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The team scrambles to save Owen's sister and the hospital as it recovers from last season's explosion

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September 29, 2017 at 02:09 AM EDT

On the other side of the cafeteria Jackson and Maggie are dancing dangerously around their attraction that manifested at the end of last season. As Maggie gets extra Maggie in her awkwardness and stares at him, Jackson asks her if he has something on his face. She tells him his face is perfect before running away.

Amelia and DeLuca are trying to help Beau, who has what Jackson says is an inoperable tumor that will require jaw reconstruction. Alex suggests treating it with radiation, but Amelia is confident — perhaps too confident — that doing so will be sending him to die. In a last-ditch attempt to stop Amelia from operating on Beau, Jackson shows her a similar surgery he did: The patient has almost no jaw left. This doesn’t deter her. She is a Shepherd, after all.

Jo’s surgery on Max is off to a decent start; she keeps her cool, even with the sub-Is standing around the OR table watching her. Things get decidedly more complicated, though, in what is arguably the worst TV surgical screw up since Seinfeld and the Junior Mint: One of the sub-Is leans over, causing his glasses to fall into the patient! Thankfully Jo is able to save both the kid and the sub-I by (surprisingly) calmly removing his spectacles.

Poor Megan remains clueless as to Meredith and Nathan’s relationship for half the episode — causing considerable disagreements among everyone over whether or not Meredith performing Megan’s upcoming surgery is even ethical — until Meredith decides to go to Megan’s room and tell Megan the truth. Megan asks Meredith if she’s in love with Nathan. “I had one great love of my life and he died,” Meredith answers, which seems to satisfy Megan. After finding out that Meredith is also a mom, Megan decides to move forward with Meredith as her surgeon.

Before we get to the surgery, though, let’s revisit the brewing complicated love triangle: Because she hates to be left out of things, Maggie decides to be upfront with Jackson and tell him that April told her that Jackson is into her and that she can tell Maggie is into Jackson. And for the second time this episode, poor Jackson is left dumbfounded by Maggie.

The epic surgery starts with Nathan watching from the gallery and Owen hyperventilating in an office. Don’t worry, though: Teddy is there to comfort him, which of course Amelia happens to witness as she walks by.

Nursing her breakup wounds, Arizona heads to Joe’s bar, where she meets a sexy brunette with an Italian accent, whom she winds up taking home. Later on at Joe’s, Jo is watching Alex play darts when Levi, the sub-I, offers to buy her a drink to make up for his surgical screw-up. Instead of taking him up on the drink, though, she lets him bring her back to his place…in his mother’s basement.

Back in the OR after nine hours of surgery, Owen, Teddy and Nathan rush back into the gallery to watch as Meredith realizes she doesn’t have enough tissue to close.

We’re all just as frustrated as Meredith as she yells, “Dammit!,” taking us into the second episode of the season 14 premiere: “Get Off on the Pain.”

Megan wakes up in her room and quickly realizes that the surgery didn’t work because, well, her abdomen is still open.

Meredith, meanwhile, takes her frustration over the failed surgery out on the coffee mugs in the break room as Maggie and Webber listen to the ceramics shattering. Maggie wants to comfort her sister, but Webber tells her that like her mother, the legendary Ellis Grey, it’s best to leave her alone.

Back at Arizona’s apartment, DeLuca is yelling in Italian at Arizona’s bar pick-up because, as it turns out, she’s his sister, Carina (Stefania Spampinato). They argue some more before he storms out. In true sister fashion, Carina tells Arizona that her brother’s real name is Andrea and not Andrew before they finish their romp on the couch.

At home, Meredith is sulking in her bedroom while Alex and Maggie keep her company. She keeps picking at the wall behind her headboard (where Derek’s tumor once hung). Alex was supposed to patch it, but he did a terrible job. He tells her to stop picking at it and, in a roundabout way, consequently winds up helping her figure out how to fix Megan’s open abdomen. Meredith rushes to the hospital to get Webber, Bailey, and Teddy on board with her plan to do an abdominal wall transplant, a groundbreaking surgery that has only been done three times before.

Jo wakes up in Levi’s bed, totally disgusted with what she’s done. As she tries to sneak out, she accidentally steps on and breaks the poor guy’s glasses. At the hospital, she confesses her walk of shame to Ben but doesn’t realize that Alex is standing right behind her. “You slept with Glasses?” he asks incredulously before laughing. (Recap continues on next page)

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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