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'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Love (and a kiss) is in the air

Grey's Anatomy

S15 E12
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February 07, 2019 at 10:29 PM EST

Link is in a Santa suit, the Karevs are ringing in 2019 with champagne, and Owen gives Amelia a huge bouquet of red roses. Thanks to these familiar Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day icons, viewers have clear indicators that help keep everyone on the same page during this hour-long episode that spans three months.

The foundation of the storyline is Natasha. You remember her as the woman who was supposed to get married to Garrett but is currently in a coma. Although all the doctors are deeply invested in Natasha’s case, Schmitt is the lucky one who gets the late December rotation in the ICU. He’s under strict orders: Watch her and page Dr. Grey if there are any changes.

It seems Schmitt is the only one working this yuletide season. Owen will be with Leo. Amelia is visiting Betty in rehab. Catherine’s entire family, including Jackson, Maggie, and Webber, are hovering around the fragile matriarch at the dinner table. Miranda flirts with Ben when he stops by to drop off holiday presents for Tucker. And Meredith is headed home to get ready for jolly old St. Nick.

Speaking of the big guy, let the record show that even though Link isn’t technically working on Christmas, he is passing out presents to the kids in the cancer ward. Jo makes sure Meredith knows this bit of attractive news and suggests that she invite Link to the Karev’s New Year’s Eve party. PS: She already told Link that he was Meredith’s date. Annoyed, Meredith invites DeLuca to participate in the festivities.

We call this a love triangle. Yet Meredith refuses to admit she is in one, even though everyone else recognizes it. Including the coma lady Natasha. That’s right! It’s a Christmas miracle! Natasha wakes up and immediately interrogates Meredith about her love life. How does the coma lady know about the triangle you ask? Well her husband has been talking to her. For thirty-five days. Pick DeLuca!

Okay, she didn’t say that last part. But DeLuca does. He’s concerned that Meredith is stringing Link along and giving him false hope. He’s also sick and tired of wasting time not being with Meredith. He proposes they should make the date official for New Year’s Eve and be brave enough to talk in public at Karev’s party.

So Meredith agrees and all is right with DeGrey. MerLuca? Let’s workshop that amalgamation.

While DeLuca rides his pending date high, Amelia receives a quick punch to the sternum (figuratively) at rehab. Betty says that she misses drugs more than she misses Leo. Then she rushes out of the room, leaving Amelia a shocked mess of a person.

Do you know who else is shocked? DeLuca. Everyone around him at Alex and Jo’s party is happily making out when the ball drops, yet he’s left sipping his scotch with the only other loser without a date. I’m sure he would rather be on the receiving end of a kiss with Meredith instead of an awkward “you got stood up too?” conversation with Link. Fun times.

DeLuca is not having it. The push and pull has been fun for the past several months, but Meredith standing him up crossed a line. The next morning, he tells Dr. Grey that he is not a doormat. If she’s looking for someone to walk over, maybe Link is her guy. The elevator door closes at that exact moment, which is equivalent to a mic drop in a hospital drama. (Continued on next page.)

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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