Nothing flies quite like a tablet.

By Justin Kirkland
May 04, 2017 at 09:36 PM EDT
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The tumor diagram is down, guys. I repeat: The tumor diagram is DOWN.

Meredith has actually removed the giant tumor from the wall of her bedroom and left it outside Amelia’s room. It’s a new era in Grey’s Anatomy, but to be fair, when you’re courting a new man, I think we’ve all had that moment when we’ve said, “It’s hard to look at my dead ex-husband’s tumor art while I’m trying to cultivate intimacy.” You know what I’m saying? Of course you do.

This week is all about the tumors: the awkward obstacles that we exist with and are hurt by. It’s the way we live with the tumors. How Maggie awkwardly handles Meredith and Riggs. How Meredith fights the pain of losing Derek. How Bailey handles church and state when Minnick calls out that Warren isn’t a risk taker. And then, you know, actual tumors. Let’s just hop in.

Thick Skin and A Tumor Heart

DeLuca and April end up together with a poor girl whose sexcapade turns into a free fall down two flights of stairs when she mistakes the front door for the bathroom. But the thing is, she’s just stopping in for a broken arm, even though she has a gigantic heart tumor that would even make Erica Hahn show emotion.

But Holly is feeling very calm about all of this. She’s crushing the bedroom game while the tumor allows her to, and you have to respect how excited she is to get back in the saddle. Her words, not mine. Seriously. As Meredith continues to evaluate her, her “evening companion” shows up, and she tells Meredith to just say she’s dead. I mean, girl has an agenda. But so does Maggie. She thinks she might have a way to work around Holly’s tumor, and after enough persuasion, Maggie convinces her. This could be bad, y’all. Maggie still needs to get beaten down by Seattle’s disastrous ways.

When they get in, that tumor is way bigger than even Maggie realized. It doesn’t look so good for our girl. This tumor… it’s invaded into her esophagus. Maybe even her spine. Everyone’s ready to close, and this is a room of women who once took a tumor right out of Geena Davis’ noggin. These ladies know tumors. Maggie isn’t ready to give up, but it’s just too much, and Maggie has to explain to Holly that she wasn’t able to remove the tumor. Holly’s a great sport and says that the tumor is part of her, and she’s learned to live with that.

But You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith

Minnick doesn’t do so great with that separation either, by the way. Right after throwing Warren under the medical bus, she runs off to Arizona to proposition some after-shift activities. Naked activities. This woman and her pivots, y’all. (OR Board Note: Does Minnick remind you at all of a female Mark Sloan? Just consider it.) They’re interrupted by a young boy who has stumbled into the hospital, parent-free.

Alex steps in to chat with the boy, who lives with a woman named Charlotte on a farm. While considering what to do next, he begins seizing. After finding his parents, Stephanie reveals that he has quite a sizable tumor on his brain. But when the surgeons offer surgery, his parents say that Liam will not be having surgery because that’s not God’s will. If he heals, he’ll heal on his own.

Stephanie pushes the mother a bit about refusing treatment. Minnick steps in and asks, “Who taught you to talk to a patient that way?” and Stephanie comes alive in the BEST way, retorting, “She’s not my patient.” Yes, girl. Yes. When Webber tells Minnick she might be correct about Warren, she jumps in and tells him about her concerns with Stephanie (which is kind of nice because no one checked on her after Wilmer Valderrama died, rest in peace). But Webber is adamant that she’s going to be fine — she’s a surgeon.

They eventually have to let the boy leave with his parents, but Alex is not pleased… especially when Minnick chimes in that maybe he should just worry about following the letter of the law. Oh, sorry, have you been here for thirteen years, Minnick? Didn’t think so.

The thing is, after they leave, Liam returns on the train again. He can’t see, and as much as we all respect faith, Liam is ready to put his faith in medicine on this one. Alex jumps into action and tells Stephanie that if it’s emergent, they can operate. So Karev decides that Liam is “having a seizure,” and Stephanie is going to assist. When Minnick discovers what’s happened, she flips out, and it’s really poor timing because the parents have arrived and they’re not too pleased either. This tumor removal business? That was God’s work, not Alex Karev’s. Bailey and Minnick tell Alex he could go to jail, but Alex doesn’t care. Alex breaks rules and loves kids and holds preemies against his bare chest while we all swoon. Alex puts the kids first.

And thank goodness he does. After the surgery is a success, and the punishments have been doled out, it turns out Alex correctly predicted that the mother wanted the additional help. She even says, “The Lord helps those who help themselves.”

Residents, Unchained!

When Bailey and Webber sit down with Minnick to discuss residents, Warren comes up, and Bailey is surprised to hear that Minnick doesn’t think he’s a risk taker. All of a sudden, church and state are more complicated than ever before. And Webber can’t help but notice that Minnick (sigh) might just have a point. He even takes Warrren aside and says that he needs to fight for his education because right now, he’s being shown up.

On the other side of things, Stephanie does not lack fire. Minnick calls out Stephanie to get the truth, but Stephanie is determined to hold steady. She ran point… the Minnick method, personified, right? The tumor is removed, and the boy is fine, but that’s not enough for Stephanie. She wants Liam’s dad to know that his decision was bonkers. How do you do that? Get equally bonkers. She says, “God made you so weak and so stupid that you were going to kill your child.” When he tells her that she’s going to burn in hell, Stephanie throws a tablet. Yeah, the expensive kind. Lord be.

Minnick immediately insists that Stephanie be suspended, but guys, Stephanie has been through enough. Yes, we know the incomparable Jerrika Hinton has a new pilot coming up, but who wants to see our girl go out like that?

Not Quite Yet

Minnick has been through the ringer with these surgeons lately, so it’s a big hit when Arizona tells her that she can’t make their date tonight. When Minnick shows how disappointed she is, Arizona gives a borderline dirty speech about how she feels about Minnick, and it’s a journey. The things that poor elevator has seen. Arizona’s not the only one with the cancel-bug.

After discussing with Amelia, Maggie realizes that she has to support this new relationship because you don’t take down tumor art for a one-night stand. As awkwardly as she ruins Meredith’s plans, she puts them back in motion as Meredith is mid-procedure, but Meredith cancels on Riggs for the night after a long day. She’s just not ready yet. She goes over to The Post-It Marriage Certificate™ and places it in the drawer. She’s bobbing in the waters of post-marriage sex and dating, but she hasn’t quite submerged herself yet. Too soon? Always.

As the night goes on, Minnick wants to complain about Karev and Webber to Arizona, and we’re all waiting with bated breath because these are two guys Arizona has history with. The leg, the wingmanning, the tiny human gang… nope. Not worth defending. She just talks about her sexy underwear, and it’s so hard to root for these two. Almost as hard as it is to root for Jo and DeLuca. Is anyone pushing for that? DeLuca tries to admit he has feelings for Jo, and she shuts it down, thankfully. But you know what? There is something to cheer for: Though it’s baby steps, Meredith leaves the hospital hand in hand with Riggs. She just might be outgrowing her tumor after all.

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