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October 12, 2017 at 11:25 PM EDT

April is still sad about her situation with Jackson. She tells Arizona how she’s not used to not having Harriet every night. Arizona tells her you get used to it because, really, girlfriend almost never mentions her daughter with Callie. Spoiler alert: We find out in the end of the episode that Sofia wants to move home!

Nathan keeps trying to get in touch with Meredith, but Meredith keeps sending him to voicemail. Besides, while she’s happy Amelia is back to speaking English, she’s now worried that Amelia just asked her to call Derek.

Thankfully, the next scene shows Amelia saying, “I know Derek’s dead,” as she’s getting another MRI. Tom tells her that it’s likely retrograde amnesia, and that she’ll likely be a surgeon again because she’s too good not to — just like him.

Finally Meredith takes Nathan’s call, and it turns out he flew to get Farouk! He’s now trying to get the boy into the U.S. on a medical visa. This is his grand gesture for Megan, and he just needed Meredith to answer her damn phone.

Maggie is invited over to Webber’s house for dinner, which is a total surprise for Catherine, who had invited Jackson over to discuss his inheritance. Turns out he’s getting a “quarter of a billion dollars,” but he doesn’t want it. Clearly he’s forgetting how much it’ll likely cost to send Harriet to college. In one of the funnier moments of the episode, Maggie tries to make him feel better and tells him he can buy an island or two and make them fight each other.

They keep testing Amelia and even asking her if she knows who the president is. Amelia answers, “I wish I didn’t.” It’s clear that Amelia is coming through her surgery well, even if she doesn’t believe it herself.

Bailey and Webber, meanwhile, are still interviewing candidates. One admits to having a thing for Hawkeye (apparently so did Bailey), one only whispers (and was on Everybody Loves Raymond), and one brings her dog. While amusing, it’s hard to see any of these candidates making it into the surgical rotation.

Jo asks Meredith to take her name off the article, and Meredith agrees. When Ben overhears, he presses her on it. She explains that she doesn’t want her husband to find her. Ben had no idea she was married, so Jo asks him to tell her a secret so she doesn’t feel so exposed. He tells her that he’s training for something that Bailey won’t like. Our guess? He’s going to be the crossover for the Shondaland Grey’s Anatomy firefighter spin-off.

Farouk finally gets to Grey Sloan, and Megan is elated to see him. Meredith tells Megan that Nathan clearly moved heaven and earth for her; he’s not a man you throw away. Megan, however, is still not convinced Nathan isn’t in love with her.

Speaking of not being convinced, Amelia is still not convinced she’s okay until DeLuca astutely explains that things have been so bad for her for so long because of this tumor that now that she’s finally safe, to her, it probably feels like something is amiss. This speech is probably what compels her to end up going home with Owen after he asks her to, reminding her of their “in sickness and health” vows.

Will things work out for them? Who knows? But, it’s good to see them try. For better or worse, indeed.

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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