Meredith Grey meets Andy Herrera, TGIT's newest leading lady
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Attachment is the name of the game on tonight’s episode. Each of our Grey Sloan Memorial favorites has intangibly tethered themselves to something (or someone) in efforts to salvage relationships, reputations, and peace of mind. Also, viewers spent the hour growing increasingly attached to Station 19’s Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz), who was introduced to the citizens of Shondaland and OG TGIT leading lady Meredith Grey in a heroic, yet bloody fell swoop.

Mixed emotions are flying about the ongoing contest, as those who were chosen try to decide how to spend their newly allocated research loot, and those who weren’t deal with the disappointment while still trying to find solutions for their patients. Alex is taking the loss particularly hard. He’s been growing increasingly fond of Kimmie, his Broadway obsessed 12-year-old patient with a recurring brain tumor, and he’s worried that without the contest’s funds, they won’t be able to complete the research to find a way to safely remove her tumor in the little time she has left.

Amelia thinks inviting her ex-professor/ex-lover/current mentor Tom Koracick to join their team will help move the process along, but his help comes with the price of unwanted sexual advances and arrogance galore.

“Koracick might be a tool, but he’s the kind of tool that we need right now,” Amelia says, amused by her own wordplay.

He’s even taken a less-than-professional interest in Sam, the intern Deluca has been sneaking NSFW on-call room rendezvous’ with. Surprisingly, Koracick and Kimmie get along great, bonding over their shared musical knowledge, but he thinks her case is a dead end and is all ready to quit the project until a fight with Amelia leads to a breakthrough he’s more than happy to take undue credit for.

Elsewhere, Meredith is scrambling to secure the very expensive patent for the polymer she needs to begin her research for the contest before April finds out and yanks the funding. A doctor in Madrid currently owns the patent, and if she wants to talk it out of his hands, she’ll need to enlist the help of Jo and the intern dubbed “Hellmouth” to wait by the phone for his call while she keeps Kepner clueless.

Ambulances pull up to the ER doors to deliver adolescent brothers saved from a house fire they caused by an exploding science experiment, which they found on YouTube while their now terrified mother was at work. Ben delivers one brother with severe head trauma, and the life of the other brother is in the hands of Andy Herrera — literally. The heroine shoved her hand into the boy’s chest to cover a hole in his aorta and stop him from bleeding out. The image was very reminiscent of the heart-racing two-part episode in season 2 when Meredith stuck her hand in a man’s chest cavity to stop a bomb from detonating. These two seem to have similar instincts; it’s kismet.

Later, Meredith talks Herrera through clamping the aorta so she can remove her hand without killing the patient. The Station 19 leading lady returns the favor by bridging the Latin language barrier and convincing the doctor from Madrid to travel to the states to hear Meredith’s pitch for his patent.

All the while, Ben is hanging around the hospital, giving medical recommendations and checking up on the boys he brought in, despite Webber’s constant reminders that he no longer belongs there. As Miranda put it, he may have thought about what it would be like to leave Grey Sloan behind, but he never took time to “feel” it. He’s definitely feeling the loss now, but what will this mean moving forward?

Speaking of the incomparable Miranda Bailey, it’s her first day back at work after her “vacation,” as she’s calling it to everyone she doesn’t want to know she had a heart attack. She’s making healthy life improvements, such as taking the train to work instead of driving to promote exercise, but Webber is on her like white on rice. Even though Maggie has cleared her for surgery, the former chief of surgery doesn’t trust that Bailey is truly ready to be back in the operating room.

Having had enough of his babysitting and backseat operating, Bailey is forced to admit to Owen and an OR full of nurses and interns the truth about her “vacation” and insists that they all do their jobs and allow her to do hers. Right on, girl!

In Japril news, Jackson becomes worried about April’s recent lifestyle choices when he catches her walking around the ER with a “banana bag” on an IV stand to help her recover from a night of partying. When he confides in Arizona about it, she insists that April is just trying to “find her happy” without him.

“That’s not April,” Jackson says.
“That’s not April with you,” Arizona corrects.

However, when Arizona sees April standing on a table and pouring liquor down the throats of interns at a bar after work, her expression makes it clear that she’s rethinking the legitimacy of Jackson’s concerns.

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