A building collapse sends the hospital into chaos, while Alex is torn between saving himself and protecting Jo

By Danielle Jackson
November 21, 2016 at 03:53 PM EST
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Well, that was short-lived. Last week’s hour ended on a hopeful note, but as we’ve all learned from Shonda Rhimes, disaster is usually just one episode away on Grey’s Anatomy. Cut to tonight, when we’re immediately thrown into the middle of the apocalypse. Okay, so maybe it’s not the apocalypse per se — but, like, an entire building just collapsed out of nowhere, throwing Grey Sloan into chaos.

The Victims:

Stephanie and Ben meet with a patient who wants to talk to God — or a priest. He’s pretty banged up from the incident and spends most of the episode asking for forgiveness because he thinks the building’s collapse was his fault. And, um, it actually might have been. See, he’s the landlord of the apartment building in question. A while ago, the city experienced an earthquake and, up to this point, the building still hadn’t recovered from the damage. Hence the reason why it literally crumbled right before our eyes.

At the same time, one couple’s young daughter was also involved in the accident and suffered some serious injuries. They overhear Ben and Stephanie discussing how the landlord never made the proper repairs to the building after the earthquake and are (rightfully) angry. To make matters worse, their daughter dies during surgery, which leads to the mother wandering around the hospital so she can take matters into her own hands. She ends up tricking Ben into thinking she’s the landlord’s wife so she can sneak into his hospital room, cut off his oxygen, and kill him. Thankfully, her attempt was unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, after another victim is rushed to surgery, his wife shows up to find out what’s going on and how her husband ended up in the hospital. That’s when Owen (accidentally) drops the hammer on her: Her husband was caught in the collapse of this apartment building. But the “happy” couple doesn’t live in an apartment, she says. I’m sure this is the moment Owen wanted to channel his inner Homer Simpson and disappear into some bushes, because he kind of just told this woman her husband is cheating on her. Awkward. What’s even more awkward (or bizarre, I guess) is that while operating on the victim, Owen takes this as the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with Nathan and reveal he was not only married once before (to Cristina), but he also cheated on her. He also brings up the fact he and Cristina ultimately didn’t work because he wanted kids and she didn’t. Bonding is fun, huh?

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The Other Victims:

Dr. Webber: Sometimes I can’t help but to feel bad for Dr. Webber, because he always seems to just miss the memo. Case in point: He has no idea Eliza is kind of taking his job now. But to be fair, she does a pretty horrible job of trying to explain it to him (she also does a pretty horrible job of trying to flirt with Arizona, but we won’t go there). In the midst of all the chaos, he spends all day trying to hunt down Dr. Bailey in the hopes of figuring out what’s going on — and when he finds her, she passive-aggressively demotes him. (Sad face.) But if you’re worried about what’s to come for Dr. Webber, fret not. Because once Maggie figures out what Bailey did, she assembles an entire team of residents and attendings to kinda-sorta take down Eliza and get Dr. Webber his job back. I applaud Maggie, since this is really the first time all season she’s made something about anyone else but her.

Alex: Alex is suffering from his own personal apocalypse, seeing as his trial is tomorrow and he doesn’t feel too confident about his current predicament. He turned down a plea deal that would only require him to spend two years in jail, so he now thinks his life as a free man is officially over.

Jo: That’s where Jo comes in. She’s been asked to testify during Alex’s trial, and she’s not too happy about it. She’s afraid that if she testifies, the court might find out her name isn’t actually Jo Wilson. But worse than that, she’s also afraid it’ll lead her abusive husband right to her. (Remember: She ran away from her husband and changed her name without officially divorcing him because she didn’t want him to be able to find her.) She ends up on an elevator with Alex and finally fesses up to everything — while also adding the reason she never told him any of this is because she was worried Alex might try to find her husband. Jo also warns him she might have to run away after she testifies.

Alex tells her not to go anywhere, and to make sure she doesn’t, he decides to take a trip to the District Attorney’s office to take the plea deal after all — much to Meredith’s chagrin. In the hour’s final moments, Meredith leaves Alex a dramatic voicemail and pleads for him to not take the deal. She might be too late, though, as Alex is already at the D.A.’s office trying to make his decision right in front of the D.A.’s assistant’s face. Awkward.

That’s basically the meat of this episode, but what’s also noteworthy is Amelia appears at the very end and leaves Owen a letter — a goodbye letter in which she tells him not to blame himself for what she’s about to do. And then? She bolts.

Episode grade: B

Meredith. Alex. Bailey. Arizona. The doctors are definitely in on Shonda Rhimes' hospital melodrama.
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