By Lincee Ray
October 04, 2018 at 10:41 PM EDT
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Almost everyone is living his or her best life at Grey Sloan Memorial. Owen and Amelia have a pretty great “horizontal agreement” that they refuse to label. Thanks to her matchmaker, Meredith should be falling in love any second. Alex has a brand new parking spot reserved for the chief. DeLuca turns heads when he rolls up on his motorcycle. Ortho god Link plans to build superhero prosthetics for kids and Bailey is well on her way to de-stressing, but only if Jo settles down about her fellowship research.

The shiny, happy disposition completely skips over Maggie who is begrudgingly riding the struggle bus. Not only is she keeping Teddy’s pregnancy and baby daddy a secret, but Jackson mysteriously skips town to find himself. Maggie learns of his leave of absence from DeLuca and Owen while assessing a buzz saw protruding from a kid’s chest.

That’s right. Mr. Buckley the teacher passes out and topples into two students. Arthur falls onto the table. Kevin falls onto the saw. Or should I say into the saw? Chaos ensues in the ER when everyone shows up at the same time.

The students and parents are eager to hear if Mr. Buckley and Kevin are going to be okay. It seems the teacher is beloved and revered. One small problem: his blood alcohol level is through the roof. Mr. Buckley apparently keeled over because he was passed out from the sauce. Now he’s going to jail with two fewer fingers than yesterday.

Karev is drowning in the constant paperwork and countless meetings that come with the title of Interim Chief. Bailey is rethinking her decision to pass the baton once she sees the OR board’s disorganization. Plus, the nurses are complaining that Karev has no idea what he’s doing. So Bailey covertly shadows Karev, while the other Karev shadows Bailey. Jo really wants to discuss electric skin, and Bailey really could care less because insurance mandates are calling her name.

With Bailey no longer acting as chief, Dr. Roy the intern is passed on to Karev. He spends the day reminding Karev of his many, many meetings, updating his boss on the drunk teacher situation, and covering the doctors in the ER with minor injuries, like nosebleeds.

Speaking of the drunk teacher, Webber is angry with a capital A at the man who put his students in danger. He’s cool toward Mr. Buckley at first, assuring him that he can empathize with what he’s going through as a former alcoholic. When Mr. Buckley insists that he has not been drinking, Webber lays into him in the OR, demanding that he take responsibility for his actions. This is rock bottom and he needs to admit it. Karev barges in and demands that Webber leave the OR.

Link finishes removing a few digits from Mr. Buckley’s hand and then straight up flirts with Amelia, asking her out on a date. Amelia wants to know who told Link she was available. When she finds out, she marches straight to the OR where Kevin the Saw Boy is in the middle of a delicate procedure. Through the intercom, she asks if Maggie would like to explain why she’s been trying to set her up with both the new hot doctor and DeLuca.

We all know what Maggie is doing. She’s trying to divert Amelia’s attention away from Owen so she won’t be utterly destroyed when she finds out that Teddy is preggers with Owen’s love child. She’s being a sweet sister. And extremely manic. This is on brand for Maggie. (Recap continued on next page)

Maggie’s not the only one matchmaking. Remember Cece? The matchmaker Meredith saved? She’s still around, trying to fix her kidneys so they can fix her heart, but she’s determined to play Love Doctor with her new client Meredith. Only Meredith is hardcore closed off and according to Karev, she has every right to be picky given her tragic past. So Cece makes her a deal. She will work on her from the outside in. All she has to do is go shopping and buy five nice, fun outfits.

Look, I’m all for Meredith Grey finding love. Truly I am. I want her to be happy like the rest of the gang. What I do not want is a tryst with DeLuca. Or the Ortho god. Let’s bring someone from the outside world into Grey Sloane. Or perhaps Station 19? I’m just tossing ideas out there, hoping one will stick. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Back in the ER, Webber checks in on the buzz saw families, who have learned that Mr. Buckley tipped one or two back during lunch. Arthur’s mom feels that there has been a mistake. Mr. Buckley is not a drunk.

So Webber tests him! He puts some water in a Vodka bottle, pours some into a cup, and gives it to Mr. Buckley. Later, Link reports that Mr. Buckley is still wasted. When he learns that Webber gave the guy a drink, even if it was fake, he’s even more irate. But Webber defends himself. Clearly, it’s not alcohol. After a bit of research, he discovers that Mr. Buckley has a rare disease that causes yeast to ferment in his body when he eats sugar (like hospital Jell-O), therefore he is not a drunk. Boom.

Karev never apologies to Webber for yelling at him in the OR. Webber may have correctly diagnosed Mr. Buckley, but he was rude to him, as well as Link. While we watch Karev head back to work, Dr. Roy notices the guy with the bloody nose is still in the waiting area. He chuckles, covering the fact that he totally forgot about this dude, and then freaks out when the guy starts coughing blood.

Tom runs over to try and help, but after several minutes of unsuccessful intubations, he rushes the guy into a trauma room. We learn that the kid has been bleeding for five hours, which is horrifying. Karev dives in to help Tom save the kid, but it’s no use. He dies. Of a nosebleed. And Karev fires Roy not for his mistake, but for lying.

PS: Karev enjoys firing Roy for lying. This puts him in a happy mood and when he busts through the door of his own office to find his wife and Bailey arguing about her fellowship, he grins at his former boss, eager to share that he has approved all sorts of projects and came in way below budget.

Reality check, Karev. Bailey points out that he’s been working under the quarterly budget numbers. He spent three months worth of money on his first day. What’s the opposite of winning?

Finally, Amelia finds Maggie to interrogate her on why she’s been handing her number out to anyone with a pulse. I thought Maggie was going to come clean about Teddy, but Amelia puts a pin in the matchmaker conversation and instead gently leans into Maggie to talk about Jackson. What’s the deal?

There’s no roadmap for Maggie’s love life. She’s working off of instinct, so she texts, “Got your message. We should talk.” Then she erases it.

We just got Jackson and Maggie together. How can we already have trouble in paradise?

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