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Adrenaline can only carry the body so far

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May 18, 2017 at 09:24 PM EDT

I’m going to be controversial and step out on a limb… nay, an unstable gurney… and say it: Stephanie Edwards is possibly in the top three most tragic Grey’s Anatomy characters of all time. Think about it — left by her boyfriend at a wedding, lost her boyfriend (and then was given essentially zero plot time to assess that loss), did the heavy lifting for a surgeon who was in crisis during one of her most important surgeries (shout out to Dr. Herman), and here we are, presumably dealing with our natural-haired, crazy-talented, third-wave intern star lying somewhere next to a rapist, crisp as they come. Oh, Stephanie. You deserved better. But before we write her off for good, let’s actually see what happens to her.

We start where last week ended. You know, the kaboom to end all kabooms. Maggie, still unsure how this place works, thinks it could be a drill, but Jackson knows better. Maggie tells him to be careful, and he heads off to look for Stephanie. Bailey calls the rest of the doctors in to help lead trauma/fire efforts. Remember Erin, from last week? The little one who was all about going on adventures? Well, she’s still up there in the fire, and her dad can’t find her. But she’s up there with Stephanie, who is SOMEHOW not dead. Singed, sure. But she’s not dead.

Downstairs, Jackson is still looking for Stephanie. Meredith is looking for Erin, and Minnick is looking for the rule book. Why follow rules at a time like this? Because that horrible woman loves rules. Rules and ruining this hospital. Back at Owen’s place, Amelia wakes him to let him know that, you know, the hospital blew up. But they have to go meet his sister.

Back up in actual hospital hell, Stephanie has to make it over to Erin, who is trapped under a machine. Does it feel a little bit like Lexie? Sure does. What’s up with people getting trapped under things in this alternate world? Like, doesn’t anyone fall on top of stuff for a change? Stephanie makes it over to Erin and finds that the machine has actually impaled her. Mind you, the lab is definitely still catching on fire. She ties a tourniquet around Erin’s leg and launches into how she spent a lot of time in the hospital as a kid, too. Stephanie has poor Erin clench her first and scream it out as she goes in blind on her leg wound, and man, is it a lot.

Downstairs, April has gone full safety patrol, directing people around the parking lot when Alex arrives. And then April discovers that Jackson is up there looking for Maggie, and it’s official from her reaction, y’all: Maggie is going to be paired with Jackson. Lord be. Up in hospital hell, Stephanie manages to get Erin up, but they’re trapped when a beam falls. Thinking fast, Stephanie douses herself in water and wraps Erin and herself in a big wet blanket. What happens next? She literally runs THROUGH FIRE.

And get this: They LIVE. Granted, the rest of the stairwell is on fire, and even Erin knows they can’t go down there. They go to the roof instead, but it’s going to be a journey because Stephanie isn’t just singed — she’s severely burned all over her body. In search of Stephanie, Jackson comes across a nice lady with kidney stones who isn’t helping anyone out.

Guess what else isn’t helping anyone? Riggs, continuing to operate in spite of the fire on the floor above them. Mind you, if Riggs is a badass, then so is Bokhee, who has arguably survived all of Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey Sloan Memorial’s disasters more seamlessly than anyone. Meredith breaks in and asks what he’s doing, and then she decides to join because when there’s an opportunity to die, Meredith is the last one to pass it up, ya know? They begin operating as we see Owen and Amelia taking off to meet Owen’s sister.

At the top of the stairway to hell, Erin and Stephanie reach the roof, but they’re not able to get out because Stephanie doesn’t have her key card. Stephanie panics. Erin says they can make it, but Stephanie pulls Erin in anyway and says that they’re going to cover up with that blanket and wait it out because that’s their best chance. But the thing is… Stephanie isn’t getting under that blanket. She’s going to hold Erin until the scary goes away. Then, from below, she sees her key card and makes a run for it, making Erin promise to stay covered, leaving Erin whispering, “Stephanie, come back.” (Recap continues on page 2.)

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Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes’ hospital melodrama.
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