Maggie returns to work following the death of her mother, but whether she's ready to take on the pressures of the OR is yet to be seen.

By Justin Kirkland
April 06, 2017 at 09:27 PM EDT
Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Have you stopped crying from last week? Me neither. Neither have your regular recappers, who are out this week, but in their stead, I take on Grey’s Anatomy with you… You’re in trusted hands because I pick you, I choose you, I love you. I don’t need to love Grey’s, but I want to, and sometimes I can’t think about the bigger picture because I’ve lost my shoe. But we’ll all pull it together this week because in the wake of losing her mother, Maggie needs us. She’s about to join a sacred Grey’s club.

It’s finally time for the last sister to become twisted. After losing her mom last week, we open with Maggie at her mother’s grave… a concept foreign to Mer and Amelia because… you know, dark and twisty hall of fame. Amelia has her oxycodone background and Meredith has, well, everything. But after the graveyard, it’s time for Maggie’s first day back.

Riggs catches Arizona and Mennick carpooling in together, which is what it is. We turn a blind eye to Mennick because there are bigger fish to fry. Example: Arizona’s pregnant patient, whom she placed a shunt in last week. No matter how much Arizona wants to make a point that she and Mennick weren’t just carpooling in together, her patient’s heart surgery is more complicated than matters of the bedroom. Maggie hears about it and immediately wants in because that’s what surgeons do when tragedy happens: cut stuff. But this is “Dr. Herman fetal surgery”-level serious, and not everyone is so sure she’s ready for it. And when the patient overhears that maybe Maggie shouldn’t be taking it on, they want answers.

Stephanie is stuck with Cross, and honestly, she has no time for it. It’s what makes Stephanie wonderful. She calls in DeLuca to try to shame Cross into getting out of bed, but when he protests that he’s actually sick, Stephanie goes to step two: rectal exam. But after landing himself in an MRI, it does appear that Cross has a point after all. He has diverticulitis, an annoyed Stephanie is going to operate, and you can only think… with a case so simple, this can’t go well, right?

Poor Meredith has little knowledge of when someone is okay or not okay. It’s a symptom of being kind of twisted your whole life. And when everyone believes that maybe Maggie needs a break, Meredith argues otherwise because she operated through a miscarriage… remember? Yikes. But after enough pushing, Amelia and Meredith try to question Maggie on whether or not she’s ready, and she doesn’t love it at all because today is her day. Her First Day Back From Dead Mom Day, and they’re not there for her, y’all! But Maggie goes into surgery with Arizona, who asks her one last time if she’s okay because this is tiny humans, and she has to be on for the tiny humans. But after removing the tumor like a complete boss, Maggie freezes when the baby starts coding. What needs to be done? Who knows… Maggie isn’t talking.

As the baby continues to code, Maggie stands on the side and insists that nothing needs to be done because the baby just needs a minute. And that’s when we launch into classic Grey’s metaphor. The baby just had a huge part of her heart cut out… she needs time to adjust and learn to function without that piece of her heart. It’s just like us when we lose someone, y’all. MAGGIE HAS ENTERED THE GREY’S METAPHOR CANON. And it’s even better that Riggs insisted she was okay… even when Meredith wondered.

Meanwhile, in a continually worsening case, it appears that poor Isaac also has abdominal tuberculosis once April and Stephanie get inside him. April kicks Stephanie and DeLuca out and continues, and Bailey checks in. There’s a big question about the protocol regarding Cross and others operating and treating patients, but Bailey can’t remember it. And with the whole feud that she and Richard are having about “respect,” she can’t ask him… even if he claims to know it. Bailey and Richard… just too proud for their own good.

Post-surgery, Meredith decides it’s time. She and Riggs can go get dinner. It’s not a date. It’s just dinner to see if they like hanging out before, you know, she breaks it to Maggie because Maggie is okay, right? She’s fine and good and functioning, right? Wrong. She’s in the hallway when Jackson finds her, and she’s just trying to stay afloat because she’s not fine. She’s just doing her job. And guess who didn’t do their job? Jackson. He was supposed to fix Mama Pierce, and he didn’t. He let her die… or at least that’s how Maggie sees it.

Cross finally wakes up, and I for one am relieved. Controversial Grey’s opinion… it’s a tough world out there because this hospital loves to bring in doctors and slaughter them for sport, but I have good feelings about this intern class. This could have been a good way to shock audiences and kill our resident opposite-blond-bombshell, but dorky Cross still has business here. He got that TB from India, by the way, and it’s left Stephanie and DeLuca getting tested for TB. It also leaves Stephanie with something worse: doubt and cynicism. She admits that she questioned Cross, and she’s questioning herself as a result.

As the day is ending, Arizona and Riggs exchange stories about love interests because Arizona is dating Mennick, and it’s so much fun to be Arizona. So when Riggs finally reveals that he’s going out with Meredith, Arizona ruins everything… as she does from time to time. She gives a speech about how great MerDer was, and yes, they were. Derek Shepherd (does cross over heart) is all of our endgames. But he’s dead and Meredith is a woman with needs, and Riggs is a man with… an ability to fill needs. But Arizona’s words scare poor Riggs because Arizona is the worst right now. Mennick, long Derek speeches… Arizona needs to rest. But maybe it’s for the best because as Meredith is about to leave with Riggs, Maggie appears finally ready to admit that she’s not okay.

Riggs argues that he’s ready for this, but Meredith says that she has people to take care of, and he’s not one of them. That’s when we get a treat we haven’t gotten in quite some time, guys. Mer kicks off her shoes and hits a button. Amelia and Maggie looked confused, but we all know where it’s going. Meredith says, “Get up. C’mon, get up. C’mon, we’re dancing it out. Yes, really, it’s either this or cry.” WE DANCED IT OUT, GUYS.

As the night comes to an end, Bailey admits that she was wrong and will talk it out over dinner, but she’s not willing to let this whole feud go until Richard says the same. Richard won’t admit it, so Bailey argues that he has to buy dinner, which seems fair to me. After the dance out, Maggie is sitting on the porch when Jackson comes up with her medical records to explain that it was deeper than Maggie knew. And then he hands her some pictures of her mom, exploring the world and living her best life. It’s an incredible moment, and it sets up quite a potential relationship between Maggie and Jackson. I’m not sure about you, but I’m HERE FOR IT. It’s all soundtracked by modern-day Grey’s musical genius Aron Wright’s “Rest in Peace,” and it’s another perfect Grey’s moment.

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