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April 26, 2018 at 11:33 PM EDT

Grey's Anatomy

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As the saying goes, “What is done in the dark will always come to light,” and tonight Grey Sloan Memorial dealt with the consequences of the Harper Avery rock being kicked over, its slimy, cold underbelly revealed.

Speaking of slimy, a fetid Deluca has taken residence on Meredith’s couch, too depressed to do anything but play bad guitar and call out sick. Meredith is trying to get out the door while Zola peppers her with questions about their interloper’s ax skills, and why her mom is bringing her “trophies” to work. Meredith tells her that it’s as though she bought bad milk and now she has to return it. Before they make it out the door, Zola asks her mom why Deluca doesn’t have to shower, and Meredith tells her it’s because he’s European.

But Meredith isn’t done dodging questions for the day because when she arrives at the hospital, vultures in the form of reporters descend on her to peck at the quickly dissipating Harper Avery carcass. One asks her about the Harper Avery awards peeking out from her bag, and Meredith point blanks admits that she’s returning them.

Inside Grey Sloan Memorial, Bailey blows in like a hurricane on Jackson who’s in the middle of getting dressed. She tells him that she’s pulling the plug on the contest because they don’t need more nasty headlines once the media figures out that Harper Avery’s grandson funded the competition before she storms out. As the door closes it reveals Maggie getting dressed, mouth agape. She can’t believe what she just heard.

Immediately she runs to April and accuses her of knowing that Jackson put up the money for the contest and being in on it by agreeing to judge. Like wildfire, April in turn accosts Webber, assuming he knew about Jackson’s role.

Jackson, meanwhile, is trying to discuss the contest with his mother who’s in with a crisis management expert, Erin. Catherine is surprised to hear that Jackson both put up the money and competed. Erin wastes no time in stating the obvious, which is to say that if this gets out, it will destroy them. Erin has an ace in the hole, though, as she’s lined up a PR stunt of a surgery for Jackson and Meredith to do. She also plans to go after the women, as well as have someone go down for this. The public will need a head, and Catherine offers hers – even stating she’ll go back to being Catherine Fox – but Jackson is all of us when he tells them that there’s no way a black woman is going to take the fall for another white guy.

Jackson catches up with Meredith in the hall and asks her to participate in the surgery, but she immediately sees it as the PR stunt that it is and says no thanks. But when they see the patient they’ll be operating on and the size of the mass on his face, there’s no way either can turn it down.

Diego is an affable teen from Venezuela. His past surgeries did little to stop the mass from growing, and as Jackson and Meredith are scanning him, they start debating right away about how to tackle the small football on his face. Meredith wants to take the whole thing out, but Jackson wants to follow the safe route. He tells her that they can’t afford a bad outcome right now. Before they can get into it anymore, the charity representatives tell them that Diego won’t be having the surgery as their donors are concerned about the controversy surrounding the hospital. Meredith manages to smooth things over, though, by reminding them that Jackson is the best reconstructive surgeon and offering to do the procedure pro bono.

Jo and Karev are trying to plan their wedding, but they are having a difficult time of it. April overhears and offers to help plan as long as they give her a budget and a date. Jo checks her account first to help figure out what kind of figures they’ll be able to work with, but when Karev goes to check his bank account, he gets visibly shaken, shuts the laptop, and storms off.

Amelia and Owen arrive at Grey Sloan Memorial with adorable Leo in tow. It’s time for his 6-month checkup, and Karev offered to do the exam. Owen’s a little nervous, though, because Leo’s birth mom is going to be there, and they haven’t met yet.

Speaking of kids, Arizona is having difficulty with Sofia. She still hates her school, leaving Arizona to resort to cuddle bribes in order to get her to go. Arizona looks for empathy from Carina, but as usual, the sexual Energizer bunny is only interested in one thing.

Glasses the intern almost walks past a woman saying she needs help for her son who swallowed a chew toy. To the surprise of Glasses and Jo, the mom clearly knows her way around the hospital, and as she soon reveals, it’s because she worked there back in the day. It’s Nurse Olivia from days of yore, and like a Ghost of STDs Past, she almost immediately brings up Karev and how he gave her syphilis. Bah, scumbag.

Owen tries using his title at the hospital to get Leo seen right away, but as it turns out, in the waiting room domain, he’s just another patient. As he’s waiting impatiently, he obnoxiously asks the teen girl next to him to cover her mouth when she coughs. She replies, “They told me I could be here. I’m Betty, Leo’s mom.” Awkward. (Recap continues on next page)

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