Karev's out of jail, and Maggie's mom has a secret
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Alex is home, hooray! And it’s all because of DeLuca, who did a pretty cool thing: He called off the trial, because, as he later tells Karev, “Jo’s been through enough.” And then Karev does a cool thing by pointing out that Jo’s proven she can take care of herself. What a feminist! But he’s still grateful to, you know, not be in jail, so he apologizes to DeLuca for beating him up in the first place. To DeLuca, though, it’s just a little too late.

He points out that Karev’s had multiple opportunities to apologize, and instead, he’s been silent. He’s got a point, but Karev does seem like he genuinely feels bad about what happened, especially with the knowledge that DeLuca was actually taking care of Jo and not trying to take advantage of her. They’re going to have to figure out a way to get over the tension, because earlier in the episode, Bailey gives Karev his job back — right after she makes him promise not to beat anyone else up.

Meanwhile, Jo’s been working crazy-long shifts. Owen catches her yawning and sends her home, where Edwards and Leah later greet her with pizza and beer… and gossip, including the news that Karev isn’t in jail. Soon after finding this out, she heads over to Grey’s house and meets him outside. In an entirely silent moment overflowing with sexual tension, the two hug, with Jo smiling over his shoulder, clearly happy he’s out. Then she leaves. Guess we’ll have to wait a bit for their reunion kiss?

In less romantic news, Bailey suspended Grey after she gave Minnick some sass. No one wants Minnick around except Minnick (and Bailey), which continues to cause lots of drama. Grey weirdly doesn’t seem too bothered by being sent home, but I guess when you’ve been working at the same hospital for 13 seasons (and that hospital has your name on it), you have a certain confidence that things will work out.

And, actually, there might be one other person who wants Minnick around: Arizona. Minnick approaches her in the parking lot and pretty much implies it’s only a matter of time before they’re in bed together — and Arizona, who’s also given Minnick her fair share of attitude this episode, doesn’t protest.

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While all this is going on, Maggie’s dealing with her mom, Diane, who came for a surprise visit from Hawaii. She proceeds to embarrass her daughter soon after arriving by gesturing toward Jackson and asking if she’s the one Maggie’s into (the real answer is Riggs, who Diane was just chatting up) — and then revealing that she’s going to meet with him later that afternoon for a plastic surgery consult. Despite Jackson’s insistence that plastic surgery “isn’t a dirty word,” Maggie is not exactly supportive of her mom getting it.

It turns out she won’t have to worry about talking her mom out of a butt-lift though because she’s seeing Jackson for a different reason: to look at an abrasion on her breast that turns out to be inflammatory breast cancer. She doesn’t have a great doctor back home, and Maggie’s always going on about how brilliant Jackson is, hence why she came to him. He tells her that he knows some great oncologists on the big island and sweetly suggests he’ll even come to her to perform any necessary surgeries (he says he’ll do it because she’s Maggie’s mom, but, let’s be real: The fact that she lives in Hawaii probably helps).

She doesn’t want to tell her daughter the news while she’s working, so she decides to have Jackson over for dinner that night and they can tell her together. Diane has good intentions — it’s just that she’s also apparently ignoring that her relationship with Maggie is, apparently, pretty fraught. See, Diane and Maggie’s dad broke up, and then she went to Hawaii to make soap. Now, she’s what Maggie thinks is a completely different person — one her daughter doesn’t recognize anymore. And this dinner is when Maggie decides to bring this all up.

This leads to a fight made extra awkward by Jackson’s presence. He leaves after assuring them that he’s there if they need him, and Diane herself soon follows. “You have a great life here,” she says as she hugs Maggie goodbye. “You call when you’re ready to share it with me.” Cue a stunned look on Maggie’s face. At least her mom left a casserole of homemade lasagna to pig out on with Karev and Grey.

And Grey has another reason to eat her feelings, too: While she’s digging into the pasta, they receive an email announcing that Bailey replaced her with Kepner. Yes, Kepner. Time for some tequila?

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