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January 18, 2018 at 11:25 PM EST

Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr.
We gave it an A-

Meredith continues her awesome streak by getting Paul to sign the divorce papers. Ever the sociopath, Paul tells her that he hopes this brings her peace and says they both deserve it. Jo calls him a monster after telling him that he doesn’t deserve anything good. She also realizes as she watches Paul leave with his fiancée that it’s still not over because Jenny is likely in danger, so she and Meredith devise a plan to separate Jenny and Paul before they can leave the hospital. Using Arizona (whom they’ve apparently brought up to speed about Paul’s true nature) to distract him with some scope she says she needs help with, Jo corners Jenny in the waiting room and tells her how Paul once kicked her back hard enough that he broke her ribs. She gives Jenny her phone number and tells her that she can get her out of this right now. Jenny tells Jo to leave before Paul comes back. Thankfully she does, and the three watch Jenny and Paul walk out, arm in arm.

The FBI still isn’t getting anywhere because it turns out they are working harder to try to catch the hacker than they are in trying to get things up and running. That’s all Bailey needs to decide to further use Casey’s expertise. Turns out Casey was convicted of hacking a federal server — the DMV. He tells Bailey his license was taking too long; Bailey decides that’s a small enough crime that she lets him use her computer to try to fix this mess.

Meredith and Jo are finishing up the day in the locker room when they go to leave, but Paul and Jenny are standing there. “I’m so glad you and Jenny had a chat,” Paul says. Jo instantly defends her, saying that Jenny never said anything. Meredith tells Paul to leave, but instead, he starts to verbally lay into Jo, calling her pathological, hell, and torture. Before he can get any more worked up, Meredith picks up the locker room phone and calls security, causing Paul to storm out, but not before he tells Jo that he’ll keep her phone number so he “knows where to find her.” Apparently he’s not the smartest abuser on the block ’cause she can just get a new phone, but I digress. What is smart is that after he leaves, Jo asks Meredith if the phones are working and she says, “No, but he doesn’t know that.”

It isn’t much longer until the phones are back up and running, though, thanks to Casey’s expertise. Bailey asks him if he really hacked the DMV and if so, why. He tells her that his license referred to him as female when he’s, in fact, a proud trans man. Bailey responds the only way she should have: “Thank you for your service, Dr. Parker.” Side note: I love how this show can continue to surprise me after all these years, and hell, yes, Shonda. Thanks for including a trans character!

Karev catches up with Jo and Meredith and can see that something’s wrong. They tell him how Paul cornered them in the locker room. Jo starts to freak out because she realizes she will never be rid of him. “I wish he was dead,” she says ominously before Karev moves to take her home.

Though they’re in scrubs from the other hospital, Jackson and Maggie are finally back at Grey Sloan Memorial. Jackson asks Maggie out for a drink, but she smartly tells him that they both know it’ll be more than a drink and that because his ex works there, their parents are married, and they work together, they really shouldn’t. Which is good because right then Tinder Clive mysteriously reappears, asking her if they’re ever going to go out. She decides to swipe right IRL and they leave together as Jackson watches them longingly.

On what is presumably the next day, Meredith walks into the ER. She sees Jo and Karev staring at a hit-and-run patient in one of the rooms. Assuming it’s Jenny, the camera pans to prove us wrong as we see Paul bloodied on the table. Before we can relish in vindication, though, we’re left to worry about exactly what happened and what will be the consequences for Jo and Karev.

The title of tonight’s powerful episode was “1-800-799-7233,” which is the number for the Domestic Violence Hotline. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, on an average day there are more than 20,000 phone calls placed to numbers like this. A special round of applause to Grey’s Anatomy and Shondaland for using their amazing platform to put this vital information out there.

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