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February 21, 2019 at 10:40 PM EST

Grey Sloan Memorial is a teaching hospital. Whether it’s a broken bone or a broken heart, the doctors are there to educate and coach future medical professionals.

There are also days when surgical instruction is trumped by more important life lessons. For example, breathe out of your mouth when something funky-smelling rolls through the ER. Don’t make a face. You smile and nod when your boyfriend reveals the romantic weekend he planned is actually camping. Who cares that you’re not outdoorsy? And practice mind over matter when you’re standing in the OR during a 24-hour surgery. Peeing can wait when hospital records are on the line.

That’s right, Dr. Meredith Grey is just hours away from the longest surgery ever performed at Grey Sloan and everyone around her feels the weight of achy muscles, tired feet, and red eyes. Dr. Grey, of course, feels nothing but victory. She’s a surgical superhero. Or, according to the darling older Asian lady Bokhee who is my favorite scrub nurse, Meredith is Wonder Woman, with DeLuca encouraging her every step of the way with accolades and praise.

Is it genuine or are they in the lovey-dovey phase of their relationship? Hard to tell. What I do know is that Maggie’s relationship status reads “it’s complicated.” Jackson has every piece of camping equipment in the trunk of his car and he can’t wait to get Maggie in an environment that, according to the toilet paper and tiny shovel he’s holding, has no bathroom. She plasters on a smile because the SS Avery has been sailing smoothly lately and she does not want to rock that boat.

There’s no time to be schooled on the logistics of relieving oneself in the forest. Why? Because a body has been dumped at the doors of the ER. Clearly an overdose, Teddy and Bailey rush to help the boy, when another one comes in. And another. And then five. And then ten. Total overdose body count? Fifty.

At first, I thought there was something in the air, but no one in the hospital seemed to think it was weird that 50 people were shooting up in the same park at the same time. They blamed it on “a bad batch of something out there” and I’m going to suspend reality and go with that too.

Teddy takes over, barking orders left and right. Bodies are everywhere and Webber instructs her to call Owen. Teddy is reluctant since Betty’s parents are coming to take Leo away and Owen is saying good-bye. Webber points at the chaos and Teddy makes the call. Owen ditches Betty’s parents and Amelia for the adrenaline of the ER pit.

Amidst all the confusion, a woman wanders in shouting for her three-year-old son. Jo consoles the lady, who is clearly freaking out. Later, a homeless man brings the boy into the ER. The woman is ecstatic. She and Jo check the boy while Karev thanks Ralph for helping out. He notices Ralph’s broken shoes and offers to take a look at his feet. Ralph agrees, even though there’s so much going on around him. He also tells Karev that he saw the woman pass out on a bench in the park with the other junkies in the ER.

It turns out, the woman is also on drugs. She took her son with her to buy pills and I guess ended up doing a little of the bad meth. Junior is over on the monkey bars and got swept up in the pandemonium. How terrifying.

Karev calls the husband and the woman goes to jail. While Jo directs the husband to get his wife some help, Karev tells him not to let his son go near her until she’s clean. I often forget that Karev grew up around similar abuse. (Recap continues on next page)

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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