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May 18, 2017 at 09:24 PM EDT

From the smoke, Stephanie seems to be gone, but like a damn miracle, she appears with her key card. It’s too much for this world. As this tragedy seems to be sorting itself out, Riggs and Meredith make it out of the hospital. Stephanie and Erin make it to the roof, but as Stephanie tries to flag down someone, Erin codes. As everyone is downstairs assessing their varying degrees of coughs, the team finally asks Minnick where Stephanie is, and get this… girlfriend forgot. LEGIT FORGOT ABOUT EDWARDS. The doctors head into the hospital and discover that crispy man Edwards set ablaze. They head to the roof and finally find Edwards and Erin, and poor girl screams out, “DID YOU TAKE THE SCENIC ROUTE?” God, girl, we know. We’re screaming with you.

Stephanie hops onto Erin on the gurney and will not give up giving her compressions, and when Minnick tells her to get off, Stephanie answers all of our prayers and says, “Get out of my face.” They turn the E.R. into an O.R., and of course, Steph doesn’t leave poor little Erin’s side. (By the way, big shout out to Big Little Lies’ Darby Camp for being a rock star the past two episodes.) They stabilize Erin, and right as the news is announced, Stephanie completely drops out the bottom. Her adrenaline falls, and she’s out.

In an ambulance, Meredith joins Riggs and says she needs to know he can breathe when she tells him what she’s about to tell him. She says, “Remember the dream, when they come back to us? Derek forgets his keys and Megan went for coffee? Nathan, they found Megan; she’s alive.” Riggs says it’s not funny, but poor Meredith just persists because as much as she could have loved Riggs, she knows this is his once-in-a-lifetime love. This might be his Derek. Riggs starts choking, and that’s all fine and well, but we have another story… Megan, herself. Owen and Amelia arrive at the facility where Megan is being held. As they walk back, Owen seems to freeze, but he’s just seeing it all outside his own body.

The next day, Catherine Avery wants answers. Why did it take them so long to find the missing people? Minnick insists that she was simply doing her job and that if they’d followed protocol, Stephanie and that little girl would be fine. But Bailey is over it and says Minnick doesn’t have a place in her hospital because they don’t raise robot doctors. They raise them right. It’s a new entry into the canon of wonderful Grey’s speeches. This is the Bailey we’ve been waiting on for a while. Downstairs, April, the one-time naive girl of the farm, tells Maggie that Jackson likes her. And Minnick finally takes her leave.

But the real takeaway: Stephanie is alive. Alive, y’all. They’re treating her burns, and Webber tells her that they’re all supporting her, but it’ll be a while before she’s back in an OR again. And that’s when Stephanie has her own iconic Grey’s speech: She needs to breathe. She’s lived her whole life inside of hospitals, and now she needs to explore. She needs to breathe. She thanks Dr. Webber for everything he taught her, but ultimately, she quits. So that’s it… the nearly unheard-of goodbye. Stephanie is out there, hiking trails and stuff, alive and kind of burned.

And in that ambulance of wishes come true, it finally hits Riggs: Megan is alive. He picks up Meredith and spins her around before apologizing to her, and she says, “Don’t do that. If this were Derek, I’d already be gone.” She stands in the wake of his vehicle, hands clasped, knowing that her time will come again. And with that, we say goodbye to season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy.

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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