GREY'S ANATOMY - Worlds will collide in Seattle once again, as ABC is set to air a TGIT crossover event on Thursday, May 2, featuring all-new episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Station 19" from 8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT. The TGIT crossover event kicks off with an all-new episode of "Grey's Anatomy," entitled "What I Did for Love," where Maggie treats one of Station 19's own, and Jo learns a hard lesson. Meanwhile, when working with a family seeking asylum, Meredith makes a call that could jeopardize her career on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, MAY 2 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Scott Everett White) JASON GEORGE, JAINA LEE ORTIZ, BORIS KODJOE, BRETT TUCKER, JAKE BORELLI, KELLY MCCREARY, KEVIN MCKIDD
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Love is in the air at Grey Sloan Memorial and Koracick is the only one who knows how to handle all the feels. Whether the plot revolves around marriage, friendship, or family, the truth is that crazy love is the best love. Or should I say the most entertaining?

Take Maggie, for example. Jackson asked her to move in with him and her response was, “We need more milk.” How romantic! We learn that Maggie sort of backtracks her way out of that random situation by telling Jackson that she needs to “check with Meredith first.” Interesting. Why does Maggie need her sister’s permission to move in with her boyfriend?

There’s no time for Maggie to explain her reasoning. She’s been summoned to check on a John Doe in trauma. Schmitt found the guy passed out in front of a flower shop and refuses to take credit for saving the man’s life. When Bailey walks in to check on the patient, she notices that the man is actually Lucas Ripley.

For those of us who abandoned the fire version of Grey’s Anatomy known as Station 19, Bailey makes it a point to tell everyone in the room that Ripley is FIRE CHIEF Ripley. As in the Fire Chief of Seattle. Schmitt officially deems himself a hero.

A handful of firefighters charge the trauma room and are shocked to hear Schmitt report that the chief was buying flowers when he passed out. Andy, the female firefighter wonders, out loud if Ripley is a “flowers guy” or secretly seeing someone? Schmitt answers the question. He was buying flowers for someone guy named Vick.

The firefighters boisterously interject, “NO WAY” followed by emphatic “GET OUT,” to which Schmitt is mortified. Has he just outed the Seattle Fire Chief? Nope. Apparently, Vick is actually Vic which is short for Victoria. She’s also a firefighter.

It seems Station 19 is about as incestuous as Grey Sloan Memorial.

Meanwhile, Alex, DeLuca, and Meredith rally around a little girl named Gabby who has been complaining about abdominal pain. She’s with her father, who appears to be a helicopter dad, but we soon discover that his entire family has been detained at the border and have been caged like animals. The medical team sees the father in a respectful light when he inquires how much all of the tests will cost so he can better prepare for the financial strain that is definitely coming.

Although he doesn’t have insurance, he does have a job cleaning buildings. He pays taxes, but can’t afford a policy just yet. However, his little girl is sick. He just wants her better. Alex promises that they will take care of Gabby. No questions asked.

After a few scans, Meredith notices a mass in Gabby’s belly. She will need surgery for sure. Her father asks if they can wait for him to find a second job so he can pay for the care Gabby will need. Alex directs DeLuca to take him to fill out some emergency insurance paperwork that will help pay for the surgeries.

While Meredith consoles Gabby, Schmitt searches for Nico so he can brag about saving Ripley’s life. He also mentions that he was out at the flower store buying Nico flowers. You know. A nice gesture when Nico inevitably apologizes for being a jackwagon. Nico cooly reminds Schmitt that he will not apologize for killing a man and not making it all about Schmitt. He storms out leaving the hero standing there with his mouth open.

These two aren’t the only ones suffering from trouble in paradise. Even though Amelia and Owen are no longer together, they still have a weird bond. Unfortunately, Amelia is trying to establish some major boundaries. She doesn’t want Owen to ask her about Link. She warns him that when it comes to her personal life, Owen does not get an opinion. Ouch.

Why is everyone getting shut down this episode? Schmitt is a confused mess. Owen is crazy watching Amelia with Link, as well as Teddy with Koracick. Ripley is buying secret flowers and Maggie is all about milk.

She’s also all about catching Ripley in a dramatic moment. It seems that Vic proposed to Ripley and he said nothing. NOTHING. And now he wants to make things right and tell her HELL YES. There’s just one small problem. Maggie won’t let him leave because his heart is not right. Ripley shouts for the firefighters to LEAVE HIM and they all slink out of his room.

