squint your eyes, is at the bar with another man who is presumably Meredith’s real John. Whoopsie! 

Both agree that they want to continue their lost in translation date and send apology text messages (read: they lie) to Fake Meredith and Other John. Then they leave the restaurant to get to know one another even better. He likes traveling. She likes traveling. He has the resources to secure a flexible schedule. So does she! He has no kids and thinks that single moms appear desperate.

Aaannnndddd there’s the one thing. What an idiot. Meredith bids John adieu and walks away. The truth has just set her free.

Now, if you work at Gray Sloan Memorial, the term “truth” falls into questionable territory on the integrity scale. It can be interpreted in many different ways. Especially if you’re the chief.

Station 19 (shout out to the crossover!) firefighters bring in an unconscious woman and a young man who is having trouble breathing. Karev learns that the guy has a lung condition known as a pulmonary bleb. Karev wants to perform surgery, but the guy is anxious, not because he’s scared, but because he knows how much money it will cost. It’s a pre-existing condition. His mom will freak out. And if Karev performs the surgery, he will sue.

Karev is irritated by all of the rules, so he goes to Webber for counsel. Webber can’t stand that Karev is clearly unable to shoulder the load of the chief. His advice? Get creative. Mic drop.

So Karev stabs the guy with a scalpel and I have Izzy flashbacks. What in the world? The dude is as shocked as I am, but the good news is that Karev has to fix the wound and anything else that he may find. (Wink, wink.) Be gone, bleb! So long, truth!

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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