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November 09, 2017 at 11:31 PM EST

Ben is stitching Bozo when Bello, one of the interns (and DeLuca’s ex), asks him where central supply is. Ben makes DeLuca show her, which of course magically becomes the perfect opportunity for them to have sex instead. Who knew surgical supplies could be so sexy?

Amelia is heated when she finds out from an intern that Owen is operating on Dean without having done a head CT. She bursts in on his surgery with a head CT machine and even puts the radiation apron on Owen as he’s operating so she can get it done. Feeling usurped, Owen mistakenly believes Amelia’s actions are about the “French toast” that morning. She insists that the French toast was excellent, and besides, it turns out her hunch was right: Poor Dean’s brain is bleeding. Luckily for him, Amelia saves him while also managing to rub it in Owen’s face. She’s such a Shepherd.

Greg needs a spinal fusion, and Webber and Bailey are operating on him when Webber calls him “O’Malley.” He tells Bailey that it’ll be good to be able to save this O’Malley.

It turns out Not Izzie’s baby has a tumor and she is experiencing Mirror Syndrome, where everything her fetus is going through, she also feels. Because Greg is her birthing partner and is obviously otherwise indisposed, she asks Karev to stay with her. Arizona rushes her into an OR, where, in an effort to distract her from the dangerous procedure she’s doing, she tells her about how Sofia is coming to live with her and how nervous she is. She goes into how much she misses Mark, even though she resented his perpetual ease. Your kid’s coming here. You’re freaking out about paint colors. You’re gonna take her for ice cream and it’s gonna be the best thing ever is what she imagines Mark would tell her in this moment.

After her baby is successfully delivered, Jo tells Karev to call Izzie. He tells her he doesn’t need to, that he knows she’s happy and married with kids, that her house smells like muffins, and that he just wants to picture her this way. He wants to picture Izzie as happy as he is with Jo. Cue the first tears of the episode…

As Greg is being wheeled out after his surgery, Bailey finally confronts Ben. She’s upset that he’s gone from wanting to be an anesthesiologist to a surgeon and now he wants to be a firefighter. Continuing with the theme of tonight’s landmark episode, he tells her that he doesn’t want to live with a ghost — who he might have been if he had been brave enough to try.

As Meredith and April successfully finish Cleo’s surgery, Webber and Bailey come into the OR. The rest of the staff and Zola file into the gallery above as they turn on a monitor. Turns out the Harper Avery Awards are happening in that moment. They watch as Catherine announces that Meredith has won and Avery delivers an acceptance speech that references each profound loss Meredith has experienced, but then explains that she’s turned her loss into drive. As the camera shows Bailey crying and Zola looking down proudly at her mom, it’s then that we see Ellis standing behind Zola, smiling down at her daughter.

The tears continue to flow in the next scene, when Arizona walks into her house with an apprehensive Sofia, who tells her that she misses her Mama. “I do, too,” Arizona assures her before telling her she has ice cream and she’s going to let her pick out her own room color. And by the time we are treated to a photo on the wall of Arizona, Callie, Mark, and Sofia as an infant, I’m weeping.

Owen and Meredith are standing outside Cleo’s room. “Really, you don’t see the similarity?” Meredith asks, incredulous, before offering to text Burke a picture to see what he thinks. Owen tells her there’s only Cristina, and we know he isn’t wrong.

Back in the tunnel where it all started, Meredith and Karev kick the interns off their stretchers. Alex pops a bottle of champagne as Cristina calls to ask Meredith if she feels different. “Damn straight she does,” Alex answers.

Meredith’s voiceover closes out No. 300: “History and memory and the ghosts of our past are sometimes just as tangible as anything we hold in our hands.”

Damn straight they are.

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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