Except for Maggie. She rolls her eyes and asks, “Do I look like an idiot?” Well, sort of. She did go buy milk instead of moving in with hot Jackson. Whatever. Maggie knows that Ripley is going to escape the minute she leaves. Proposal or not, she has to run some more tests to see what’s wrong before he can go traipsing all over Seattle looking for Vic in burning buildings.

Eventually, Maggie opens up to Ripley and confesses that she, too, didn’t respond in a positive way when her boyfriend asks her to move in. Because Ripley just got a wakeup call for his heart, both figuratively and literally, he encourages Maggie to run. Run and tell her beloved that she is ALL IN.

Over in pediatrics, Meredith steams with fury. DeLuca reports that Gabby’s dad makes too much money to qualify for insurance, yet not enough to get the treatment. Meredith barks at her Italian heartthrob to book an OR.

Okay. How is this going to work again? Meredith’s answers are simple. And contradicting. She has a plan and she’s going to figure something out. PS: It’s going to be illegal.

Let’s not forget about Jo’s troubles. She’s a shell of herself and has been given the very important job of Lego duty with the kid who has golden blood. Jo’s attitude changes for the better when she receives a phone call that there is a patient in Canada with golden blood, too! Yes! Gus’ mom is over-the-moon and Karev beams that the spark is back in his wife’s eyes.

Jo calls the Winnipeg hospital and begins the process of procuring the blood for Gus. When the nurse asks if Dr. Karev will be traveling with Gus, Jo expresses her confusion. The donor needs to fly to Gus since he is severely anemic, among other things. The nurse questions Jo, “How can an anemic boy donate blood?”

Big mistake. How did Jo miss that the nurse was asking for blood, instead of offering blood? She drops the phone and slowly spins out of control all over the hospital. Bailey’s husband Ben notices, as well as Teddy. But the other shoe finally drops when she has to tell Gus’ mom that she made a mistake.

Gus’ mom understandably loses her mind and berates Jo for giving them false hope. Then she apologizes for being unkind and unfair. Jo’s face cracks and she melts into the woman’s arms, weeping uncontrollably. Alex removes her from the room as Bailey consoles the mother.

And if that wasn’t chaotic enough, Webber comes barreling into the OR freaking out that Ellis Grey is on the operating table being prepped for surgery. As in Meredith’s kid. The kid with excellent insurance.

Meredith stands her ground. She will not ship Gabby off to a county hospital when she can have the best care at Grey Sloan. She will not make her father quit his job to feed his family. He did everything right and the system failed. It’s broken. They can debate this all they want, but she is going to fix this little girl so she can hopefully see her mother again one day.

I may have stood up.

Then I sat down when Owen went back to Amelia to whine about something. Only he didn’t whine. He tells her that when he wrongly accused her of being incapable of love, he realized it was him, not her. He’s been going to therapy and realized that the opposite is true. Amelia knows how to love and she does it well.

Okay, maybe I’m not irritated with Owen anymore. But do you know who is irritated? Webber. It turns out that Gabby has all sorts of problems and will need long-term care. How are they supposed to give that to her when they are committing insurance fraud?

Meredith doesn’t seem to mind that she could go to jail and is mildly shocked when Webber suggests Meredith find other ways to make Gabby suffer from additional ailments.

What now? If they can keep Gabby in the hospital for 30 consecutive days, a new state policy automatically kicks in regardless of income. So that’s what Meredith does. She makes sure Gabby gets the best, longest care possible, and even arranges for Gabby’s father to stay on a cot in her room. Get comfortable, Gabby. You’re going to be here for a while.

Now we’re getting somewhere. It’s time for all of the pieces to fall into place. Link tells Schmitt to back off from Nico so he can deal with accidentally killing a person in his own time. Maggie tells Jackson that she’s a scientist who needs to measure and weigh things. Jackson mocks, suggesting they pro/con this situation. Then he invites Maggie to go camping. Something tells me there will be a diamond ring somewhere on that campsite.

We have no idea about Chief Ripley because he jumps ship to find Vic. Koracick buys Teddy a house that rivals her tricked out crib in Germany. Owen tells his therapist that his “voodoo” is working and that he wants to tell “her” that he loves her. Is that her Amelia or Teddy? Who knows. And do we care?

And then there’s Meredith. She assumes DeLuca has issues with the way she handled things with Gabby, but she is wrong. He spent the day being in awe of Meredith and has been afraid to open his mouth due to the fact that the only thing that would come tumbling out is, “I love you.”

To which Meredith responds, “Okay, great. Glad we cleared that up.”

Question: Is this better or worse than running to get milk?

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