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The team scrambles to save Owen's sister and the hospital as it recovers from last season's explosion

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September 29, 2017 at 02:09 AM EDT

As she’s walking through the hospital, Arizona is surprised to see Carina in Bailey’s office, but DeLuca, who happens to be walking by, explains that his sister is an OB-GYN. Turns out that Carina is there to ask Bailey if she can continue her funded study at Grey Sloan Memorial. The study looks at the role sex stimulation can play in pain control for women, and she wants to have women masturbate in their MRI machine so she can study their brains. Bailey, who is on a feminist tear over uncomfortable shoes and being the female chief of surgery, tells her emphatically, “Yes, DONE.”

With everyone on board, Meredith is in Megan’s room, promising her killer abs if she can find a suitable abdomen donor. Because they can’t use UNOS, she enlists the help of the sub-Is to find a match. She offers them added incentive: Whoever finds a match gets to scrub in on the surgery. Webber sadly has to explain to them that this is a good thing. Unsurprisingly, this goes horribly at first, with one of them bringing her a patient who had a gunshot wound…to the abdomen. Duh.

But finally Glasses comes through, though Jo sharks the donor from him, presenting the match to Meredith as though she had found it. Glasses tries to cry foul, but Alex quickly puts him in his place.

Meanwhile, poor Beau is still in incredible pain, and Jackson is still dead set against the surgery. DeLuca worries about Amelia’s judgment, but he’s unable to stop her from moving ahead with the surgery.

Nathan finds himself kneeling next to Megan’s bed as he proposes for the second time in their relationship. Before she can answer, though, Meredith interrupts with the news that they’ve found a perfect donor!

The episode’s two surgeries are shown in tandem, with Meredith’s finishing first and receiving applause from the gallery. Amelia’s surgery, however, winds up being a little more complicated, as she holds up a piece of Beau’s jaw and tells Jackson she can’t make it fit. Eek!

Jackson helps her out, and Beau is finally relieved of his pain. While Jackson is happy it went well, he tells Amelia when they leave his room that she got lucky — which is exactly what she does when she later volunteers for Carina’s masturbating MRI study.

After discussing their wreck of a marriage, Owen makes a move on Teddy, explaining that Amelia said she no longer wants to be married to him. While they kiss, Teddy puts a stop to it and tells him she won’t start their relationship with an affair.

Because everyone seems to be getting their truth out, Alex confesses to Jo in the locker room that he found Paul, her ex-husband. She asks Alex if he was violent towards Paul and is so relieved to find out he wasn’t that she sleeps with him.

As Meredith leaves the hospital for the night, she sees Nathan sitting on a bench. He tells her that Megan told him she doesn’t want to be with him because Megan thinks he’s still in love with Meredith. In truth Meredith fashion, instead of dealing with it, she walks away.

Jackson’s day also ends on a sour note when April tells him that she’s still hurt over their tryst in Montana — he can’t be the baby daddy and sometime lover. Bottom line? The current living arrangement is not working for her, and she tells him she has to move out.

But the person who ends up having the worst day of all? Amelia. After picking out a hot pink sex toy with which to participate in the sex study, her MRI reveals why she’s been acting so erratically. “That’s a beautiful tumor,” Amelia says to Carina, completely clueless. “Whose brain is that?”

Head here for Kevin McKidd’s thoughts on that twist ending and what’s next for Owen and Amelia.

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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