Meredith tries to track down Alex
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Last week’s episode may have thrown us for a very unexpected loop, as we didn’t really get all the information we wanted about Alex’s legal issues thanks to a not-so-fun prison field trip. But now Maggie and Meredith are hard at work, scouring the internet for details on Alex’s case — not that they’re having much luck. When they find his case number, the only detail they manage to come across is that he could possibly be facing 30 years to life in prison. JK, that’s not Alex’s case — Maggie mistyped a digit when searching through the database and, as it turns out, Alex’s trial has actually been indefinitely postponed, leading Meredith to believe that the Evil Spawn followed through with his threat to turn himself in and take that plea deal. To sum things up, Alex is likely in jail. And Jo doesn’t seem to be taking it very well.

In fact, Jo has a bit of an attitude today because she’s pretty sure it’s her fault that Alex is locked up. Ben is feeling a little sorry for her, and he tries apologize to her in the locker room, but she isn’t in the mood to hear it. She also isn’t in the mood to deal with her patient, a hockey player whose teammate is currently living through your worst nightmare: The left side of his face was sliced open by someone’s skate. (Umm, ouch.) After listening to Jo yell at him in the emergency room, Ben tries to console her again toward the end of the hour, but she is still having NONE of it.

Speaking of people who are having none of it, it’s Eliza first day at Grey Sloan. While she gears up to prove to the rest of the attendings that she’s the HBIC, Webber and gang — Jackson, April, Maggie, and Arizona — are getting ready for war. They create an elaborate scheme to make Eliza’s first day a living hell by plotting to keep her out of all the O.R.s and sassing her like nobody’s business. But the plan turns out to be a (poorly executed) bust when Eliza catches on to what’s happening and sort of snitches on everyone. Bailey’s solution is to call an emergency staff meeting with everyone except Dr. Webber, but her request is ignored — by everyone except Dr. Webber, who shows up to basically reiterate to Bailey that he’s still pissed about being replaced.

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Elsewhere, Amelia is MIA, and Owen is (rightfully) freaking out. He hasn’t seen her since she left him that note and bolted on him. The good news is that Amelia is safe (and sober, which is all Owen was worried about). She’s hiding out at Stephanie’s house and eating up all of her yogurt while Stephanie is feeling guilty for lying to Owen and allowing Amelia to hide out at said house and eat said yogurt. Aware of Stephanie’s discomfort, Amelia makes sure to let her know once more not to let Owen know where she is because Owen “will try to fix it, and it can’t be fixed.” Ugh.

Meanwhile, Arizona and Leah start off their day FaceTiming a young woman named Mindy (Kate Miner), who’s currently going into labor in the front seat of a taxi. While rushing to the hospital, Mindy and the cab driver get into an accident, which results in a fractured pelvis for Mindy, who now needs an emergency C-Section. But what would a car accident on Grey’s Anatomy be without a twist? The twist is that Mindy and the driver actually got into an accident with Mindy’s husband, Brian. And Brian is feeling pretty guilty about it, much like Arizona, who told Mindy to put her feet on the dashboard seconds before the accident. To sum things up a little, as Arizona is trying her best to save Mindy, she allows Leah to step in on an emergency surgery with the baby. Both patients end up being safe in the end, and Arizona goes home to DeLuca and admits that she misses her resident pediatric surgeon Alex. But DeLuca has no idea what she’s talking about or why she could possibly miss him.

Cut to Meredith, who’s finally getting home after a long and exhausting day of trying to track down Alex. She’s ready to throw in the towel when she climbs into her bed and — surprise! — Alex, who was actually never in jail, is in her bed. That definitely took a turn.

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