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October 26, 2017 at 11:34 PM EDT

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Nathan finally finds Farouk, who left to go get him some food but became overwhelmed when he saw how many menu choices he had at the taco truck. This is the moment I fully understood just how deprived this poor boy had really been.

In the next flashback to Iraq, we see the siblings once again in the OR. Megan is trying to get Owen to admit that he tanked her promotion, that he doesn’t think she’s qualified, but he not only refuses to answer; he also reminds her that he outranks her. In a flash, she takes over the surgery and saves the patient’s arm and leg.

Teddy and Nathan are finishing up with their operation when we learn that Nathan’s proposal necklace did indeed belong to Felicia, his “side piece.” He tells Teddy he was going to come clean, but Megan found the necklace and he panicked. Teddy tells him he better tell Megan the truth and that if he does, there may be a chance for forgiveness — that is, if Owen doesn’t snap his neck first.

Nathan goes to tell Megan the truth, but before he can, she confesses that she cheated on him. He then admits that the necklace belongs to someone else before she throws it at him. They’re interrupted by the news that Sana needs to be intubated. Once the intubation is done, Megan wants to get her on a chopper to Baghdad. She calls Owen and asks him if he can break protocol to allow her to do that, though when he initially balks, she tells him that Nathan cheated.

In the present day, Megan and Owen’s road trip comes to a complete halt as Megan winds up throwing Owen out of the Jeep after her finally admits he stopped her from getting the promotion. After he apologizes, though, he again asks her not to move to L.A. He’s also still not thrilled she’s moving there with Nathan because Nathan had cheated on her; Megan confesses to her brother that she had cheated on Nathan as well. She also tells him that when she was held captive, the only thing that got her through was remembering one of their family trips to the beach. As a hostage, she would pretend that the sand was the beach and the screams and yelling were laughter and seagulls. She swore that if she ever got out, she would live near the beach and feel water on her feet. She tells Owen that all she’s ever wanted for him was to have happiness as well.

In Iraq, we watch Megan take off in a helicopter with Sana as Teddy is surprisingly told that the second active shooter wasn’t a man as she suspected — it was an Iraqi woman! She realizes instantly that Sana is the shooter and takes off running out of the tent, trying in vain to get the chopper back, but as we all know, she’s sadly unsuccessful.

Despite the horrors that we are left to imagine that Megan endures after Sana presumably takes her hostage in the helicopter, in the present day at least, we are moved as Megan finally gets her house-on-the-beach, toes-in-the water moment with her two guys. (Head here for more on Martin Henderson’s future on the show.)

Owen, meanwhile, finds his own happiness back in Seattle after admitting to Amelia that she’s like a stranger to him. “You married a tumor,” she says matter-of-factly. They each admit that they’re not happy and give their wedding rings back to each other.

Owen’s voice-over closes out the episode, talking about finding freedom and finding peace before rolling into a PSA from Kevin McKidd. “Nearly 40,000 veterans are homeless” he starts out…

It’s likely that you’ve forgotten that 2007 was a very turbulent year for our military. It’s likely that you don’t realize that there are still as many as 7,000 soldiers still reported in Iraq alone. And while the drama we saw tonight was purely fiction, if you take anything away after watching, please remember our veterans. Now is our time to serve them.

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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