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S14 E6
November 02, 2017 at 11:39 PM EDT

Arizona and April have a full house in the gallery as they attempt to remove the firearm inside Danielle. Webber and Carina are among the audience members, and after exchanging the-worst-thing-you’ve-removed-from-a-human stories (Webber wins with a pen out of a stripper’s penis), he invites her to the new-intern mixer later. As is becoming commonplace in this season, everyone in the gallery cheers as Arizona delivers the weapon safely.

Amelia is able to get the bleeding under control and remove the tumor, but not before being insulted a few more times by Tom. Eventually, though, he later compliments her and admits that she’s better than he is, which of course proves to be just the foreplay Amelia needs.

Meredith’s revolutionary surgery on the judge is a success, and as Jo is seeing to his recovery, she asks him for advice on her own domestic abuse case. He inspires her enough that she later tells Karev she’s going to seek a divorce from Paul.

At the mixer, Webber is agitated as the majority of the surgeons aren’t there yet. Turns out boats do come before bros because the guys totally forgot about the mixer, which is why the come busting in just as Webber starts his welcome speech. Clearly drunk, Jackson, Owen, and Ben are having difficulty standing as Karev starts randomly shaking interns’ hands.

Before Meredith can get to the mixer though, she’s paged into Judge King’s room. He’s unexpectedly flatlining, and they try to use the defibrillator with no success. Turns out he threw a massive clot.

It’s on this news that Meredith heads into the mixer, only to be greeted with applause: She’s been nominated for a Harper Avery Award! But, for obvious reasons, she’s less than enthusiastic as Jo explains that they just lost Judge King.

Jackson steals Bailey away from the party to tell him that on his boat today, he realized that even as a plastic surgeon who sits on the board of the hospital where he works, he’s still not “in the game.” He gleefully announces he’s giving her a (pun intended) boatload of money to start her own surgical competition, to “drive and fund innovation.” This is why it’s good to party with billionaires.

As DeLuca and Arizona are walking through the halls, he tells her he’s found a place to live. He’s going to live with Owen since Amelia is leaving. They happen to look over to a supply closet, and who do they happen to see? His new roomie Owen! And he’s making out with Carina, whom he had just met at the mixer. Guess DeLuca wasn’t exaggerating on the boat.

Just when things couldn’t get more awkward for DeLuca, he runs into the new interns, and we can only assume one of them is an ex-girlfriend. “They’re both so pretty, I wonder what’s going to happen next,” another intern remarks.

Yes, will he swipe left or will he swipe right? Either way, it’ll just be nice to see him finally have a love story of his own.

In the final scene of the episode, Bailey asks Meredith why she’s not celebrating her nomination. Meredith tells her there are six liver patients who don’t qualify for transplants. In other words, there’s still so much work to be done.

“Congratulations, Dr. Grey,” Bailey perfectly tells her before grabbing a highlighter to help Meredith with what’s to come. I think we’re all excited for this more mature, more enlightened Meredith Grey.

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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