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October 05, 2017 at 11:36 PM EDT

In what feels like a Tuesdays with Morrie-ish story, Meredith spends most of her time at family-less Walter’s bedside, trying to dig deep into her feelings and anger with Nathan. He asks her if Nathan is in love with her right before Nathan and Maggie interrupt with a plan to avoid cutting into him — instead, they want to suction out the clot like a Dyson.

The pregnant woman is still not dilated, and Arizona wants to do a C-section, so of course, Carina suggests getting her to produce more oxytocin via orgasm. Both Arizona and Ben find the idea laughable until Preggo’s husband tells them they’re willing to try anything to move this baby along. Well, it’s definitely not the first time a patient has had sexy time in their room, but it is perhaps the loudest and the most successful, as the husband rushes into the hallway to tell Arizona that the baby is crowning. Huzzah!

In the boardroom, Harper is on a tear about how much money the renovations cost, while also managing to degrade and berate his grandson (whom he calls Jackie, instead of Jackson), as well as women as a whole. “That’s the problem when women are in charge,” he growls at Catherine and Bailey before telling them that he’s going to pull funding from the hospital. But Bailey is still on her I-hate-high-heels feminist tear from the premiere. Rather than sit idly by, she goes off on the man, telling him that even though they did Megan’s surgery pro bono and the renovation was incredibly expensive, given Stephanie’s heroics, it would be a PR nightmare for them to pull out now. Thankfully he relents, but not before telling Bailey that she’s fired. But wait; there’s more! After debating how to handle the situation, Bailey and Catherine bust back into the boardroom only to find a very dead Harper keeled over on the conference table.

His passing is marked with a brief staff meeting in which Jackson tells everyone that he “takes comfort in knowing that his grandfather died [insert awkward pause here] doing what he loved.” Jackson then reaffirms Bailey’s position as Chief because, well, you can’t be fired by a dead person.

April is not handling moving out of her apartment with Jackson well, which plays itself out in Tuxedo Pete’s surgery. After getting sentimental over her prom story in the OR with Karev and Jo, she then takes Jamie, the object of Pete’s affection, to task because Jamie is on the fence about whether or not she’s going to go to homecoming with the lovesick boy. In the end, though, Jamie winds up saying yes with a much smaller and safer balloon.

Jo took notes during April’s prom story and waits for Alex outside the hospital with a sign that says “Homecoming?” Meredith will be relieved to find out that Alex is going back home to live with Jo.

After a close call, Walter manages to pull through okay as well, ultimately encouraging Meredith to confront Nathan about missing his opportunity with Megan. He admits that he still loves her, but Meredith tells him that he needs to show Megan that she’s his first and only choice.

Amelia finally decides to tell Owen about her tumor and asks Maggie to tell Meredith. Owen is by Amelia’s side as she slips into her hospital gown and gets her blood drawn. Because it’s Meredith, she wordlessly curls up next to Amelia, begging the questions: Just how big are those hospital beds? and Will Amelia survive her forthcoming surgery if Meredith touches her?

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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